Fun With Peeps

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I would decry this as a waste of food if I considered Peeps food.

It’s Easter Eve! When Bunny Clause burrows a hole into your living room and craps jelly beans all over carpet!

I guess. I never really paid much attention to Easter, so I'm not up to speed on the traditions and rituals. As far as I'm concerned, no gift wrapped toys, no dice. Hard boiled eggs dipped in frightening chemicals won’t cut it. Sorry, Ghost Jesus.

But I’ve come to appreciate one of Easter’s traditions from the modern era, which is doing weird things to Peeps. Here’s a few videos celebrating the desecration of pagan fertility symbols in marshmallow form that have somehow come to represent a major Christian holiday. Mazel tov!

Peep In A Microwave

Peep Hatches From Chocolate Egg

Entire Box of Peeps In A Microwave

Peeps Eating Contest

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Peeps”


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