Stories for February 2010


Sunday, February 28

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Love Marriage

Daily Dose

Mustachioed Indian techno artist Wilbur Sargunaraj lays down some dope beats about arranged marriage. It's the best song you're going to hear today.

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Longtime collectors assemble fun habits

Collectors and their coveted collectibles come in all shapes and sizes. But, as three local hunter/gatherers prove, they all share a common mantra: More is more...

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Behind the Lens: Spot news calls for versatile equipment, quick thinking

One has to quickly figure out what equipment is needed to cover an event and not be bogged down, but still be safe...

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Farm to plate: Food subscription service supports local agriculture

As the local food movement grows, I keep hearing the acronym CSA and the phrase it represents, Community Supported Agriculture, but I often hear it misused or misunderstood...

Saturday, February 27

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Irish Synthesizer Country & Western

Daily Dose

Providing you yet another reason to get drunk on St. Patrick's Day, here's Crystal Swing, the Irish country-pop family band!

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Seed savers: Heirloom seeds become a library of past plants

A seed is a curious thing — a window to both the past and the future. A local group is hoping to use this special property to nurture the history of the Kaw Valley, one plant at a time.

Friday, February 26

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Jay Leno: Titan of Screen Acting

Daily Dose

Because you just can't wait for him to retake the throne of "The Tonight Show," here's Jay Leno's forgotten masterpiece of cinema, "Collision Course."

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Hacked off! Lawrence computer users exposed to a variety of hacking techniques to compromise online accounts

The hacking of two Lawrence high school classes’ YouTube accounts this week serves as a cautionary tale for how to better protect your online passwords...

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Net Worth: Free State High joins ‘lip dub’ rivalry ... in reverse

City’s high school rivalry finds a creative outlet via lip dubs.

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Movie review: “The Last Station”

“The Last Station” is a moving, fictionalized account of a piece of real Russian history, a tour de force for an actor who’s in his prime in his 70s and 80s, and a real return to form for a director most at home in period pieces...

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Creative space: Musicians, filmmakers, artists and more become roommates at the Art House

Record a song. Edit a movie. Paint a picture. Take a guitar lesson. Get a haircut. All these options are readily accessible in a town like Lawrence. Now, all can be found in one house...

Thursday, February 25

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Students work murder crime scene as part of biology class

Central Junior High students combed a body-littered auditorium looking for clues.

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Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves

Daily Dose

Photos of pets driven to despair by the questionable taste of their owners.

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Style scout: Grace Carmody

I am a closet pack rat. I have three closets full - one for everyday dress, one for dress-up and one for travel. I even have clothes that go back to the '70s!

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Style scout: Jack Wier

I have 31 tattoos. One is a tattoo designed after a rare Alberto Vargas pin-up.

Wednesday, February 24

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The old stone at Stony Point

A mysterious monolith south of Lawrence leads to Depression-era family story

Decades-old trees growing between the stone steps that once led down into a basement have a way of robbing your own home of its sense of permanence...

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Old Timey Bloopers

Daily Dose

A collection of Warner Bros. bloopers from from 1936! See titans of the silver screen such as Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney blow their lines and take the lord's name in vain! It's the cat's pajamas!

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Mass. Market: Soon, groceries downtown will again be a thing of the past

With The Casbah Market closing its doors, downtown Lawrence will be without a grocery yet again — though it wasn't always that way.

Tuesday, February 23

Royal Crest is the scene of benefit for area youth stricken with cancer

Family and friends are sponsoring a bowl-a-thon Sunday to benefit 4-year-old "Baby" Jay Souter, who is battling her second bout with cancer.

Antique show at fairgrounds to benefit area non-profits

The Lawrence Pilot Club will sponsor an antique show at the county fairgrounds this weekend.

Douglas County Bank hosts "Read Across America" event

Douglas County Bank will host a Read Across America event from 10 a.m. to noon March 6 at their branch at 4728 W. Sixth St.

Final "Bleeding Kansas" event planned for Lecompton

The final event in Lecompton's "Bleeding Kansas" series is this weekend.

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Daily Dose

A site following the fabulous feline adventures of a cat on Chatroulette. No, not a man in a spandex cat suit doing inappropriate things as is usually the case on Chatroulette, but an honest-to-goodness adorable kitty.

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Dual roles: Twin brothers share bill as February ArtStars

It takes two to make the Free State High School Thespian Club run right.

Double Take: Past columnists give advice on college

The last four Double Take co-authors come back for advice on making a successful transition to college.

Monday, February 22

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Skate Face

Daily Dose

Photos of Olympic figure skaters as their faces contort into a grisly visage of glory.

Soloists perform with FSHS Orchestra

Five soloists will perform with Free State High School’s orchestra at a concert Tuesday in the school auditorium.

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Twist of fate: Professional braider watches skating clients move onto world stage

Figure skating is about the quest for perfection. From the shiny blades of the skates and the precision of the jumps to the crowns of perfectly coiffed hair, everything is choreographed so the skaters can reach their own state of perfection on the ice.

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Change of a dress: United Way drive seeks donations of formal wear

United Way’s Prom Dress Drive and Boutique began last year as a way for women and girls to pick out used formal dresses at no cost.

Brave new food: You won’t believe the things you’ll be putting in your mouth

Remember the first part of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” when the ape threw the bone in the air and it suddenly cut to the space station? Food science took a similar leap in the first decade of the 21st century.

Girl Scout cookies don’t last

I should have listened to Boomer Girl. Remember back in November when she warned us the Girl Scouts were making their way around town, suckering people into purchasing what she called “legal heroin” with their cute, semi-toothless smiles?

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Screen test: KU alumnus creates zen retreat on ‘Sweat Equity’

Girish Ballolla loves the oasis he’s created in his backyard. “I sit out there on the hammock with a cold one and think, ‘This is the life,’” he says. “I don’t have to go anywhere to get to a park.”

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All in the family: Multigenerational living in Lawrence mirrors national trend

When U.S. Census takers come calling next month, they’re likely to find more multigenerational families living under one roof than ever before.

Planked Ruby Trout with Orange Butter, Citrus, Rosemary

“Winter Grilling”: If you have cabin fever, bring a taste of summer to the table.

Volunteers needed for Bowl for Kids Sake

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks volunteers for their upcoming fundraising event, Bowl for Kids Sake.

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Fit together: LAC owner dedicated to community’s health

Rick Sells, former teacher, Mr. USA contestant and judge, and now owner of Lawrence Athletic Club, knows firsthand the struggles entailed in achieving and maintaining physical fitness.

The world loses a great, influential designer

Headlines on Feb. 11 announced the beginning of New York Fashion Week and the end of Alexander McQueen’s life. McQueen was known for his risqué and surrealistic designs. His pieces were cutting-edge and one step ahead, yet somehow, simultaneously, timeless. But McQueen always wanted to design “for posterity”; he once commented, “People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that’s very rare today.” It was this goal that immediately attracted me to McQueen’s designs: He aspired to create and maintain a fashion line with longevity rather than a clothing line full of endlessly shape-shifting, overly trendy garments just waiting to be cast aside for next season’s most wanted.

Sunday, February 21

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Cat Massage

Daily Dose

One cat gives another cat a massage. Hopefully declawed cats.

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Funny business: Help us update our comics section

It’s been nearly five years since our last comics poll. Now, we want you to tell us again what are must-reads and what you pass by...

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Behind the lens: Using 'S' mode to reduce blur in your photos

Many owners of point-and-shoot cameras, and even many DSLR owners, favor automatic settings for exposure control, and for good reason...

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Enchanting gardens are good parent-child activity

Are you looking for a gardening activity that is more intriguing than re-potting houseplants? “All you need are some plants, a little path, some sort of structure, and, of course, a fairy,” says Jane Cram...

Saturday, February 20

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What to do in Larry, Saturday edition

A spectacular Saturday featuring Andy McKee, KU basketball, The International Film Festival at KU, Ira Glass, Miles Bonny, Cowboy Indian Bear, Deadman Flats, Asher Roth, Cheap Girls, Arthur Dodge and Danny Pound, and "Shutter Island"...

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Mariachi Divina: New film celebrates legacy of Kansas mariachi legends, Mariachi Estrella de Topeka

Teresa Cuevas is the prototypical abuela in virtually every way, save one — she's a member of the trailblazing band Mariachi Estrella de Topeka and is a living legend in Mexican music circles...

Friday, February 19

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What to do in Larry tonight, Friday edition

International Film Festival at KU, Evadestruction's Music Trivia Massacre, Galactic and Karl Denson, The Noise FM Birthday Bash, Future Shock, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, and "Shutter Island"...

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Babies With Laser Eyes

Daily Dose

Babies who can shoot lasers out of their eyes. You were warned...

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Net Worth: Network news formula captured in comedic package

BBC video skewers the "stand-up reporter package."

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Scorsese visits 'Island' deserted by Hitchcock

Dennis Lehane's character-packed but gimmicky novel "Shutter Island" earns a slightly less gimmicky film from Martin Scorsese, who makes this 1950s period piece his tribute to the psychological thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock...

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Radio active: Ira Glass takes his journalistic storytelling on the road

As host and producer of NPR's "This American Life" - and its television companion on Showtime - Glass is responsible for a weekly foray into "mostly true stories of everyday people" ...

Thursday, February 18

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My Parents Were Awesome

Daily Dose

An homage to the vibrant people your folks were before being saddled with the burden of you.

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Review: BioShock 2 (360)

As a standalone game, BioShock 2 is above average, but, as a sequel to one of the best first-person shooters of all time, it is underwhelming...

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Style scout: Jessie Mitchell

It sounds crazy, but I have a ghost who lives in my house. He’s very active at night. He slams toilet seats and rattles dishes. He’s a lovely ghost though. He’s sweet...

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Worth the wait: Five years after being signed to a big-time deal, Lawrence native Sarah Buxton releases a real country record

Sarah Buxton is squealing. It's the sort of high-pitched, tea-kettle squeal that girls make in diamond-ring commercials when they realize their best friend's hubby "went to Jared" ...

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Style scout: Loren Cressler

The only movie from the “Star Wars” saga that I’ve seen from start to finish is “Episode III” ...

Wednesday, February 17

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Rejected Olympic Events

Daily Dose

Sorry, competitors in Fat Lady Hole In The Wall (Short Track) and Human Curling...maybe 2014 will be your year.

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Review: Dante’s Inferno (360)

Dante’s Inferno looks and plays well, and fans of God of War will likely enjoy a different take on familiar gameplay. Others will find this to be little more than a game of endurance and patience...

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Noodle wars! The starchy staple is the ingredient of choice for several newer Lawrence restaurants

There's a surprising weapon in the fight for your Lawrence restaurant dollars, though we wouldn't advise using it in any battles but the non-physical kind. The noodle.

Tuesday, February 16

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World's Biggest Dodgeball Game

Daily Dose

It's both the Olympics AND the Super Bowl of Dodgeball. Nerds need to take cover.

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Mardi Gras on Mass.: Musical duo sows the seeds of New Orleans-style celebration

Let’s just get one thing out there up front: “Mardi Gras is not boobs and beads. That’s Bourbon Street schlock...”

Double Take: Be wary when dating former cheater

I found out my boyfriend cheated on his last girlfriend. He says that it’s because of how she treated him. Is it true that once a guy is a cheat he’s always a cheat? I want to trust him, but I don’t want to get hurt.

Monday, February 15

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Celebrity Avatars

Daily Dose

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson and Snooki would look like as one of James Cameron's avatars? Probably not, but some guy with Photoshop and a Flickr account sure did! Here are the results...

Lawrence Home Show features latest building, design trends

More than 60 merchants attended the 2010 Lawrence Home Show at First Serve Tennis, representing a variety of innovations in home design and home improvement.

Tanning bed not quite Miami

Experts call it “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” I call it “Winter Sucks, I Want To Hide.” Tomato, tomahto. Either way, the cold and clouds had me feeling down. Unable to sneak away to Miami unnoticed, I did the next best (and MUCH cheaper) thing and visited a sun therapist at the local tanning salon.

A checklist for preparing taxes

You have probably received most of the information necessary to complete your individual federal and state income taxes for 2009. Employers were required to have W2s postmarked by Feb. 2, and various other forms are sent throughout the first several weeks of the year.

Order daffodils for good cause

The deadline to participate in Daffodil Days — an American Cancer Society fundraiser — is approaching.

‘Generosity of spirit’: Grandfather’s legacy inspires periodontist

Lawrence periodontist Dr. Mark Edwards is grateful for lifelong lessons he’s learned from his grandfather, father and football.

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Audiobooks 101: Library offering tutorials on expanding mp3 collection

Jason Anderson is in his car — a lot. An hour-and-a-half a day, five days a week, back and forth to Kansas City, where he works as an engineer. His latest cure for making the time go by: mp3 audiobooks downloaded for free from Lawrence Public Library.

College cuisine: KU duo whip up gourmet meals at home

Nancy Griego and Nina Riley have made a name for themselves blogging about home cooking for college students at The Kansas University students will be featured on this week’s “Jayni’s Kitchen.”

The secrets of Savvy Dads

Lawrence conference will address effective parenting techniques

Michael Boulton admits that being a father to his five children — ages 5 to 15 — often means he’s not doing what he wants to do.

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Dart collective: Lawrence league throwing singles night into mix

Darts — they’re not just for your lawn anymore! As it turns out, you can throw pointy pieces of metal at circular targets from the comfort of your local tavern or pub...

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Take your first trip down the garden lane

Juicy tomatoes, cool cucumbers, refreshing watermelon. The abundant, hazy days of summer might be hard to imagine during this time of never-ending cold...

Suit up for spring and summer

Come on, boys: Wear a suit! While some trends in menswear have carried over from 2009, 2010 does open the doors for several new or reintroduced styles. I think you’ll be surprised by the versatility of a well-tailored, fitted suit.

New play focuses on teen dating violence

The Lawrence Arts Center will present the third installment to a series of plays focused on issues faced by today’s teens. “don’t u luv me?” features an all-youth cast, ranging in age from 13 to 18, and explores a violent romantic relationship.

Kitchen sink strainer simple to replace yourself

If your kitchen sink strainer assembly is worn or leaking, you should be able to install a new one without too much difficulty.

Sunday, February 14

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Shiba Inu Watching Shiba Inu Puppies On A Computer

Daily Dose

Here's a snuggle catalyst for all you lovers on Valentine's Day.

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Falling in Love: Lawrence shares its best Valentine’s Day memories

We asked the Lawrence community to share their most memorable February 14s spent with their loved ones. You sent us well over 100 stories of all kinds — here are the best ones!

Behind the Lens: Mechanics of photography: The ISO is exposed!

The third leg of the exposure equation, ISO, controls your camera's sensor or film sensitivity...

Saturday, February 13

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Gary Shandling Movie Posters

Daily Dose

Comedy icon Gary Shandling is Photoshopped into movie posters. Thank you, internet!

Faith Forum: Should there be a faith component to Valentine’s Day?

• Holiday good reminder to appreciate God’s gifts • Love and faith go ‘heart and hand’

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Polite pups: Obedience class helps tame chaotic canines

It’s the first day of school, and the students are skittish. Some cling to their mommies. Others cower in the corner. Some snarl suspiciously at their drooling, panting or barking peers...

Friday, February 12

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Death Bear

Daily Dose

A man dressed as a seven foot tall bear who comes to your place and removes any trace of your ex. He's the anti-Valentine's Day mascot.

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What to do in Larry tonight, Friday edition

Asteroid Head and "Place" at the Lawrence Arts Center, "Objects + Presence" at the Percolator, Baba Kahn and Sunny Brown, Brody Buster and Sons of Great Dane, Fourth of July and Drakkar Sauna, The Caves, Trucker, and new movies...

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'Percy Jackson' reaches for 'Harry Potter' magic

"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" echoes J.K. Rowling's mythological world so closely, with its magical young half-bloods and crowded canvas of supporting deities, that a hex must be brewing...

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Hollywood rock chalk of fame: KU students spend a week as Tinsel Town interns

Five KU film students were selected as interns for a rigorous crash course in the L.A. lifestyle...

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Net Worth: ‘Lip dub’ offers social musical experience at Lawrence High

It’s never easy to get a diverse crowd of teens to do anything.

Thursday, February 11

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Longhorn Girl

Daily Dose

Thanks to Jayhawk fans, the internet has a new celebrity. Meet Longhorn Girl, the poor woman who just happened to be sitting behind Bill Self during the KU-UT game.

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Style scout: Kunal Bakshi

I have a shoe fetish! I currently own 26 pair of shoes and counting.

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Sing sing sing: Kirsten Paludan juggles solo project with supporting role in Olympic Size and wedding singer 'day job'

Paludan has her finger on the pulse of modern pop music, but not because she's browsing the end racks at Wal-Mart...

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Style scout: Joy Clumsky

Until I was 15, I either wore my sister’s hand-me-downs or had to sew my own clothing, so I became quite the seamstress. I have gabs of portfolios filled with fashion clippings and cutouts — styles I liked or found creative. I even sewed my gown for Miss Lawrence-KU!

Wednesday, February 10

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Breakdancing Spiderman and Superman

Daily Dose

A couple of kids in superhero costumes throw down in an old school breakdancing battle. There's hope for all of us yet.

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Secret menus: Local restaurants hide traditional dishes in plain sight

Want a special dining experience for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Try treating him or her to a "hidden" menu.

Tuesday, February 9

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Hipster Puppies

Daily Dose

Puppies in ironic glasses and hoodies that have better taste in music than you do.

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Review: Mass Effect 2 (360)

ME 2 was the first game in a long time that I just couldn’t put down. Unlike any game I’ve ever played before, the suicide mission made me sweat at the thought of losing a character I had built up for over 50 hours and two full games...

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Ad Nauseam: KU journalism staff names winners and losers among big game’s commercials

Each year, students and faculty from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas University get together for a review of the Super Bowl commercials...

Double Take: Parenting strategies for siblings can’t be all-inclusive

As I get closer to leaving for college, I start to think about what it will be like for my little sister in a few months.

Monday, February 8

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Jesus Loves Stuff

Daily Dose

Images of Jesus loving everything from donuts to NASCAR. Amen.

Big Brothers/Sisters seeks bowling teams

Big Brothers Big Sisters is recruiting teams for its annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising event.

Sexy foods: Guest Tom King joins Jayni Carey to prepare a special Valentine’s menu

Recipes include: Filet Mignon with Béarnaise Sauce, Oysters On the Half Shell with Champagne Sauce, Molten Chocolate Cakes with Raspberry Sauce...

Traveling on the cheap: You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun

Leaner times have caused many Americans to tighten their financial belts, and one of the first areas of discretionary spending to be squeezed is recreational travel.

Eek! Strike fast to eliminate mouse in house

If you suspect a mouse in your house, it is imperative you act quickly to eliminate it. If left unchecked, a single mouse can produce up to a dozen offspring within a month, and in turn those offspring can produce another 70-90 mice within 12 weeks.

Legends of Pinewood Derby

Until a couple of weeks ago, the Cubs Scout Pinewood Derby had remained a suburban legend to me.

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Playing with purpose: Lawrence parents pursue unique therapy for their children

Six-year-old Max blows up balloons, draws pictures, topples blocks and makes molds with Play-Doh. Occasionally Max reveals his deepest, darkest feelings. Max is in therapy, but he hardly knows it..

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Love bonds

Ken Flanders is a big believer in love at first sight. It happened to him in 1946 when, while pitching a ballgame in Highland, he caught a glimpse of his future wife in the stands.

Under her wing: Parent writes book on developmental disabilities

Lawrence resident Denise Gossage didn’t initially set out to write a book. Her recently published “Winging It” (available in local bookstores) evolved from years of keeping notes of meetings with doctors, teachers and therapists, and writing a personal journal about rearing a child on the autism spectrum.

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Power steering: Couples share how they divide driving duties over a lifetime

Candi Best’s view of the road has gone from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat to the back seat. Yes, whenever the Baldwin City mother slides into the car these days, it’s usually into the back, right next to her toddler son.

Turquoise makes splash with trendsetters

Blue-green necklaces, bracelets and raw stones glint underneath the glass shelving at Blackbird Trading Post. Most are handmade and chock full of turquoise — the stone.

Fashion’s leaders turn attention to relief efforts for Haiti

A global response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti has been both great and necessary. Humanitarians across the globe have come together to assist the estimated 3 million people affected by the massive, terrifying quake and its aftershocks.

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Small talk: KU experts suggest techniques for building children’s language skills

Beth Barnett talks to her daughters constantly. She talks to Natalie, 8, after school — about her day and her homework. She talks to Gabrielle, 3, and Isabella, 3 months, throughout the day — when she gets them dressed in the morning and when she drives them to work and home. She talks to them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. She talks to them at story and bedtime.

Love seen in spirit of ‘enough mind’

It’s February, the month of romantic love. Coming from a family which at its most functional was severely dysfunctional, I have a strong memory of the first couple I ever met who seemed to really fit each other.

Sunday, February 7

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Turkey Cheese Fries

Daily Dose

A video of a dog singing about turkey cheese fries. Happy Puppy Bowl!

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Prune fruit trees now to improve summer crop

The apple tree in the backyard really needs some attention, and despite the cold, late winter is the best time to give your fruit trees a little tender loving care...

Jest for Grins: Valentine’s Day brightens February’s gray days

Ah, February, the month of freezing temperatures, gray days, heavy snowfalls … and LOVE.

Boomer Girl Diary: Sleep numbers don’t add up with this family

am sitting on the end of my living room sofa, unable to move.

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Behind the Lens: Three functions control camera exposure

For the next few columns I'm going to cover some camera basics geared for beginners or those not always familiar with the settings on their cameras...

Tease photo

Writers' block: County inmates work through emotions in poetry class

They file into the classroom wearing uniforms of orange, blue and white. It's 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, time for the men's poetry class, one of the most popular programs at Douglas County Jail...

Saturday, February 6

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The Not-So-Hidden Message of "Small Wonder"

Daily Dose

Could there be more to the '80s sitcom about a family and their robot girl than meets the eye? Watch this video and judge for yourself.

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What to Do in Larry tonight, Saturday edition

Souper Bowl Saturday, Jayhawk basketball, "Soul Power" screening, Cindy Novelo, The Twilight Hours, Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, The Entrance Band, Moonlight Drive, The Scriveners, and new movies...

Resources for family Bibles

Need a family Bible repaired? Want to donate it or sell it? Here are a few tips.

Tease photo

A gift from Glasgow: Frieda Culbertson

Since the 1840s, the Black family Bible has been on the move.

Tease photo

Unsinkable faith: JoAnn and Dean Elliott

Survival is the name of the game in for the Elliott family Bible.

Do not destroy: Phil Harrison

Harrison’s family Bible was one of several family treasures hidden away in an Asian chest gifted to him in the will of his aunt.

Tease photo

Finding the rightful owner: Winifred Lynch

At 89, Lynch is hopeful that she can see her well-worn family Bible make it back into the bloodline in which it belongs.

Tease photo

The whole story: Mary Beth Petr

Petr’s Bible was a gift to her great-grandfather and great-grandmother on their wedding day in 1893.

Reunited: Tod Sutton

The story of Sutton’s family Bible is one of faith and fate.

Family Bibles box

Need a family Bible repaired? Want to donate it or sell it? Here are a few tips.

Tease photo

Family binding: Bibles pass down faith as well as heritage

Family Bibles demonstrate more than a religious lineage — they often tell the stories of those that came before through records of births, marriages and deaths as well as photos and other keepsakes.

Tease photo

Picture perfect: Beverly Burrows

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, it’s a picture frame that sets the tone for Burrows’ Bible.

Friday, February 5

Tease photo

The Batman Comic Generator

Daily Dose

Don't curse the heavens for smothering your hopes and dreams with another pillow of white death! Play with the Batman Comic Generator and channel your rage into slapping the crap out of Robin!

Tease photo

What to Do in Larry tonight, Friday edition

Van Go Valentine's Show. Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Jus Marley, Great American Taxi, Mammoth Life, Hermit Thrushes, Dylan Paul Band, and new movies...

Tease photo

Net Worth: Personal privacy all but disappears thanks to Blippy

I have recurring nightmares about a dystopian future. It’s run by a Big Brother-like government (as in the novel, not the TV show). Every move you make is tracked. Each conversation you engage in is recorded. You live in constant fear of doing or saying the wrong thing.

Tease photo

Busy body: Lawrence dancer hits new artistic heights with Pilobolus troupe

The irony of his situation is not lost on Jun Kuribayashi. As a dancer who makes his living executing gravity-defying leaps into the air, he spent the entire day recovering from altitude sickness...

Tease photo

Bridges earns Oscars praise in 'Crazy Heart'

So, the sexy young reporter asks, “Where do all these songs come from?” Bad Blake growls: “Life, unfortunately” ...

Thursday, February 4

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Lady Gaga Parody Filmed In Lawrence

Daily Dose

The same team who got three million views with their Lawrence-made Brittney Spears video return with their take on Lady Gaga.

Tease photo

Style scout: Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

People say I look like Kristin (Davis) from “Sex and the City” ...

Tease photo

Gears of War: Bicycles and mallets collide in Scary Larry Bike Polo

While most sports enthusiasts will be turning their gaze toward Vancouver next week, they should look no further than their backyards for some intense athletic competition...

Tease photo

Style scout: Anson Stancliffe

I play Dungeons & Dragons. We play on Thursdays now. Also, I have a girlfriend...

Wednesday, February 3

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The Best of Chatroulette

Daily Dose

A randomly generated chat room with webcams where you can meet the most hilarious and horrifying members of the internet menagerie.

Smashburger plans to open Lawrence location in spring 2010

Smashburger is bringing its made-to-order burgers, flash-fried vegetables and rosemary-and-garlic-seasoned fries to Lawrence this spring.

Tease photo

What do I do with sunchokes: The knobby root provides a ready-to-eat flavor

One would think that being the head chef at a successful Lawrence restaurant would mean that Rick Martin would have free rein to use any food he desires when he puts on his chef's coat...

Tuesday, February 2

Tease photo

Plinkett Reviews "Avatar"

Daily Dose

The fictional film critic who spewed forth a seventy minute review of "Star Wars: Phantom Menace" returns with his take on Oscar gobbler "Avatar."

Tease photo

Save the best for ‘Lost’

Lawrence fans of the cult TV show ‘Lost’ anticipate the series finale

For those on the outside looking in, what exactly inspires the "Lost" cult following can be a bit mystifying...

Double Take: Teens, parents need early talk on college planning

College choices. Where to go? In or out of state? JUCO or four-year? Private or public? Lay out a year or head to campus in the fall? What about tech schools, beauty schools, etc.?

Monday, February 1

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Old People Dancing To Michael Jackson

Daily Dose

A trio of geriatrics dance to "Billie Jean." It's a much better tribute than the one at the Grammys.

Financial blunders that we make

Two weeks ago, I identified some common mistakes that several of us make with our personal finances. I pointed out that not having a written financial strategy is the primary cause of the blunders we make. Here are a few more errors that, when identified, can help us avoid unnecessary financial headaches in the future.

A village green: KU class investigates ways to unify campus’ green efforts

When leaders at the KU Energy Council and Center for Sustainability looked for recommendations to unify green efforts at KU, they didn’t seek expertise outside of Lawrence. They didn’t even have to leave campus.

‘Dancing with myself ...’

A number flashed on my scale this month after a holiday season (apparently) heavy on edible cheer, a number not seen since my postpartum days.

Weston hotel offers historic accommodations

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Weston, Mo., is much more than the boyhood home of Buffalo Bill Cody.

Clogged toilet can be fixed without plumber

No matter how you look at it, a clogged toilet is no fun, but you might not need a plumber to unclog it.

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Mommy brain: A common parenting myth might have some truth to it — but not what you’d expect.

Every mom knows the feeling of fog rolling in, clouding even the most simple of thoughts until suddenly you’ve left your keys in the fridge, your milk in the car and your baby in a onesie he grew out of a month ago.

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Cover to cover: Strategies for anyone who wants to read the entire Bible

It’s sold billions of copies. It may very well be on your bookshelf now. But have you read all of it? Kansas University associate professor Paul Mirecki’s course “Understanding the Bible” examines just a handful of the Bible’s books, and numerous organizations in Lawrence are devoted to studying the Scripture with large groups of people.

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Fair play: Competition de-emphasized at annual science event

Dave Nordlund has overseen the Douglas County Science Fair for three decades. To wit, he has some insider information that may come as a shock.

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The fairer sex: Female fantasy-sports junkies stake their claim in a male-dominated game

After nine years of playing fantasy football, Gina Byrd has developed allegiances to her favorite players. Her league mates — all men — often tease her for being so predictable...

A hint of skin suitable for spring

Look back to September, when designers debuted their ready-to-wear collections for spring 2010. While the fashion industry readies its upcoming resort collections, pre-fall clothing lines and fall 2010 ready-to-wear collections, stores are stocking up with fresh looks for this spring. Read on for refreshed, updated trends as forecasted for the spring.