Style Scout: Teri Williams


Teri Williams

Age: 30.

Sign: Taurus.

Time in Lawrence: 10 years.

Hometown: Wichita.

Occupation: Hairstylist at Green Room Salon.

What were you doing when scouted: Taking a walk and enjoying the weather.

How would you describe your style: I like to mix vintage with more expensive items. I like to look effortless.

Who are your fashion influences: Cher from the movie “Mask.” She wears old Levi’s that fit perfectly and basic T-shirts and tanks. Another influence is early Carly Simon. She had ’60s/’70s style, but not crazy like Fleetwood Mac. She wore more basics. I also really like Alexa Chung. I’m kind of pissed she has a TV show now, but she has great style.




What are your favorite fashion trends: I like a lot of leather: pants, jackets, suede accessories like shoes and purses. I like those long leather gloves, especially when they have buttons. I’m excited for scarves again. I always like the pashminas.

What are your least-favorite fashion trends: I’m not into tacky animal prints. There’s a right way and a wrong way. I don’t like when it’s the focal point, and it’s not mixed with anything else. I’m not really into the boyfriend jean. They don’t look good on anyone. Even Katie Holmes looks frumpy in them. I never like flip-flops. They should be worn at the pool only.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: We need a good shoe store with more variety. Maybe smaller quantities of really great shoes. The stores we have don’t try anything new. A Nordstrom-caliber shoe store would be great. Also, now that Round Corner has closed, we need a downtown market that has things like Band-Aids and allergy medicine.

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: Panhandlers, panhandlers with babies and roofies.

People say I look like: When I had longer, darker hair, I got Ashlee Simpson a lot. This was before she had her nose job.

Tell us a secret: Lately I’ve been eating ice cream for dinner about three times a week. At least I walk to get it. Sorry, Dustin — he’s my personal trainer.



What are your favorite/least-favorite fall hair trends: I really like fuzzy, soft hairlines, basically hair that isn’t overstyled. For men, I’m liking more polished hair like slicked-back or side parts, kind of ’50s style. My least favorite style is the Kate haircut from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” People actually ask for it, and it doesn’t look good on anyone.


Tank: American Apparel, purchased three years ago for $18.

Jacket: Big Yank, purchased at Arizona Trading Company eight years ago for $12. I did the embroidery myself.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters, purchased last week for $48.

Sandals: Romatani, purchased at Arizona Trading Company seven years ago for $10.

Watch: The cuff was my grandpa’s. The watch was a gift from Mark’s Jewelers two years ago.

Bracelet: Haskell Art Fair, purchased three weeks ago for $95.

Barrette: Haskell Art Fair, purchased three weeks ago for $18.

Necklace: B.J.’s Bears and Jewelry, hand-beaded my Brenda Eubanks, purchased at the Topeka Expo Center yesterday for $45.

Belt: Urban Outfitters, purchased two years ago for $10.

Purse: Sabina, a gift one year ago.

Ring: It was my grandma’s.


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