My Parents Were Awesome

Daily Dose

Picture your parents. Now picture them with proto-hipster facial hair and a sense of humor. Unpossible, right? Wrong!

Your parents, before their will was broken by you and your incessant whining, used to be human beings who laughed and danced and loved and did a lot of things that would probably make you blind yourself with lye if you were to accidentally walk in on them.

The site My Parents Were Awesome pays homage to the vibrant people your folks were before being saddled with the burden of you. Here’s to you, moms and dads—sorry we brood were such buzz kills. May you reconnect with the people pictured below in your golden years, at least until we’re forced to move back into your basement and ruin your lives all over again.

Enjoy a sampling of My Parents Were Awesome, pater and mater familia, and remember a time before we drove you to Viagra and Valium. (Hat tip to Christa!)


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