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Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow. Again. I give up. I fall to my knees and surrender. You win, nature. My spirit is broken and my flesh is pasty. I’m never leaving my house again.

Thankfully, there’s all sorts of fun stuff to do on the internet as I slowly lose the will to live and spiral into despair! For example, The Batman Comic Generator.

It takes a now infamous panel from a 1965 issue of “World’s Finest” in which the Caped Crusader is engaging in a bit of domestic abuse (back in the ‘60s it was called a “love tap” or “foreplay”…we’ve come a long way, baby).

Here’s the original:

Which was of course mined for meme gold a year or so ago with this:

But as with most moments of inspiration on the internet, there’s still some juice left to be squeezed out of that dead horse (I call it “horse juice”). The Batman Comic Generator democratizes the process and allows you to make your own captions. Here’s a few I did:

Well those weren’t very good at all! Fortunately, The Batman Comic Generator has a gallery of much better Batmens. A sampling for you:

Hey! You! If you want to share your own Batman panel with the world, whip one up at The Batman Comic Generator, post the url in the comments and I’ll throw the image up here!

UPDATE! Our first entries are from Victoria, and they're fab!

And they keep rolling in! What lovely and creative readers we have.

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