Stories for April 2010


Friday, April 30

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Tornado Season Is Here!

Daily Dose

To celebrate the arrival of tornado season, here's a video of a funnel cloud nearly running over a car.

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Net Worth: Earthquakes, clerics and cleavage collide in Facebook protest

Facebook is no stranger to goofball causes. Things like “Can this moist lump of coal get more fans than Toby Keith?” routinely muster thousands of supporters on the social networking site.

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Broadway Honky Tonk

Former Lawrencian and BR549 frontman Chuck Mead hits Broadway with 'Million Dollar Quartet'

There aren't many Lawrencians who can be considered in the same league as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash or Jerry Lee Lewis. But Chuck Mead is frequently spoken of in the same breath as those titans — sort of...

Thursday, April 29

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Teatime With Mike Tyson

Daily Dose

Welcome, Free State Social people! May your conference be as pleasant as this video of Mike Tyson enjoying a spot of chamomile.

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Review: Swedish 'Tattoo' leaves indelible mark

Those who have yet to read the international mega-seller — and those who have — can take heart not only that the film adaptation is exceptionally faithful to the late Larsson’s book, but also that the deftly compressed mystery boasts an actress who is the walking, talking embodiment of the strange creature that is Lisbeth...

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International Space Station to fly over next three nights

If you happened to be outside last night at 9:20, odds are your eye was caught by an unusually bright, slow moving object in the south-western sky. It was clearly not a plane, and much larger than a common satellite. It was the International Space Station...

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Style scout: Allison Olassa

I dress like an airline stewardess to help cope with my fear of flying...

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Style scout: Matthew Baldwin

When I was in second grade, I was in a commercial with Michael Jordan for Ballpark Franks. My mom dressed me in yellow shorts, a weave belt and a white-and-yellow striped polo shirt...

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Buried History

Downtown door to nowhere reveals layers of town's past

Like a window or door sealed with brick, some views into the past are impenetrable. So it seems to be with, well, a window and door filled in with brick in the basement of Goldmakers Fine Jewelry...

Wednesday, April 28

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Turtle Rides Robot Vacuum

Daily Dose

I like turtles! Especially ones that clean under my couch!

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Seasonal success: Having two full-time farmers in the family cultivates positives and problems

It's Tuesday night, the sun is going down and there's a light breeze whipping through an open field. A couple is alone, no one else in sight. It's just them, Mother Nature and a whole mess of pea seeds...

Tuesday, April 27

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The Geocities-izer

Daily Dose

An engine that promises to turn your needlessly modern and functional website into something that looks like it was "made by a 13 year-old in 1996."

Double Take: Brother inexplicably isolating himself from family

My brother has become less caring and more distant from the family in recent years.

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Getting into focus: LHS senior flourishes in filmmaking

Luke McDaneld's filmmaking has garnered the attention of his peers, as well as local and national media for the Lawrence High "lip dub." McDaneld was behind the idea and the camera for the lip dub, where students lip-sync to a chosen song all in one single, unbroken shot...

Monday, April 26

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Nimoy Sunset Pie

Daily Dose

From the folks who brought us Selleck Waterfall Sandwich comes the next, logical step: photos of Leonard Nimoy hanging out with pies in front of sunsets.

The right undergarment controls your summer exposure levels

New spring shapes are filling the department stores and local shops all around town. Open-back tops, deep plunging necklines, skintight body-con dresses, boat-neck blouses, and racer-back tank tops...

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Up in the air: Percolator gallery hosts wind-themed show ‘Out of Thin Air’

Paper airplanes, balloon-launched Twinkies and kazoos are all elevated to high art for the latest interactive art exhibit at the Percolator art space, “Out of Thin Air”...

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A different pace: Longtime mechanic calls Lawrence home

When Bryan Harris’ family moved to Utah when he was in second grade, he didn’t dream he’d return to Lawrence one day and open his own successful auto repair business. If it hadn’t been for his grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration in Lawrence, he might still be living and working in the fast-paced “it needs to be fixed today” culture of California.

Relaxing with a root canal

There are few outings new moms can count on for relaxation. An eye exam, the annual physical, anything necessitating time in a room sans children becomes a precious respite during those early days of turning newborns into functioning people.

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Around the clock: Flex-plan policies developing as win-win scheduling for companies, employees

When it started in 1951, Hoss & Brown Engineers operated much like most other businesses did at that time — employees worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week. And maybe then some.

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Fit feet: New shoe lines promise health, fitness benefits

Can a new pair of shoes ease your aching back, tone your legs even help you lose weight?

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Natural instincts: Lied Center program ties arts, sciences together for students

Sandy Sanders opened the afternoon with a question at the Baker Wetlands. “Who are the guests here?” she asked. “Them or us?” “Them” would be the snakes, frogs, beavers, birds, turtles and other critters that call the wetlands home. “Us” would be the 40 second-graders from Langston Hughes School who had come to visit for the afternoon.

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Lawrence author writes latest ‘American Girl’ series

Love of outdoors inspires ‘green’-themed addition to Mattel phenomenon

Jane Kurtz knew a little about the popularity of the American Girl dolls. Several years back, her daughter saved up her own money to buy one of the dolls. But Kurtz came to understand the full phenomenon this spring, when she was signing a book she wrote based on one of the American Girl dolls. In Chicago, families started lining up at 5:30 a.m. ahead of a 10 a.m. signing. In Boston, one girl and her family camped out overnight.

Hydraulic cement licks leaks in walls

If spring has sprung a leak in your basement wall, it is time to head to your local hardware store or lumber yard for some hydraulic cement.

Designer challenge transforms home

What do you get when you combine a team of talented home designers with a house in need and contributions to a worthy cause? That would be the 2010 ERC Designers’ Showhouse in Topeka.

Sunday, April 25

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Bird Dances To Techno Music

Daily Dose

This bird is really, really into the jam.

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Behind the Lens: Expanding moments

The web has changed how our photo staff documents subjects.

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On being Bill James: Lawrence historian discusses baseball, crime books and bobbleheads

Like all true obsessions, baseball has a grip on James' heart, as well as his head. He works largely by the numbers - methodically, empirically, diagnostically. Yet, he waxes poetic on the heady days of early spring...

Last words: Mark Twain’s final, stormy years are revisited

Mark Twain died here on April 21, a century ago.

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Hummingbirds return to area after lengthy migration

Get the feeders ready: Ruby-throated hummingbirds are returning from their winter-long journey to southern Florida and Central America...

Saturday, April 24

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How To Pronounce "Eyjafjallajökull"

Daily Dose

A convenient tutorial to help you say the name of the volcano in Iceland. Roughly translated, "Eyjafjallajökull" is Icelandic for "boom boom fire place cold ouch."

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Dios mio: Spanish speakers in Lawrence now have church services to call their own

For Christians worldwide, God is God, whether you call him “Dios,” “Dieu,” “Gott” or something else entirely. But talking to and about God in a language that’s not your own? That can be, well, difficult...

Should secular parents consider a religious education for their child?

Reverands Peter Luckey and Kara Eidson discuss religious education for children of secular parents.

Friday, April 23

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"As Seen On TV" Commercial Fails

Daily Dose

Act now and you'll receive this complimentary montage of humans failing at being humans in ads for useless and redundant products! Operators are standing by! (Note: Operators are not standing by.)

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'Celebrity Art Party': Embarrassment founder Goffrier returns to Lawrence for gallery and guitar showcase

It's been three decades since Bill Goffrier staged an art show in Kansas. Of course, that depends on your concept of "art" and "show."

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Net Worth: Cinematic endings revamped by animated site

Back during my dozen-year stint as a film critic, what infuriated me more than anything was sitting through a good movie that was thwarted by a terrible ending.

Thursday, April 22

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Green Pug Celebrates Earth Day

Daily Dose

Video of an adorable pug saving the planet. You are now obsolete, Al Gore.

1970: Stormy year reshaped many lives

Witnesses moved on, but still carry past

The unrest and violence that swept through Lawrence in 1970 helped shape the town and the people who lived here.

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Style Scout: Haley Trezise

I’m always trying to sneak out of the house without putting on a bra; they’re terribly uncomfortable...

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Death and comedy: Director and KU grad Neil LaBute discusses his new film, 'Death at a Funeral'

Neil LaBute, a former Jayhawk, joined us to discuss "Death at a Funeral," mainstream success and why Tracy Morgan had curry all over his face and hands...

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Garden party: Campus rain garden celebrates its first birthday on Earth Day

While it's not much to look at right now, an unassuming corner of the front lawn of the Ambler Student Recreation Center at Kansas University will soon be bursting with vibrantly colored aromatic aster, black-eyed susans and crested iris...

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Style Scout: J.B. McNerney

My fashion influence is whatever season just ended since I only buy clothes from the sale rack...

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‘Oceans’ brings vastness of sea up close

This stunningly beautiful documentary is the second in a series from the new Disneynature label, which gave us “Earth” exactly one year ago on Earth Day. Whereas that film followed wildlife across the globe, “Oceans” takes a plunge deep into its waters, with jaw-dropping results...

Wednesday, April 21

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Fun With Iron Man

Daily Dose

Iron Man dances with Patrick Swayze, gets in a fight with Hugh Grant, and bares his bolts for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Eating up the landscape: Permaculture proves a yard can wield more than grass

"To me, a lawn is kind of sad," says Laura Zell. "I feel that as homeowners ... we are stewards of this land. And it's our responsibility to take care of it and to use it the way that it's supposed to be used. Not necessarily just for aesthetic purposes..."

Tuesday, April 20

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It's 4/20, dude

Daily Dude

Dude, here's a celebration of all things April 20th, dude, including a mashup of "The Big Lebowski" and "MacGyver." Dude.

Daughter of 1970 acting mayor remembers the year well

For the past few weeks, we asked our readers to share their thoughts on the events of 1970. Cammie Braden had so many, we thought she deserved her own story.

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Student preserved crucial moments of Lawrence history for posterity

Abbie Hoffman’s loud, coarse voice echoes through Allen Fieldhouse.

Readers share stories on 1970

Some were children. Others were students. And, one was a Vietnam veteran and another one wasn't even born at the time. But all shared there stories with the Lawrence Journal-World about what they remember about 1970.

Double Take: Texting rife with troublesome possibilities for teens

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s fun. Even my parents have turned into texting pros. But when it comes to having serious conversations, texting is about as useful as a lawn gnome and can be twice as ugly.

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Words as bullets: Hate speech corrodes online games

It’s not just cyberbullets that are exchanged during firefights on the XBox Live version of “Call of Duty.” Many gamers also exchange hate speech over their headsets as they stalk each other across the virtual battlefields...

1970 timeline

Forty years ago the burning of the Kansas Union made headlines around the world, but it was just one of many acts of violence, protest and unrest that Lawrence would see that year.

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1970: Memories of violence in city still strong

The year was 1970 and Lawrence was a war zone.

Monday, April 19

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Epic Nervous Breakdown After Energy Drink Prank

Daily Dose

A guy pranks his parents by moving hundreds of cases of energy drink into the main floor of their house. Epic freak out ensues.

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A friend’s aid: Lawrence residents creating nonprofit in honor of suicide victim

Friends of John Garner didn’t get to say “it’ll be OK” or “things will get better.” They didn’t get to say “I love you” one last time. When Garner, 25, committed suicide, he didn’t drop hints to his friends or ask them for help. But those same friends still want to help, seven months after John Garner’s death.

Caged pets not for this family

“Mom, can we get a pet?” my third-grade son, Luke, asked. Luke had just attended a birthday party at Pet World, where he spent 90 minutes man-handling baby pythons, snapping turtles and other creatures and, apparently, forgot all about the three sisters, the dog and the one remaining hermit crab at home.

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Web training: Variety of sites helps Lawrence athletes tackle fitness goals

Marathon training is often a lonely business full of long stretches of road and a trail of tattered soles.

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On a (sushi) roll: Chef gives Lawrence residents special lesson in tasty cuisine

It takes 30 minutes to an hour to learn how to make sushi, but it takes years to master the combination of ingredients, flavors and colors.

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The ‘Showtime’ must go on: LHS preps for annual show

Rehearsals are under way in earnest at the auditorium of Lawrence High School for “Showtime,” the annual mashup of choral and pop music that’s become a community tradition.

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Child’s play: KU research will explore key learning interaction for babies

Mothers know their child’s needs without even thinking. The pitch of a grunt, purse of the lips or a sly smile can tip them off to exactly what they’re little bundle of joy is really wanting. But the reality is that 11.6 million infants and toddlers in the U.S. spend 35 hours per week or more outside of their mothers’ attentive care, according to 2008 numbers from the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies.

Plant a tree for beauty, home energy savings

Spring is a great time to plant a tree. Trees not only increase the value of your property but can also reduce energy costs by providing much needed summer shade.

Lawrence captures Earth Day style

Lawrence’s annual Earth Day fashion show will be Saturday at the Granada, 1020 Mass. Last Saturday I met with co-coordinator Martha Pierce for details about the show.

How to ‘spend’ that tax return

This time of year companies spend insane amounts of advertising dollars to convince us to buy that “big ticket” item with our large tax refund. Although it is nice any time we receive a check for several hundred or even thousands of dollars, we must remember why we received it. In the case of a federal tax refund, it is because we loaned the government of the United States a portion of our hard-earned money throughout the year at zero percent interest.

Flying colors: Baldwin City resident finds success in painting

Creative and entrepreneurial talents and an aptitude for hard work come naturally to Kate Boyd, owner of KB Painting LLC, Baldwin City.

Sunday, April 18

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Behind the Lens: Bald eagles make fine subjects

Some 30 years ago I saw my first bald eagle and a golden eagle at the Bowersock Dam, slowly sailing the sky over the river. It was pretty breathtaking.

Planning can alleviate moving stress for gardeners

Selling a home can be sad and stressful for gardeners leaving behind members of their extended plant family.

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Live from the living room: Couple's home doubles as pre-concert recital hall

In the last 14 years, Dave and Gunda Hiebert have held 567 recitals in the living room of their West Hills home, not one of them for their own children.

‘New York during WWII’ — fears, thrills and bustle

“Helluva Town: The Story of New York City During World War II” is a helluva read.

Outposts of cool: Authors relive impact of ‘Record Store Days’

Picture a time when new technologies are threatening the livelihood of performing musicians.

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The survey is in: What you think of the J-W comics

In an online and mail-in survey, 1,083 Journal-World readers told us just how much they love their comics. That's the most popular survey in recent memory, besting even our Oscars contest by a wide margin...

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Tulips show off spring's bold colors

Spring-blooming flowers and shrubs are showing their glorious colors, and tulips are at the top of my list of bold and beautiful plants this time of year...

Saturday, April 17

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Pedo Alert: Canadian Game Show Edition

Daily Dose

Seriously creepy footage of a Canadian game show host hitting on little girls. Keep this guy at least fifty kilometers away from Degrassi High.

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Running on faith: The Half-Marathon for the Master promotes being spiritually and physically active

Everett Ledbetter was taken aback by how formerly obese and sickly contestants on NBC’s hit weight-loss show, “The Biggest Loser,” were able to finish a 26.2-mile marathon just months after stepping into a gym...

Friday, April 16

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Probably Bad News

Daily Dose

A collection of news fails. We in the industry sure do suck at what we do!

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Puppetry & tragedy: 'House of Atreus' finds fresh way to render savagery of Greek theater

Director Spencer Lott faced a bit of an unusual dilemma. How to portray cannibalism, mutilation and slow-motion murder on stage at the Lawrence Arts Center?

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Net Worth: Streamys celebrate tops in Web TV programming

In the entertainment industry, there are awards for everything.

Thursday, April 15

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Hilarious superhero parody offers a real kick

The filmmakers behind Hollywood's latest superhero flick have declared war on family values. "Kick-Ass" is bad news for lovers of all that is gentle and wholesome. But it's great news for fans itching to laugh dementedly as a little girl in a neon purple wig cusses like Tony Soprano and fires kill shots to the heads of many bad guys...

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God Destroys Missouri With Massive Fireball

And no one would have noticed were it not for the following video...

Appetite for success: Lawrence restaurant owners share how business thrives despite economy

Steve Kerner hasn’t let the recession set his business back. In fact, he’s used it to his advantage. Kerner, owner of Ingredient, opened a new restaurant on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., in January.

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Style scout: Jonah Neff

I have 40-plus pairs of shoes. ... I have more shoes than most girls!

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Style scout: Sara French

I think people look best when they don’t follow fashion trends but instead just wear what they like and what looks good on them...

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Night of the Living Nerds: Super Nerd Night gives the geeks among us a chance to socialize and compete

It's time to throw down and separate the nerds from the n00bs — and if you have to ask, you are one — PWN! FTW! OMG! LOLZ! And so on and so forth...

Wednesday, April 14

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Psycho Dog Man

Daily Dose

A seemingly mild mannered fellow from down under does a horrifyingly accurate impersonation of a dog. Psycho Dog Man: Australian for fear.

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What do I do with... Jicama?

Knobby tuber creates crisp flavor for summer

The salad stopped Michael Beard’s fork right in its tracks. Munching through a meal at a tiny taqueria, the chef couldn’t get over the cooling, milky white strips accentuating each crunchy bite...

Tuesday, April 13

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Drunk History

Daily Dose

The venerable web series returns with John C. Reilly as Nikola Tesla, Crispin Glover as Thomas Edison, and a guy who drank half a bottle of absinthe as your unreliable and nauseous narrator.

Call for artists: Spring Arts & Culture Festival

The Spencer Museum of Art Student Advisory Board invites KU and Lawrence area artists to showcase and sell their work at the third annual Spring Arts & Culture Festival, Saturday, May 1 from 1 to 4 PM inside and outside the Museum...

Double Take: Will you be the winner of the next co-author contest?

This week we begin the fifth annual Double Take essay contest to find the seventh co-author.

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First string: Kronos Quartet continues to push boundaries of contemporary classical

David Harrington enjoys a love/hate relationship with his main musical compatriot. "In a certain way, you have to be crazy to be a violinist," says Harrington, founder of Kronos Quartet...

Monday, April 12

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Fun With Tiger Woods

Daily Dose

Mashups and parodies of the creepy Tiger Woods Nike commercial. Serial infidelity? More like serial HILARITY!

Many returns: LHS graduate runs longtime tax service

Frazzled by taxes? Stressed out trying to get them completed by Thursday? Then you’ll find it hard to contemplate that people like Randy Kahn actually enjoy working on taxes. He does it professionally; in fact, he’s been doing it for well over 30 years.

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Hip to be Foursquare

Location-based networking service is the latest craze in social media

I know, I know … you’re sick of hearing about social media platforms. Twitter makes you nauseous, and you consider Facebook, at best, a necessary evil. Never mind Google Wave, Google Buzz and whatever Google-stein monster they’ll be stitching together next in the bandwagon laboratory.

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Back to Earth: Arts Center cast learns environmentally friendly lessons from intergalactic play

Forget about recycling, conserving energy and all that for just a sec. Some Lawrence kids and their dance instructors have a more fun way of saving the Earth: Galactic Princesses and Jedi Knights!

Lawrence buildings get visionary makeovers

Can creative design and architecture change lives? Make a lasting impact? The forces behind a couple of local commercial renovations are convinced they can.

Think color, tailoring for your spring outerwear

Before jacket weather has come and gone, here are some new ideas for spring 2010.

Cleaning services help cancer patients, families

It’s difficult keeping a home clean under any circumstances, but when cancer hits a household, the burden can be overwhelming. That’s when Cleaning for a Reason comes to the rescue.

Nothing is as good as reality

Jack Jones is a convicted murderer on Arkansas’ death row. He was supposed to be killed March 16, but there was a last-minute stay based on a legal challenge to the execution protocol. So now he waits until the method of execution is settled and a new date is set.

Language lessons: ESL volunteer program expands into LHS

We often don’t appreciate the complexities of the different languages we speak until we try to learn a new language or teach our own native language to someone else.

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A passion for patterns: Lawrence resident’s stained-glass hobby spans 20 years

Remember how fun it was to make masterpieces using paint-by-numbers kits? You know, where you’d create a detailed painting by filling in the pattern with just the right colors? There’s an adult version. Sub the paints for glass, and you’ve got the grown-up’s paint-by-numbers: stained glass.

‘Fairytale’ concert hard to top

Christmas finally arrived for our two oldest daughters when we took them to the Taylor Swift concert last weekend.

Know thy lawn: Apply fertilizer at the right time

Excessive fertilization is detrimental to your lawn, wastes money, causes pest problems and is bad for the environment. Knowing how and when to fertilize your yard is essential in creating a healthy lawn.

Budget food shopping

When it comes to shopping, Sarah Frazelle pays attention. The Lawrence resident peruses ads and checks pre-unit prices, suspicious of markdowns and sales.

Sunday, April 11

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The food's the thing: Scholar puts a sweet twist on the works of Shakespeare

In William Shakespeare's day, sugar was considered good for you, meat was thought to be easily digested and alcohol - well - the more, the healthier!

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Behind the Lens: Being photojournalist has its rewards

Most students probably shadow me because they like photography and the thought of taking pictures for a living sounds neat. It is. Or I thought it was, until I discovered that it's 189 on a list of the 200 best and worst jobs in the U.S...

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Plant a row for the hungry: Just Food program allows donors to contribute fresh produce

As you plan and plant your garden this year, think about planting an extra row of fruits or vegetables to donate to area residents who need it...

Saturday, April 10

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Old School Video Game Characters Conquer Earth

Daily Dose

Awesome short film depicts the Earth being being invaded by Donkey Kong and Tetris blocks. I'm getting woozy from dork vapors.

Tease photo

Seeing the light: Local parishes take steps to be good stewards of our Earth

Visualize the inside of a church, worship hall or temple. See the big cavernous space, with its soaring vaulted ceiling lit softy by dozens of lights. Maybe there are a few beautiful old stained-glass windows that date back generations.

Faith Forum: What impact does Easter Sunday have on your congregation?

Without question, Easter Sunday is one of the greatest Sundays of the year! Part of the excitement that Easter creates has to do with increased worship attendance. The number of people who worship with us on Easter is more than double of an average Sunday. More people creates a positive atmosphere and energy.

Friday, April 9

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Unicorn Girl

Daily Dose

A woman gets her wisdom teeth pulled and rambles about magical creatures in a narcotic haze. David After Dentist now has a girlfriend.

Tease photo

Net Worth: Viral choral video traces roots to Lawrence encounter

What’s the hardest part about being in a musical group? Frequently, it’s trying to get everybody at the same place at the same time.

Tease photo

Tech talk: We find out what's sizzlin' with Tech N9ne, Kansas City's most infamous rapper

Tech N9ne, while periodically accused of devil worship, will never be accused of lollygagging...

Thursday, April 8

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Style scout: Tyler Carmody

I am a huge geek when it comes to films and music, but what I geek out about more than anything else is the quantitative analysis of sports statistics. No joke...

Tease photo

Style scout: Alyssa Kennedy

I carry American Crew in my purse - I love their hair products, even if they are for men...

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Shaved Animals

Daily Dose

Dogs, cats and primates in embarrassing states of undress. Scandalacious!

Tease photo

'The Runaways' a solid but uninsightful biopic

"The Runaways," chronicling the rise and fall of Joan Jett's first band, easily could have degenerated into a movie-length music video, with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning merely glam-rock poseurs...

Tease photo

Harvey Houses on the prairie: How a Kansas man pioneered the hospitality industry

Little-known fact: Lawrence was at the epicenter of a revolution in global capitalism...

Wednesday, April 7

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Standing Cat

Daily Dose

A cat stands on its hind legs like a tiny, hairier hobbit. With awesome French techno-pop soundtrack.

Tease photo

Betting the farm: Lawrence farmer works double-time to realize her dream

Natalya Lowther is living her dream. She has a 12-acre farm with sheep, vegetables and a stable of young, enthusiastic, wannabe farmers to help her with her myriad of chores...

Tuesday, April 6

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The Legion of Rock Stars

Daily Dose

A band that performs instant covers of songs they've never rehearsed while not being able to hear each other or themselves. It's a very complicated way to make very funny remixes of Pearl Jam, Ricky Martin and Danzig.

Tease photo

Imbued spirits: Infused liquor part of mixology movement

Restaurant bartenders used to only use a few items from the chef's kitchen: lemons, limes and the occasional celery stalk. Now, they're helping themselves to peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, assorted fruits and berries, and more...

Double Take: Dear Samantha, will you go to the prom with me?

I’m a senior at LHS and have been dating the same girl for over two years. She is also a senior at LHS, a delightful person, and just happens to write a weekly column in the local paper.

Monday, April 5

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Bieber Fever!

Daily Dose

Symptoms of Bieber Fever include (but are not limited to): Squealing, throwing of undergarments, loss of bladder control, OMG-itis, goiter, mall rioting, <3 palpitations, hand-holding, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, and more squealing.

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Review: MotoGP 09/10 (360)

Simulation racing games have to straddle a fine line. They have to be authentic enough appease to their core audience yet the gameplay has to be accessible enough to appeal to a wider audience...

Update an old lamp with new socket assembly

Replacing a lamp socket assembly is an easy way to extend the life of an old light fixture.

Tease photo

Hot pants in vogue, briefly

Runway shows for spring 2010 are emphatic about one thing: Shorts are called shorts for a reason.

Tease photo

Look for home decor that wows instead of whispers

In its new spring collection, CB2 has a brilliant orange wool area rug emblazoned with the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

A senior’s citizen: Donna Bell devotes career to helping elderly

“The senior service industry has changed a great deal in the last 20 years,” says Donna Bell, 50, director of public relations at Brandon Woods.

Leash pointers

There are about as many leash varieties as there are dog breeds.

Magazine rewrites rules on ‘bad’ foods

Cooking Light reports chicken skin and other no-nos aren’t that bad for you

Chicken skin: It’s the new health food. That may sound like a nutrition columnist’s idea of an April Fools’ Day joke. But the April issue of Cooking Light, a leading U.S. cooking magazine, makes the case that a bit of chicken skin now and then won’t hurt you and can even supply some healthful fat.

Tips to tune out negative energy

Lately we have noticed an increase in the number of clients experiencing extremely difficult times. We have also noticed an increase in the number of clients who report family members having more difficult times.

Book takes playful approach to kids’ food

Tired of books that tell you how to hide the broccoli in a pan of brownies? Need a fresh approach to making healthy food fun for the kids? Check out “Bean Appetit.”

Tease photo

East meets Midwest: Lawrence artists start indie publishing company inspired by Japanese comic books

Despite the global success of films adapted from comic books, comics in the U.S. have yet to break out of the ghetto of escapist children’s entertainment...

Tease photo

A Free State classic: Downtown brewery shares its legendary Cheddar Ale Soup recipe

“Comfort food in a bowl”….“nectar of the gods”….“my go-to all year long”…this is how appreciative patrons describe the Cheddar Ale Soup from Free State Brewing Company.

(Almost) Free trade: Swaptree, similar sites sustainable way to get entertainment fix

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; or, in the case of Swaptree users, one man’s copy of “Memoirs of a Geisha” is another man’s second-hand gift for his wife on her birthday.

Microwaves scary, but safe

In 1977, as part of a unit on radiation, my eighth-grade physical science teacher, Mrs. Alderson, warned us that no good could come of microwaves.

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First haircut: Youngster’s milestone takes special meaning in Judaism

A child’s first haircut is definitely one worth documenting: barbershop photo or video and maybe even a lock of hair for a keepsake. But for Mendel Tiechtel, his first haircut is a party.

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House in order: Local feng shui practitioners say ancient practice delivers harmonious results

With her divorce several years behind her, Genevieve Hangen was ready to give love another chance. But not, necessarily, by leaving it to chance.

Lifetime crush: George Brett

Nothing ushers in spring quite like the Royals home opener. And no one is more Royal than George Brett.

Fiscal Fitness: Build your emergency savings

Although a majority of families have some sort of short-term savings for emergencies, these accounts are often utilized as deferred spending accounts.

Sunday, April 4

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Sketchy Easter Bunnies

Daily Dose

Happy Easter! Enjoy a few rabbits of dubious character.

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Wild about mushrooms: Local mushroom hunters anticipate their favorite time of year

Finally. The winter weather is gone, and for Stan Schneck and other mycologically minded souls, that can mean only one thing: mushroom time...

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Prune shrub roses to control size

If your shrub roses have gotten a little bigger than you anticipated, they can easily be brought back down to size. All you need is a good pair of gloves, hand pruners, loppers and maybe a pruning saw...

Saturday, April 3

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Fun With Peeps

Daily Dose

Happy Easter Eve! Let's blow up some candy shaped like bunnies and birdies!

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Sunday best: Relaxing the dress code for worship

Dorothy Harvey remembers when it wasn’t Sunday without a hat, long white gloves and the most beautiful dress in the closet. Every Sunday meant dressing to the nines, even if it meant sitting in a packed, sweltering church long before the days of air conditioning.

Friday, April 2

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Release The Kraken!

Daily Dose

In honor of Good Friday and Zeus, who was kind of like My Big Fat Greek Jesus, here's a "Clash of the Titans" meme involving kittens and coke heads!

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Net Worth: Commonplace URLs reveal startling amount of wasted space

Back during my tenure at a regional alternative newspaper in the 1990s, the whole Internet bubble suddenly inflated. Thus, we went from not needing a Web site to needing one immediately.

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Ratings game: MPAA chief Glickman departs Hollywood

Dan Glickman spent much of the last decade fighting pirates in Hollywood. But he did it from an office in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, April 1

Annual Day of Caring still looking for volunteers for April 24 event

The Roger Hill Volunteer Center is still in need of helpers for the April 24 Day of Caring event.

2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade gives record amount to local charities

Annual parade chair gives checks of more than $10,000 to five area agencies.

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'Clash of the Titans' remake reliant on digital and 3D tech

The latest special effects make for a sometimes fun ride with digital eagles, giant scorpions, wraiths and a Kraken. But they can't make up for the silly, archetypal story...

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Community spirits: Investigating the paranormal activity at Lawrence Community Theatre

Even the most hardened of cynics, when roaming the halls of the purportedly haunted Lawrence Community Theatre in the dead of night with all of the lights turned off, will be forced to admit that it can be really creepy...

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Style scout: Zeke Westerman

Conditioner is horrible for your hair. The less you wash and condition it, the better it looks...

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Style scout: Ameera Jackson

I like to wear dress-ups and fancy clothes. I like ballet or princess dresses, high heels and stuff with sparkles. My favorite colors are blue or green or red or pink...