Stories for December 2010


Friday, December 31

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A retrospective on movies in 2010

A look back at the trends, successes and failures this year in movies.

Thursday, December 30

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Website picks Lawrence among top 10 college towns in nation

Another organization agrees — Lawrence is a pretty great college town.

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New Year's Eve 2010 in Lawrence

What to do and where to do it in Lawrence on the last day of the year.

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Style Scout: Hannah Zoe Zingre

How would you describe your style? Thrifty librarian.

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Style Scout: Ben Hartman

Clean lines, always utilitarian—and nothing flashy. 

Wednesday, December 29

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A retrospective on Lawrence theater in 2010

The productions, plays and performances that made Lawrence theater memorable in 2010.

Tuesday, December 28

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Lawrence's biggest food stories of 2010

2010 could be called the year of the foodie, Lawrence edition. Here’s a breakdown of some of Lawrence’s biggest, and most interesting food stories of the past year.

Monday, December 27

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A Retrospective on Gaming in 2010

This year gaming has seen some extreme highs and lows. One of the most popular, if not the most popular, studio in gaming suffered a massive hemorrhaging of talent after disagreements with its publisher. For the first time since the release of its newest console, one manufacturer finally reported a loss.

The Tipsy Taxi returns this New Year's Eve to give Lawrence residents a safe, free ride home

Intoxicated celebrators who forgot to assign their designated drivers, will have another option this New Year’s Eve. Thanks to Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism and several local restaurants, bars and citizens, Tipsy Taxi will be back again.

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Best of Lawrence 2011: Pizza and Italian

We're taking a look at pizza and Italian in anticipation of Best of Lawrence 2011.

River City Jules: New Year's, 'Punk'd-style

With one last primp of the hair, we made our grand entrance to… A bunch of families in T-shirts surrounded by people my parents’ age.

Sunday, December 26

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Garden Calendar: Real vs. artificial houseplants

In the wake of the debate on real versus artificial Christmas trees, I wondered whether there was any contest between live houseplants and fake ones.

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Behind the Lens: Setting up your new camera

Now that many of you have possibly unwrapped a new camera over the holidays, I’ll provide some tips on setting your camera up to get the best results.

Saturday, December 25

Faith Forum: How would you expect Jesus to celebrate his birthday if he were a modern man?

The Rev. Shaun LePage and the Rev. Pam Morrison answer.

Friday, December 24

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Holiday haikus 2010

Last week we asked for your best holiday haikus and you didn't disappoint.

Thursday, December 23

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Style Scout: Holly Charlton

How would you describe your style? 14-year-old bag lady

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Style Scout: Cyrus Dayani

Tell us a secret: I have a DJ superstition—I always wear mismatched socks when I DJ.

Wednesday, December 22

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Skipping Christmas: Food, trivia and movies are options for Christmas Day activities in Lawrence

Regardless of whether you celebrate the season, Lawrence has a few things to keep you busy on the 25th.

Best of Lawrence 2011 Gets Spicy

Today we look at candidates for Best Latin American and Middle Eastern food

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Winter hibernation guide

Skip the winter. Stay on the couch.

Tuesday, December 21

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas brunch

Skip the traditional Christmas spread in favor of this mid-morning delight.

Monday, December 20

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Best of Lawrence 2011: Coffee, Burgers and Dancing

In the weeks leading up to Jan. 24, we're seeking feedback on our lists of candidates for each category

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Happy tails: Tips for making holiday trips with pets more enjoyable for everyone

Nearly a quarter of pet owners have taken a vacation with their animals in the last two years, according to an Associated poll conducted this fall.

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The Runner, the Baker, the Wedding Cake Maker: Lawrence students give time to help with holiday LINK meal

Baking math problem of the day: If you have a six-pound can of pumpkin, how many eggs do you need?

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Remnant Rehab: Bring your hostess gift in a homemade bag

Make one of these wine bags before you head to a holiday party to impress your hostess — it’s a lot more festive than the paper bag they give you at the liquor store.

Mass St. Chic: Great gift ideas for your fashion-conscious friends

Christmas is right around the corner, but what do you get for your fashion-conscious girlfriends who always seem one step ahead of every trend? Read on for some quick, last-minute gift ideas that every stylish lady would find absolutely fabulous.

River City Jules: Santa holds off on retirement

‘Twas the week before Christmas And all through my brain My to-do list was running Just like a freight train

Sunday, December 19

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Behind the Lens: New device captures every second of daily life

Enter the Vicon Revue.

Friday, December 17

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Right Between The Ears readies their holiday show

Comedy troupe goes live this Saturday at 7 p.m.

Thursday, December 16

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Holiday Hoedown celebrates some welcome firsts

The annual holiday bluegrass, country, honky-tonk, and blues show welcomes some new additions.

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Odd jobs: In this economy, Lawrence residents are getting creative

Tough times call for inventive measures.

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Style Scout: Kirsten Paludan

How would you describe your style? Simple and classic with an artsy edge.

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Style Scout: Rod Ernst

Tell us a secret: Enjoy each day.

Wednesday, December 15

Best of Lawrence 2011: Live Music Venue & Bookstore

Best of Lawrence returns Jan. 24. Weigh in on our nominees for each category.

Tuesday, December 14

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Ask, and you shall receive: Readers share their go-to holiday cookie recipes

Holiday cookies have a special place in every baker’s heart. They’re crowd-pleasers that shine once a year, often bringing joy to sweets lovers both near and far.

Monday, December 13

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Best of Lawrence 2011: And the nominees are...

In the coming weeks we'll be unveiling maps of candidates for each category. Let us know what you think.

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Lawrence author Pam Grout follows up Lifetime appearance with online coaching

To those who would like to lose weight, have more energy or just feel better, local author Pam Grout has one thing to say: take a deep breath.

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Om, baby: New Lawrence yoga classes designed for pregnant women

When Heather Moise found out she was pregnant last year, she made the decision to do something just for her.

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Slice of Life: Toy Store owner embraces holiday season

Santa’s helpers aren’t confined to the North Pole. Some work at 936 Mass., home to the country’s largest independently owned specialty toy store.

River City Jules: Top offenders in holiday cards

To ensure you always end up on our “nice” list, we have some pointers that are guaranteed to make you the hit of the mailbox every year.

Mince meat has small but devoted following for holidays

A hundred years ago, mince pie was as common at Christmas as the candy cane. As far as desserts were concerned, it was as popular as pecan, pumpkin and apple pie.

Mass St. Chic: Look for ways to add character to everyday style

Whether you want to get ahead on spring trends, add variance to your current winter wardrobe or just try something different, set out on a quest to find a few new, perfect lifestyle items that will add instant character, culture and fun to everyday outfits.

Sunday, December 12

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Garden Calendar: Beat the winter blahs with Amaryllis

Amaryllis will also go nicely with a blooming poinsettia and Christmas cactus.

Behind the Lens: Tips for camera shoppers

It’s critical to determine your needs and narrow your choices.

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Bullying drives former Baldwin student to take her education home

Only two years after bullying threatened to cause her to give up, drop out and waste her life away, Amanda Randel has finally found her voice.

Friday, December 10

Arts roundup: Holiday show from 'Right Between the Ears'; new classes at the Lawrence Arts Center

Upcoming in the Lawrence arts scene: "Right Between the Ears" plans live broadcast Dec. 18; KU professor releases new CD; LAC adding new winter classes.

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Postcommodity brings electro-acoustic performance to Lawrence

Antlers rattle and collide, animal calls boom over loudspeakers in a crowded art space, geometric projects spin and twist and evolve on the floor, and somewhere within the chaos, music is made.

Thursday, December 9

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Style Scout: Preston Lee Jones

Tell us a secret: I have two of those things that hang in the back of your throat.

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Review: Legally Blonde The Musical

It was surreal. It was wonderful. It was awful.

Wednesday, December 8

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Style Scout: Keri Lauxman

Teacher chic/Ready for anything.

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Review: Stona Rosa

After a long hiatus, the ACB's make a spirited return.

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Stop the music: Neon dance party comes to a close

After almost a decade, Lawrence's premiere dance party ends where it began.

Tuesday, December 7

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Kansas Public Radio brings holiday jazz concert to Lawrence

Kansas City Jazz Orchestra to perform "Big Band Christmas" at Liberty Hall.

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Fruitcake: More than just a punchline, the dessert can be a holiday heavy hitter

A homemade cake can be anything but funny

Much of the holiday cheer surrounding fruitcake is usually in the form of jokes about the cake’s dense texture and penchant for being an unwanted present.

Monday, December 6

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Review: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

If you like adventure games, platformers or even strategic puzzlers, you will find a hidden gem with Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

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Dinner and a show: 715 Restaurant offers dinner with a side of butchery

Private dinner gives guests a look into the kitchen

Wine and dine with the past.

Review: Annie

It’s hard to imagine a musical more prescient than Theatre Lawrence’s “Annie,” the orphan’s tale set in 1933.

Garden Calendar: Winter Weather Myths

Some fun yet inaccurate weather-predictors

Critter Care: Life in transition after loss of beloved companions

My dogs are gone. They and my cat, Cassie. I lost them all within eight weeks, and the pain is so intense that sometimes I’m certain I won’t be able to bear it.

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Ladies of Lawrence Artwork stages annual gift show

The Ladies of Lawrence Artwork crew, or LOLA, will stage their upcoming holiday event this weekend at Van Go Mobile Arts, 715 N.J.

Mass St. Chic: Add muted hues for winter blues

Thankfully, in the land of fashion, designers have already presented their own versions of spring, so even living under this cold, gray sky we can make-believe it is warm.

River City Jules: Gingerbread fantasies quickly crumble

Just like moving from the low dive to the high dive, moving from home-displayed gingerbread house construction (whereby your children decorate spiced cookie abodes with minimal supervision and the hope of one day vacuuming the last green sprinkle out of your dining room carpet), to an original creation (built upon plywood for judges and a paying audience) takes commitment.

Sunday, December 5

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Behind the Lens: Photo Stocking Stuffers

A short list of stocking suffers and new camera info for photo enthusiasts.

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Winter movie guide

The holiday season is always big time for going to the movies.

Friday, December 3

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Jason Mraz plays impromptu concert at Kansas Union

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz played an impromptu concert for a few hundred fans in the fourth-floor lobby of the Kansas Union on Friday evening.

Lawrence man's extreme passion for Christmas illuminates the whole neighborhood

Zach Stoltenberg moved furniture into his new house on a corner lot with his wife, Alicia, on Nov. 7. The very next day, he started putting Christmas lights up on the house.

Thursday, December 2

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Review: 127 Hours

Eric Melin reviews director Danny Boyle's story of survival.

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Submit your info for our 2010 Holiday Lights Tour map

It's the time of year when Lawrencians dust off the holiday decorations and string up twinkling lights, garland and even install inflatable snowmen at their homes.

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Theatre Lawrence prepares 'Annie' for Friday opening

Just in time to warm Lawrence residents’ hearts for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 1

Style Scout: Valerie Skubal

People say I look like… Daria.

Style Scout: Willie Stein

Tell us a secret: I’m not really a doctor.

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'Blonde' bonding: Actor Kahlil Joseph gives insight into 'Legally Blonde The Musical'

Actor talks about the trick to playing a convincing villain, why he’s stolen a page out of the WWE playbook, and about why he’ll take either boos or applause as long as they’re enthusiastic.