Longhorn Girl

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Anybody else notice that woman sitting behind the Jayhawk bench during Monday’s KU-UT game? You know, the one who kind of looked like an artificially enhanced Nicole Kidman?

Yeah, well, so did a lot of skeezy Kansas fans. And thanks to the miracle of perversion disseminating technology afforded us by the internet, she’s a star!

Meet Arielle Angelovich, Jayhawk Nation’s new iBride.

Ms. Angelovich was spotted by the sweaty denizens of Phog.net (the 4Chan of KU) and, under the tactful subject line “Re: screencap - Texas fan with humungous jugs behind the KU bench,” collectively blew up their DVR drives in a mad scramble to immortalize her image.

Soon after, popular sports blog Deadspin joined the crusade and dubbed her “Longhorn Girl.” It wasn’t long before her identity was discovered, as were these photos from her Facebook account (turns out she’s an aspiring model):

Now Longhorn Girl is a bona fide e-lebrity, to the point where she had to retreat from public due to unwanted amorous attention from hundreds of lonely sports fans. Quoth the burnt orange meme herself:

"I already get snapped judged as it is and this would really not help matters out. I have already had to delete my facebook and twitter cause I had 400 randos add me. I will NEVER go to another sporting event again. I hope you understand."

And to think, all this cyber-stalking is thanks to the intrepid work of pantless Jayhawks with Tivo. Rock chalk, guys!


Phillbert 11 years, 2 months ago

So which is worse? The "pantsless Jayhawks with Tivo" who found the pictures or the newspaper that devotes an entire story to the subject, making sure to post plenty of pictures....for purely journalistic purposes, I'm sure.

twsnell1984 11 years, 2 months ago

she's an aspiring model right? i.e. she wants to be famous for being attractive... i guess she got what she wanted?

Carmenilla 11 years, 1 month ago

A model, hey? Yes, tell me, how IS jizz being worn these days?

pony_cart 11 years, 1 month ago

Fake boobs, of course. You see how they spread apart while laying down?

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