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Hey, bud…why so blue? Still depressed about Valentine’s Day? Your Toyota spontaneously explode? Realized the iPad you pre-ordered is only good for off-color allusions to sanitary napkins?

What’s that? You’re blue because you’re a Na’vi and that’s the pigmentation of your skin? Oh. Was that racist?

Regardless, you might enjoy this collection of “Avatar” themed Photoshops. Some dude on Flicker named Avatizer has painstakingly made avatars of, well, everyone. I think you'll like it as much as you liked Nic Cage As Everyone and Selleck Waterfall Sandwich (and even Gary Shandling Movie Posters).

No, no...it's my pleasure. Happy to help.

And please get your erotic ponytail off of my inner thigh.

Mi'chael Jack'son

Jo'hn Good'man

An'ton Chi'gurh

S'ayid Jarr'ah

Calvin And Ho'bbes

Tob'ias Fün'ke

The Jok'er


Mo'na Li'sa

Conan'do and the Colonel

Chris'tina Hend'ricks

H'ans Lan'da



Pand'oran Psy'cho

Ga'ry Bus'ey

Dou'che and Dou'ch'ette


Rob'ert Pa'ttin'son

Ni'cholas Ca'ge

Aud'rey Hep'burn


Bru'ce L'ee

Ste've Car'ell

Da'nny Dev'ito




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