Shiba Inu Watching Shiba Inu Puppies On A Computer

Daily Dose


Puppy pr0n.

It’s Valentine’s Day, which has become a cultural Rorshach test dividing us into two distinct camps: 1) Well adjusted people who can maintain a stable relationship and 2) Me.

Don’t take this as plea for help or a pity-palooza, because I’m shockingly content at the moment. I have the Olympics and an X-Box 360. I’m the happiest man in the world. Cupid, as far as I’m concerned, can go swallow prescription meds with Alec Baldwin and help him give all of Kim Basinger’s old underwear to Death Bear.

But, as a peace offering to those in the former camp mentioned above, here’s something cute to provide cuddle fodder for you and your other tonight. It’s a Shiba Inu watching Shiba Inu puppies on a computer. Just be sure to name your whoopsie-baby after me nine months from now. (Via Videogum)


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