Nimoy Sunset Pie

Daily Dose

Monday, April 26, 2010

So we’re all familiar with Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Wait, we’re not all familiar with Selleck Waterfall Sandwich?

Okay, go look at Selleck Waterfall Sandwich and catch up. We’ll wait.

Finished? It’s awesome, right? And that theme song sung by the little kids? I know! It’s a little Tumblrgasm in your Facepants!

The only thing really holding back Selleck Waterfall Sandwich is the very rigid format. As fantastic as it is, we must be honest with ourselves and admit it is a limited concept.

So thank God the same people came up with Nimoy Sunset Pie! This will NEVER get old! The possibilities are limitless (for about another week…so enjoy it now before it hits the wall.) Below is but a slice of Nimoy Sunset Pie.