It's 4/20, dude

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Happy 4/20, high people.

Did you know that April 20th is the birthday of Adolf Hitler, the prophet Muhammad, George Takei and Joey Lawrence? Also, on this day in 1836, the Wisconsin Territory was created by an act of Congress (so it’s kind of Wisconsin’s birthday as well). And on April 20th, 1862, Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization. In 1939, Ted Williams made his major league debut with the Red Sox.

It is also the grim day in 1999 when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 people and themselves at Columbine High School in Colorado.

And we celebrate Equal Pay Day and L. Ron Hubbard Exhibition Day on April 20th.

So 4/20 is a very eventful day, loaded with history and cultural import.

Oh, and a lot of people get high on 4/20. I mean REALLY high. For stoners it’s like Christmas wrapped up in Burning Man mashed up with the Rapture.

To those people, here’s a video of “The Big Lebowski” re-cut as the opening credits for “MacGyver.” (Video via The Daily What and 4/20 trivia via Buzzfeed)


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