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The Zen of Maru

Have you met Maru yet? Then get with the times, grandpa or grandma or hermaphrodite runner from South Africa, whichever the case may be! Maru is only, like, the biggest thing out of Japan since sliced tentacles!

I figured since I posted about Meru yesterday, I'd give a shout out to the original emotionally disturbed Japanese pet. Maru has been an online sensation for at least a year, especially in Japan, where the Youtube page devoted to his puzzling antics is the 8th most subscribed to in the country. As with any internet celebrity worth its snuff, Maru has even been auto tuned. You've made it, kid! Now just try to avoid the slings and arrows of good fortune (seriously, watch out for those arrows or you'll end up like this poor bastard).

Enjoy Maru getting in and out of weird things with the OCD dedication of an A&E; "Intervention" subject. (Hat tip to corduroypants!)

Maru Makes Faces (his most recent adventure)

Maru Likes the Trashcan

Maru Dives Into Soda Packaging

Maru Chilling in the Sink

Maru and the Big Box

Maru Goes Bowling