Pimp That Snack: A site devoted to supersizing your sweets

Daily Dose

Wow, Britain...I didn't think you had this kind of conspicuous consumption in you. I have to say, I'm impressed. Here I thought us yanks had a monopoly on portion sizes that would make Jesus weep (see Big Top Cup Cakes). Although I guess this does explain your dental issues.

Well, Pimp That Snack has disabused me of the notion you were simply an island of pasty heroin physiques and knobby kneed inbreds. It's the U.K. version of This Is Why You're Fat, measured in kilograms and focusing on recreating sweets (with the occasional grease bomb) in sizes that would've made the Two Fat Ladies gag. The site even offers you detailed instructions on how to recreate these monstrosities in your own kitchen.

Here are the top rated tricked out treats from Pimp That Snack. (Hat tip to TroutPout!)


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