A hint of skin suitable for spring

Look back to September, when designers debuted their ready-to-wear collections for spring 2010. While the fashion industry readies its upcoming resort collections, pre-fall clothing lines and fall 2010 ready-to-wear collections, stores are stocking up with fresh looks for this spring. Read on for refreshed, updated trends as forecasted for the spring.

See-through clothing and lingerie-inspired looks:

See-through knits and sheer clothes have been dominant fashion trends for over a year; however, designers make further use of these gorgeous, revealing fabrics in spring and summer collections. Although some outfits styled for the runway are a bit risqué, integrating this trend into your wardrobe and maintaining modesty is a definite possibility.

First think about common fabrics used for lingerie — silk, lace, chiffon. Pick items with details that commonly adorn feminine blouses or accessories to keep it classy. Find a dress with a corset-like top. Purchase a sheer top — a tank, shirt or long-sleeve blouse. Depending on your chest size, sheer tops that expose brassieres can be appropriate and even classy. My advice? Ask your best friend, boyfriend or mom to rate your look or respond to your overall appearance. If you feel uncomfortable, layer a camisole or tank underneath — the layered textures will still look fabulous and stylish. Also, always keep in mind the occasion or location of your event and where you could end your night (nightclub, coffee house, etc.).


This style incorporates playful colors, textures and patterns for picnic-luxe look. Too cold? Pile on thick knits, long scarves and embroidered sweaters to keep you toasty. The easiest way to pull of this trend without looking like Heidi (although that would be adorable) is to keep in mind the shape and fabric of each piece. Find one-shouldered, printed frocks, draped dresses or untraditional, funky gingham accessories. By sticking to a hip, modern shape, your attire won’t look or feel outdated. Keep jewelry to a minimum, but do pay attention to hats, shoes, belts and makeup that add individual character to this trend. One last tip: If you can’t find a belt to work with your dress or skirt, strap on a girlie apron.

Sporty trend:

Baseball-, football- and hockey-inspired looks — no jockstrap required. The sporty trend embodies the energy and appeal of a youthful, easygoing girl (perhaps a bit of a tomboy attitude). I realize this look is difficult to visualize — check out the article “Game Theory” on Style.com. Think about little details — cross-lacing (like leather boxing shorts or a hand-stitched football) and cropped tops (jersey or cotton fabrics are easy and comfortable). For a more sophisticated, sporty look, incorporate classic sportswear styles from golf, tennis or rugby — like pleated skirts, striped sweaters and sweatbands.


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