Save & Splurge: Cassidy Creek


Cassidy Creek

Cassidy Creek, art student, fan of popping, locking and dropping

How do you save money?

"I’m pretty bad at saving money, but I manage when I need to, mostly by hitting up places with good specials. If I go out, I’m a big fan of Free State’s $1.75 beers on Mondays and Jazzhaus’ $1.50 anything on Tuesdays. But I also limit myself to a certain amount of money at a time. Whenever I hit my quota for the day or week, then I have to sit at home and mope around. It’s awesome. Plus, I always try to make and sell things, like ceramic plates—well, I don’t sell as much as I make. My mom taught me that. She used to always make clothing for my dolls as a kid. At the time I felt pretty uncool because it wasn’t store bought or mass produced. Now I realize how cool that is to have a personally made thing. A good example is that I’m currently repairing some furniture for my house—a couple of retro kitchen chairs that my old roomie left behind and a killer record player/end table piece. August move out is a glorious time for cheapos like myself."

How do you splurge money?

"I’m saving up for some sort of trip to a real tacky place, like Vegas or Coney Island. Someone recently told me that the next time I was in Vegas I should get a case of beer and sit in a seedy wedding chapel, watching people get married all day. For some reason that sounds like a hella awesome time."


toodarnloud 12 years, 4 months ago

I know this girl, even if only on Facebook. Way to get featured on W00t!

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 12 years, 4 months ago

That is the first thing I've ever heard, seen, or read that made me want to go to Vegas. Awesome.

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