Babies With Laser Eyes

Daily Dose

I distrust babies. It’s no secret. They’re up to something, I just know it. Their behavior is suspicious, just like cats and Irishmen.

Those shifty, beady little eyes fill me with dread. And now those beady, shifty little eyes can fill me with lasers. Yes, that’s right…LASERS! Phase 2 of the Baby-geddon has begun!

The good people at Babies With Laser Eyes tried to warn us, but I fear it’s too late. Just pray that those tiny fingers don’t develop into missiles. But it looks like they’re already dropping dirty bombs in their diapers…amIrightoramIright, parents? Heyo!

Anyway, enjoy this small sampling from Babies With Laser Eyes. I have a feeling this is what happens when Man Babies get drunk on Booze Cats and interbreed… (Hat tip to Fally!)

And last, but not least, Frances Bean Cobain vs. Laser Kitteh as Kurt looks on.


mankvill 11 years, 11 months ago

what the hell did I just scroll through

mamallama 11 years, 11 months ago

that... was... awesome. my winter weary soul thanks you. very much.

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