People Getting The Bejeesus Scared Out Of Them

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This is not from a celebrity sex tape...swear.

Okay, we've done Dog Costumes, People Costumes, Jack-O'Lanterns, French Ghostbusting Batmen and Ghost Stories in the run up to THE ONLY HOLIDAY THAT MATTERS. Are you sufficiently prostrate before your your lord Samhein?

No, not "prostate before your lord Samhein" people are gross. You're like big old Joe Leibermans, killing buzzes and raining your droopy jowls on the parade.

To merrily bludgeon you into the spirit, here are some videos of other people getting scared. Nothing scares people more than other people getting scared. It's a mass hysteria, primate kind of thing...kind of like the success of Twitter or "The Jeff Dunham Show."

The reigning champ of bowel emptying scares is "Paranormal Activity." Since their whole advertising campaign revolves around audience reactions, this video wasn't hard to find. (NO SPOILER ALERT: There's nothing in this video that will spoil the movie for you...unlike the original trailer for "Paranormal Activity," which is dead to me. That's right, I'm engaging in a blood feud with a movie trailer. I'm THAT petty.)

"Paranormal Activity" Audience Reaction

Getting meta-meta on you, here's a parody from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

I would be remiss if I didn't post some videos of that original reaction meme, People Freaking Out Over The Scary Maze Game. If you're not collecting Medicare for your hands with too much time and liver spots on them (like me), it was a flash game that required you to concentrate on navigating a cursor through a maze on your computer screen. As you're hunched over and zoned in, Linda Blair from "The Exorcist" suddenly pops up and starts shrieking at you. It's especially fun to watch children play this game, because during the slo-mo replays you can pinpoint the exact moment when the innocence and wonderment within them is strangled with hatred. God I love THE ONLY HOLIDAY THAT MATTERS.

Maze Game Compilation

Epic Maze Game Scare


Aufbrezeln Eschaton 12 years, 7 months ago

I get the feeling that the parents weren't the ones subjecting these kids to that trauma. Not because I believe they wouldn't scar them in that way, but simply because who wants to spend the next month's worth of 3 a.m.s dealing with the nightmares?

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