Tom O'C: Irish Hip-Hop Sensation

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Meet Tom O' Connor, mild mannered office toady for an Irish broadband provider by day, fire-spitting gangsta leprechaun by night. You might know Tom O'Connor better by his larger than life MC persona...TOM O'C!!! Actually, you probably don't know either of his personas...because you be playa hatin'!

From his website (which I highly recommend you visit, if not for the tiled wallpaper photo of him in a jacuzzi bathtub, then for the link titled "CONTACK"...*sigh* so ballin'): "Entrepreneur, hip-hop head honcho, club-night promoter and producer. There’s very little Tom O C doesn’t know about the music industry in Ireland. Tom started MCing aged 10, recording rhymes over his favourite Tupac tapes from the comfort of the garage in his parent’s house."

You hear that? He's a club-night promoter that listened to Tupac in his garage. Just give up and kill yourself, will always be Salieri to Tom O'C's Mozart.

But don't listen to me, listen to pure genius. And pay no attention to the one and a half star Youtube rating...the hating of the players and such:

Still not convinced this pasty lord of the trance can make it rain? Check out the mad flow of words and pictures (these are actual photos from his website and verbatim quotes):

"Money cant boy you this class, but it sure does help LOL!"

"You dont need to be a hip hop star to get hos like this, but it helps bro!"

"This is the last thing anyone who f*cks with T O'C sees before hitting the ground bitch! Haters be warned"

"GANGSTA! bitchs!"

Word. Oops, excuse me..."wourd." That's how you Brits spell it, right? Up your knickers with a trolly and a banger, pip pip!


Keith 12 years, 9 months ago

I really like his gansta pose at about 1:06 in the video with a TOY gun.

throat_baby 12 years, 9 months ago

Someone needs to stop encouraging this guy.

richard 12 years, 9 months ago

I didn't know it was possible to sing off-key using AutoTune.

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