Stories for August 2010


Tuesday, August 31

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Downtown pep rally to celebrate start of KU football season

Downtown Lawrence will be filled with a sea of crimson and blue Thursday night as Jayhawk football fans take over Massachusetts Street.

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Two Lawrence bars named to national 'Top 50' list

Apparently finding a good college bar isn’t really that difficult for Complex Magazine, especially if you look in Lawrence.

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Sweet Alternatives: These substitutes to sugar are only natural

White sugar might as well be the Casanova of the culinary world. So sweet and seductive that it’s hard to get enough, but so sly and bad-to-the-bone that, at its heart, it’s only a few steps removed from its villainous modern cousin, high-fructose corn syrup.

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Sucking it in: Guys starting to take underwear cue from women

Further signs of the impending apocalypse: Men’s girdles are now all the rage.

Monday, August 30

Local winery looks for help to turn grapes into wine

Ron Garrison’s goal Saturday morning was to not cut his fingers as he clipped clusters of Fredonia grapes hanging off vines at Davenport Orchards and Winery.

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Lives in collaboration: Lawrence couple set aside, then resume, passion for art

The first sculpture Melissa McCormick created from clay was a telephone. Ed Noonen remembers depicting a “punch-drunk” boxer.

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Making good time: Childhood passion for repair turns into career

When time stands still, Alan Truong restarts it. He’s worked with watches and clocks for more than 35 years, the last 19 spent at Marks Jewelers, 817 Mass.

Bartenders brush up on latest liquor laws

Did you know that bars are not allowed to host or even permit drinking games on their property? This was just one of many lessons taught at a weekend seminar on liquor laws.

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Perfect partners: Mothers, daughters pair up in family businesses

When the time came for Elizabeth Kurata to retire from her imported jewelry business, African Adorned, she didn’t have to look far for the perfect successor. The problem was, her daughter wanted nothing to do with it.

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Eat like a winner: KU student athletes, sports nutritionist join ‘Jayni’s Kitchen’

Have you ever wondered what's on the menu for KU athletes? Join “Jayni’s Kitchen” this week for some team-winning recipes with two KU athletes and KU sports nutritionist Randy Bird.

Sharp chain saw blades facilitate wood-cutting

If your chain saw is creating sawdust instead of wood chips, it is time to sharpen the chain.

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Status spoilers: Is Facebook helping or hurting class reunions?

Part of a high school reunion’s allure has always been the mystery of it: Did the valedictorian finish medical school? How about the emo chick — did she ever get over her obsession with the color black? But in today’s information era, where nearly everyone has a web presence on sites like Facebook or Twitter, the mystery’s solved: We already know. We watch it unfold via pictures, then read the blogs.

Putting criticism to good use

There are some people, for instance the one I married, who feel I can be overly critical. Maybe it is about one’s need to crank up the heavy metal while driving, maybe it is about one’s habit of treating those within earshot to an a capella version of “Symphony of Destruction” while listening to one’s iPod. The (his) point is that I have a natural ability to find room for improvement in others.

Modern pairings give velvet updated look

If velvet gives you the willies, read on for some updated takes on this classic fabric.

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Summer in a glass

The days of summer are winding down, bringing with them nights perfect for sitting on your deck/patio/porch/balcony /couch and enjoying yourself before the temperature plummets us into fall and (shudder!) winter.

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Acupuncture for pets: Area providers offer holistic approach to animal care

Acupuncture has been used successfully in Chinese veterinary practices for thousands of years to treat many conditions. It’s also been used as a preventative measure to ward off conditions like founder and colic in horses, and to keep performing animals healthy and in top condition.

Sunday, August 29

Piper native and KSU alum takes home Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy series

Piper native Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family" won the Emmy Award for best supporting actor in a comedy Sunday for his portrayal of a gay dad and partner who's a boisterous spirit.

Why it doesn’t hurt when a shark chomps your arm

Melanie Thernstrom has a congenital neck-and-shoulder problem that has kept her in constant pain for the past 10 years.

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Worth the trip: Penzeys Spices

Penzey’s Spices is an olfactory amusement park, taking customers on a scent-sational ride from subtle and sweet to peppery and pungent.

Behind the Lens: Programs offer photographers a chance to create slideshows on the cheap

At the Journal-World’s online site we often have added content from photographers and videographers. Typically, this content takes the form of extra photographs in a photo gallery or audio and still image presentations in a video format.

Newport News, Va., cottage garden featured in Better Homes & Gardens

When Linda and Joe Hertzler bought their home in Williamsburg, Va., six years ago, the property needed tons of TLC.

Chronicling the Dust Bowl migrants

Dorothea Lange and her husband Paul Taylor chronicled Dust Bowl migrants in California more the 70 years ago.

Poet's showcase: 'Free Fall'

whatever life brings

Saturday, August 28

Faith Forum: Do you believe religion is ever 'one size fits all'?

We know we are individuals, with unique thoughts and needs. But the primary need of man continues to be having a way to be safely and blessedly connected with the holy God.

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First ‘Final Friday’ attracts artsy crowd

Residents strolling in downtown Lawrence on Friday night finally had something new to look at. The night marked the kick-off to Lawrence’s first Final Fridays Gallery Walk, a monthly arts extravaganza set to take place the last Friday of every month.

Friday, August 27

Have your date night on us!

Who wants dinner and a movie on

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Bringing faith home: A pastor’s path winds its way to Lawrence, Trinity Episcopal

It’s not often that a member of the clergy can say he once worked on a dude ranch, but the Rev. Rob Baldwin sure can.

Lawrence Community Theatre to kick off fundraising campaign for new building on West Sixth Street

Plans to move the Lawrence Community Theatre to a new site near Sixth and Wakarusa soon will take center stage.

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Heavy course load: Back pain starts early for children with overly filled backpacks

Kids have always been a pain. But these days, they’re also in pain. “It’s an epidemic,” says Scott Bautch, a chiropractor specializing in occupational health and spokesman for the Arlington, Va.-based American Chiropractic Association. “By the age of 14, kids have the same rate of back pain that adults do.”

Thursday, August 26

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Style Scout: Erica Friedheim

I secretly want to fist-pump with the cast of “Jersey Shore” — for one night only.

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Style Scout: Mark Holter

I’ve never killed a man in cold blood.

Wednesday, August 25

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Lawrence businesses hope Final Fridays program will draw art lovers to downtown

'Lawrence could be the Santa Fe of the Midwest'

Lawrence tourism leaders are hoping that Friday eventually will be remembered as the day that Lawrence took its first big step in becoming known as the art capital of the Midwest.

New program to encourage local restaurants to offer healthy choices

LiveWell Lawrence wants to increase access to healthy foods in restaurants.

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What do I do with tomatillos?

Tart and sweet, these peppers hide a world of flavor underneath their thin, papery skin.

Tuesday, August 24

Double Take: Columnist takes first steps in a journey

Each year the new author gets asked to pick any topic he or she wishes for the first column.

Monday, August 23

Fixing shingles is a snap if you’re OK with heights

Replacing damaged or missing asphalt shingles is a simple task, as long as the roof is not too steep and you do not harbor a deep fear of heights.

Book review: ‘Operation Redwood’ young adult tale about environment

Julian Carter-Li, a 12-year-old San Francisco boy, is faced with a dilemma in “Operation Redwood.”

Get color-coordinated for fall

This fall, choose plenty of separates for a wardrobe full of trendy, stylish clothing and accessories. But before you do too much shopping, read about the latest fall color-trends and one popular runway style you’ll be sure to love.

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Band champs: Parents play vital role in area high schools’ music programs

They might not use the line “I’m with the band” to sneak into football games, but parents of Lawrence marching band members could be considered the ultimate groupies.

Post-Toddler Stress Disorder

I could not understand the urgency with which my parents had delivered my perfectly darling 2-year-old nephew, Charlie, to us last weekend for an overnight stay while my sister and her husband were away.

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Buddy and beyond: Nonprofit director supports caregiving efforts

Kelly Evans understands the importance of respite. She cherishes early morning “alone times” when she meditates, prays and prepares for her busy days as executive director of Trinity In-Home Care, a Lawrence nonprofit that promotes independent living and provides relief for caregivers.

Hidden toxins: Beware these summer dangers for children, pets

There’s cyanide lurking in your apples. And those juicy peaches, too. Your potatoes can be deadly if you’re not careful. Same goes for the leaves on those beautiful, tart rhubarb stalks. And that amaretto flavoring in your morning coffee? It has killer origins.

Get your cowboy on in Abilene

Late summer in Kansas is the perfect time for a road trip. For less than a two-hour car ride I was able to experience an authentic Midwest tradition, genuine presidential museum and one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas Architecture, all in one location.

Family volunteer opportunities

Big Brothers & Big Sisters is in great need of volunteers for its Bigs In Schools program. Currently, there are more than 60 students on the waiting list for a Big Brother or Big Sister in elementary and junior high schools across the Lawrence school district.

Wise women build

Lawrence church invites public to unique spiritual retreat

“The wise woman builds her own house; the foolish one tears hers down.”

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The whole pig and nothing but the pig

Making something yourself from scratch isn’t just cheap. It’s more satisfying and, in the case of food, it’s often way more tasty.

Sunday, August 22

Critter Care: Prevent a fatal cat disease

A friend of mine at work recently lost his absolutely beautiful and much-loved pale orange kitten to an insidious disease that raises up a particular anger in me, probably because the virus has no known cure and it is therefore, in my estimation, cowardly and unfair and pretty scary.

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Dutch elm disease still affecting local trees

Treatment is possible in trees that have just begun to show signs of the disease, but it is also expensive and not guaranteed.

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Behind the Lens: Prep for fall sports photography

Soccer and football participation for a lot of area youths also means many of you will be trying to photograph your children or favorite players in action on area playing fields.

Poet's Showcase: ‘Exotic Haiku’

The voluptuous siren

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Not your typical funeral: Death takes a personalized makeover

Funerals have changed dramatically in the past decade, with people shunning old, one-size-fits-all traditions for more customized and meaningful experiences.

Saturday, August 21

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Renewed ministry: Church launches a new name and medical outreach

Fittingly, New Life in Christ church is celebrating its coming-out party with a new ministry.

Faith Forum: How should one bring up religion in a college dorm setting?

Bringing up the topic of faith in a dorm on a college campus can be quite challenging, especially when all you want is to make friends and feel like you belong.

Friday, August 20

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Street scene: Entertainers invade Downtown Lawrence for third annual Busker Festival

El Gleno Grande, Bruiser the dog and Mentoc the Mind Fuggler reveal their twisted techniques.

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Net Worth: Pop music takes on surprising depth at different speed

Perhaps true art can be made from anything once it’s placed in a different perspective.

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Audiences will feel beaten by ‘The Switch’

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston headline “The Switch,” which starts with a potentially adventurous sperm-donor premise and utilizes it as the backdrop for a tedious romantic comedy.

Thursday, August 19

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Going strong: Organizers gear up for 2nd year of unique fitness competition

You say you’re feeling stronger, more buff than ever? But can you pull a truck with your bare hands or flip a tractor tire end-over-end at top speed?

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Style Scout: Antony Vigil

When it comes to fashion, I prefer subtlety.

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Style Scout: Roxanna Silva

I dress according to the weather.

Wednesday, August 18

Dalton Howard: Everyman in a million

Dalton’s life serves as a reminder that beyond the spotlight’s glare and commercial success on a grander scale there are diamonds of artistry and humanity right here among us.

Performers to entertain on Downtown Lawrence streets during this week's Busker Fest

El Gleno Grande will be doing a horse act without a horse. Mentoc the Mentalist will bend a spoon with nothing but his mind. And Mama Lou Strongwoman will rip through a phone book before you can tear even a single page.

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A lesson in food

When he’s not teaching in the classroom, Stu Shafer is teaching in the fields

Tuesday, August 17

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Baby foodie: Lawrence mom makes son’s meals from scratch — sometimes

Yeah, those Gerber people do sort of know what they are doing.

Monday, August 16

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Making memories: A bridal gown sale benefits breast cancer patients

With couture dresses from designers like Vera Wang going for 75 percent off, the Brides Against Cancer wedding gown sale could start a stampede like the famous “Running of the Brides” sale at Filene’s Basement.

Preserving the past

Persistence paid off for Terry Tietjens. As a visiting college student, he was fascinated by the stately Georgian architecture of the Seelye mansion on Buckeye Street in Abilene.

Decades of inspiration hit stores

This fall, sharp silhouettes from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s are popping up all over.

‘Handcuff kid’ masters suspenseful challenges

Readers often pick up a good book to escape from the real world and lose themselves in wordy forests of fiction. In Laura Quimby’s debut novel, “The Carnival of Lost Souls,” 12-year-old protagonist Jack Carr really does get lost in a forest, and it’s all thanks to his knack for escaping.

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Tween beauty: New study suggests girls using makeup sooner - then tiring of it

Twelve-year-old Jessalyn Grant, of Eudora, thrusts her hand out, showing off her fingernails: They’re painted a vivid pink with a hint of orange, and they seem to radiate cheer.

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A label for local: Getting Kaw Valley food — no guess work needed

It’s no secret the local food movement has legs and has become more and more popular over the last few years, but what exactly is local?

A novel life: Writer pursues a lifetime’s worth of dreams

Dreams can come true at any age; just ask Sally Russell. She started writing romance novels in her mid-70s.

English Tea Dance to benefit LAC student dancers

In an effort to help make the study of classical dance available to all students regardless of income, the Lawrence Arts Center dance department is establishing a Dance Shoe Scholarship Fund.

Sunday, August 15

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Behind the Lens: Planning key for photo projects

Keep things simple with one subject, one camera.

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High stakes: Cultural practices key to pest control in veggie garden

Sometimes I am surprised we can grow tomatoes and melons in northeast Kansas.

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Trading up: Some students embrace vocational education on their back-to-school path

It’s back-to-school time in this university town, but not every student takes the traditional route to a post-secondary education.

Saturday, August 14

Budding journalists enjoy perks of Kansan experience

Newspaper staff gains confidence, knowledge through work on KU’s student-run publication

With 150 or more members, the University Daily Kansan is one of the largest student organizations on the Kansas University campus. From online multimedia to television broadcast, the Kansan is more than just a newspaper.

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Autumn harvest: Now is the time to start planning for fall produce

It might be hot enough to create a wilted spinach salad on the sidewalk, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to be thinking about planting said spinach for cooler consumption.

Faith forum: How do your beliefs affect your faith in other people?

I believe that all men are created in the image of God. This means that every single person, regardless of their level of wealth and intellect, has intrinsic worth.

Friday, August 13

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‘Pilgrim’ takes witty look at today’s youth culture

Overloaded by lightning-quick information via social media, text messages and computer screens, the teens and young adults of today finally have a movie that serves as a giant metaphor for their experiences.

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Net Worth: Bootleg DVDs appear ridiculously lost in translation

You never know what an illegally made video from Thailand might contain.

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Career ‘Leverage’: KU film students spend summer on set of TV series

What one learns in film school isn’t necessarily the most vital info when attempting to break into the Hollywood scene.

Thursday, August 12

Papa Bob’s BBQ prevails on ‘Man v. Food’

Barbecue sandwich ultimately destroys ‘Man v. Food’ host

Customers and supporters crowded into Papa Bob’s BBQ restaurant to watch the Bonner Springs restaurant being featured on a national television show.

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Style Scout: Sam Grinsfelder

(I’ve) read every Harry Potter book at least 10 times, plus I dressed up like a wizard when I saw the movie at the theater.

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Style Scout: Tony Thompson

My roommate and I are the same height, and that’s pretty neat.

Wednesday, August 11

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Fair favorites: The prize-winning recipes of 2010

The mouth-watering, award-winning foods displayed at the Douglas County Fair last week had wide appeal.

Want to eat local? Challenge yourself

aturday marks the beginning of the third annual Eat Local Challenge at The Community Mercantile, 901 S. Iowa, and this year the challenge is heading out of the store and hitting the streets.

Tuesday, August 10

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Old-school cool: Lawrence residents wax nostalgic about favorite desk supplies

Mention the words “school supplies” to a group of grown-ups, and no matter what their age, education level or life experience, they’re likely to wax nostalgic in a visceral way.

Double Take: Fall’s a time for renewal, including for ‘Double Take’

Samantha says bye.

Monday, August 9

A remarkable woman

Early in July I had the good fortune to go down to the Gulf to visit a remarkable woman, Anne Rudloe.

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Heritage camp: Lawrence family stages event for adopted children from India

If the Cordes family remembers one thing about July 2010, it will no doubt be what they learned about Indian culture, for it would seem that they could not get enough of it this summer.

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Pure energy: Real estate agent chases second calling

J.R. Demby, 52, isn’t one for standing still, but now, armed with state of the art technology and his woo-woo stick, he’s on a mission to conserve energy — not his — yours.

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Routine matters: Consistency at home helps kids succeed as school begins again

Kristi Daigh is a typical 13-year-old girl with an all-too familiar summer routine.

Mother in the mountains: Topeka author recounts counterculture lifestyle

Topeka author Susan Zuber-Chall’s newest book, “Sex, Sinners and Hippies,” chronicles her experiences as a hippie living a pioneer lifestyle in the mountains of Colorado.

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Stay cool for school: Help kids beat the first-day jitters

Kimberlee Bourdon is bracing for the anxiety. Her 16-year old daughter, Ashlee, is moving to Lawrence from her father’s home in Texas. Ashlee will be a junior at Lawrence High School, and she doesn’t know anyone in Lawrence.

A teen without John Hughes?

According to the school calendar, summer is ending this week, proving there is a God and He does, indeed, love me.

Right amount of watering keeps grass healthy

Actively growing turf grasses need less than 1 inch of water each week to remain green and healthy.

Ride into fall equestrian-style

Equestrian-inspired styles trotted onto the runway in 2010. Read on for this fall’s fashion interpretation of classic horse-riding style.

No place like home: ‘Jayni’s Kitchen’ visits Woodlands Restaurant at Brandon Woods

Join Jayni Carey for a trip to Brandon Woods Senior Living Community at Alvamar on the next “Jayni’s Kitchen,” airing at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday on Sunflower Broadband Channel 6.

Deeper prayer: Suggestions encourage more contemplative connection

Dwight Hilpman prays daily. Over the years, he’s gotten better at it.

Sunday, August 8

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Behind the Lens: Take control of your F-stop settings to ‘f8 and be there’

Depth of field can make or break a shot.

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Grape expectations: New retail market simplifies wine-shopping experience

Shopping for wine should be as stress-free as sipping a glass of your favorite vintage on a lazy summer’s evening.

Saturday, August 7

Faith Forum: How much faith is truly present in the ‘secular’ world?

In the broad history of our world, sustained attempts to form “secular” states are quite new. There’s no consensus as to what “secular” is, either — India, Japan, Turkey and France all claim to be “secular,” but what they mean by that is different from the understandings Americans disagree over when they talk about secularity.

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The Athletic Republic: Program helps student athletes earn pro objectives

Amanda Fevurly could be sitting by the pool on a sunny summer afternoon, but instead, the Lawrence High School junior is staring down a treadmill set at a 35 percent incline and a rumbling speed of 10 miles per hour.

Friday, August 6

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Carnival workers adapt to life on the road

When you ask the work crew to see the man in charge of all the rides at the Douglas County Fair, they direct you to Ricky Moore, the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

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Wild Pairs: Diners discover best ways to match beer and food

The first time Free State Brewing Co. executive chef Rick Martin tasted barley-flavored beer with cheese, he says that perfect pair of flavors gave him goosebumps.

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Net Worth: ‘Old-timey jokes’ get force-fed modern enlightenment

Q: Why are balloons in the air like vagrants? A: Because they have no visible means of support.

Comedic reteaming offers muddled results

If “The Other Guys” is Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay’s attempt to educate the public about the evils and abuses of Wall Street, they sure picked a roundabout way to do it.

Thursday, August 5

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Style Scout: Garrett McGraw

Men wearing skirts. It’s just not right!

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Style Scout: Mara Williams

My hair is my favorite accessory ... but I want to completely shave my head while I am still young.

Wednesday, August 4

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Man vs. Food vs. KC BBQ: Restaurant challenges TV host with a mountain of meat

With a crowd of 120 people yelling, and the high-fives flying, Adam Richman makes his way to a single table at the front of Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que in Bonner Springs.

Tuesday, August 3

Double Take: Parents should be first to teach their kids about sex

What’s the “right” age to start talking to kids about sex?

Monday, August 2

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Firebird friend: Therapy dog vital part of school community

As hundreds of households across Lawrence bustle about in their back-to-school preparations — shopping for clothes and supplies, squeezing in doctor appointments and readjusting sleep schedules — some approach the first day of school with trepidation or even dread.

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Kitchen cool: No-cook dishes take sweat out of mealtime

What to do when it’s so hot outside, you feel like you’ll melt just staring at your oven? Don’t cook. Don’t go out. Just keep it cold.

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Traveling with the stars: New services offer astrology, fortune-telling for trip plans

Imagine you’re signed up to use 10 vacation days at Christmas, and you’re trying to decide what to do with it.

Understand shame versus guilt

Shame is one of the most prevalent underpinnings to our emotional struggles. In trying to understand shame, it is helpful to first understand the difference between guilt and shame.

A/C-free summer an unthinkable gift

Mentioning you voluntarily live without air-conditioning is like turning off the music at a party.

Summer styles transition well into fall

I want it to be fall, or at least less sweaty, sticky and hot all the time. So today I looked up the average temperatures for the first few weeks of August, and I just don’t think I’m going to get my way. Ninety degrees can’t possibly be less sweaty.

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Jazz bringer: Nora Hulse embraces lifelong vocation

“Music has been my vocation and avocation since my childhood in Clay Center, Kansas, a very musical town of about 5,000,” says Nora Hulse, retired music professor, performer, writer, researcher and advocate of female ragtime composers.

Tailgate taters: Bigg’s Barbecue potato salad a favorite side dish with customers

Joannie Grosdidier could eat three servings of Bigg’s Barbecue Warm Twice-Baked Potato Salad, if only she’d allow herself.

What happens in Vegas …

“You have to do something pretty spectacular to stand out in Vegas,” a woman said to me at the MGM Grand pool in Las Vegas last weekend.

Saving money for education

In previous articles, we have discussed what money is and how it can be inflated. Price increases that result from the inflation of our money supply affect many sectors of the economy, making products and services more expensive each year. This is very apparent in one specific sector: college tuition.

After installing exhaust fan, allow air to be vented

Venting an exhaust fan is easy if you have an accessible attic and an asphalt-shingled roof.

Sunday, August 1

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Behind the Lens: Paradise viewed through wide-angle lens

Here’s a cooling thought for the dog days of summer: Imagine yourself on vacation, with your favorite camera, standing on a 1,500-square-mile ice cube. Sound like paradise compared with Kansas in August? Actually, it was the Mendenhall Glacier, outside of Juneau, Alaska.

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Work of yart: The front of the house becomes a muse for folksy art

Local art lovers get creative in the great outdoors

For some Lawrence residents, living with an unadorned yard is like dwelling in a house with plain, empty walls. Boring. Bland. Unthinkable.

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Memorial garden place of ‘compassionate energy’

A butterfly garden is more than a place with pretty flowers: It’s a safe haven for delicate beings and their young.