Probably Bad News

Daily Dose

As a pseudo-journalist, I know that little details like “facts” and “proper grammar” can get lost in the shuffle of tight deadlines. When you’ve got the slobbering beast of the time crunch breathing down your neck, things like due diligence and ethics are the first to be sacrificed at its blood stained altar. I feel ya, dying media industry…I feel ya.

However, not all news bloopers are created equal. Some rise to the level of hackey late night talk show fodder (see: Jay Leno). Now that we have the internet and 24 hour cable networks, we’re getting more and more of these news fails on a daily basis. So much so, as a matter of fact, it requires a site entirely devoted to these blunders. Thank you, Probably Bad News, for reminding us in the industry that our death spiral can also be amusing. Be it headlines with inappropriate photos, news chyrons with typos, or just poor phraseology, we in the biz just can't seem to stop dancing on our own graves.

Enjoy a few clippings from, Probably Bad News!


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