Save & Splurge, with Ashley Zimmerman

Spending habits from the penny pinching to the profligate


Ashley Zimmerman

Ashley Zimmerman, artist, makeup artist, enjoys gluing things to other things, traveling, zombies, horror, and the macabre

How do you save money?

"My only guaranteed monthly expenses are for having a roof over my head, a car to suck an ever deepening hole in my wallet, a phone to feed my Twitter addiction, and a functional fridge to keep my beer cold. Having self discipline and a sense of priority is more important than just bargain hunting. At the same time, there's a difference between those things and straight up denying yourself something. If you have the means, treat yourself every now and then with something small and sensible. Bonus if you can get it for a deal. Ask yourself, 'Do I really need that soda today?' If yes, Sonic's happy hour will be your savior. Self discipline doesn't necessarily mean that you're doing without. I weigh what I need versus what I want. Cutting fun, but unnecessary things, is definitely better than the stress that comes from the aftermath of 'Oh shit, I spent rent on stripper candy and booze.'"

How do you splurge money?

"I should probably own stock in White Trash Matt, my tattoo artist from Baltimore. Would that be like human trafficking? Anyway, I've had close to 20 hours of work in just two pieces by him. It's been worth every penny spent and drop of blood lost. Add travel costs to that tab, as well. I fly to both coasts several times a year for shows, shoots, and social detox when I get sick of my roommate. Aside from that, I can often be found giving Shawn at Replay my last cheat-budgeted $10 for Sailor and Cokes."


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