Resources for family Bibles

Need it repaired? One local binder adept with family Bibles is Engel Bindery in Kansas City, Mo. President David Haynie says the company has rebound thousands of family Bibles by hand using 100-year-old equipment. Repairs will take a few weeks and vary in cost depending on the book’s condition. Call (816) 842-8185 or

Want to donate it? If you know enough of the Bible’s history to know where some of the family members lived, try contacting museums in that area and asking if they would want submissions, says Charlene White of the Territorial Capital-Lane Museum in Lecompton.

Want to sell it? Good luck. There are currently more than 1,600 family Bibles on sale in the Antiquarian and Collectible section of the Internet super-seller site eBay.


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