Cat Massage

Daily Dose


You have no idea how hard it is to get sensual oils out of cat fur.

Mr. Bimbles: Goodness gracious! My dogs are barking! Which is an odd expression seeing as how I am a cat. LULZ!

Purrfect Princess: Long day at the Playing With A Ball Of Yarn Factory, husband who is a cat? OMG!

Mr. Bimbles: You bet, lady kitty wife! I sure could use a massage to ease my discomfort! NOM NOM NOM!

Purrfect Princess: Lay back and let me rub your tension away, animal who shouldn’t be able to talk! I CAN HAS SILLY PREMISE!

Mr. Bimbles: Will there be a positive outcome about which I can smile and be pleased? LOL!

Purrfect Princess: Yes! There will be catnip! LJ?A&LDFN;%ZNIE@;!!! (Via Videogum)


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