The right undergarment controls your summer exposure levels

New spring shapes are filling the department stores and local shops all around town. Open-back tops, deep plunging necklines, skintight body-con dresses, boat-neck blouses, and racer-back tank tops...

But before you rush out to the store or plan to wear your new spring get-up for Friday’s date night or Saturday’s outdoor concert, make sure to consider the undergarments in your closet. Although it may be less conspicuous, even women with smaller chests won’t fully escape notice if they are running around braless!

Outfit: oversize top

Wear: bandeau/bralet

Why: Many oversize tanks have large underarm holes. Wear a cute, bright bandeau or a lacey, full-coverage bralet for a youthful dose of color and femininity.

Outfit: backless top/dress

Wear: bandeau, backless bra

Why: If your occasion is casual, wearing a bra with an open-back top is appropriate and trendy; however, if you’re going for a more sophisticated look overall, a backless bra with adhesive inside cups and under-wire is your best bet.

Outfit:Deep, plunging V

Wear: U-shape bra, pasties/petals

Why: A U-shaped bra should cover the outer-breasts, leaving the middle of your chest and upper stomach exposed. If the neckline of your garment is super deep, adhesive pasties are another alternative.

Outfit: body-conscious dress

Wear: double-layer compression slip (like Spanx)

Why: If you are wearing a tight dress that hugs your curves, even the smallest lingerie can create visible, unwanted lines. Pick out a slightly stretchy compression slip that is matches the shape of your dress (but is not longer or exposed).

Outfit: sheer top

Wear: camisole, bandeau, bralet

Why: Sheer tops can be paired with bandeaus, bra-lets, or camisoles. If the fabric is a lighter color (such as white or pink), I like to wear an undergarment that provides more coverage, such as a tank or cami.

Outfit: racer-back tank

Wear: convertible or racer-back bra

Why: If the back of your top is wide enough to cover the straps of a racer-back bra, this undergarment is ideal. Otherwise, opt for a convertible bra — in this case, exposed bra-straps look tacky.

Outfit: strapless or one-shoulder dress or top

Wear: strapless bra or bustier

Why: Wear a comfortable strapless bra that stays in place no matter how you stretch or shift. If you have trouble keeping strapless bras in place, try a bustier—no matter what, you don’t want to be the lady that is constantly yanking up her strapless dress.

Outfit: boatneck blouse or off-the-shoulder dress

Wear: strapless bra, bustier

Why: If you are wearing a very casual shirt, like an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, exposed bra-straps are ok. If not, your favorite strapless option is the way to go.

Outfit: Low-back top or dress

Wear: low-back bra or demi-bra/balconette

Why: Look for a low-back bra with straps that come together closer to your hips. Depending on how low your dress is, a balconette bra—a low-cut, flexible, push-up bra—is another possibility.


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