Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves

Daily Dose

Pets. To many, they’re babies with fur. And much as with human children, we love to humiliate them. And in the end, isn’t that the reason we have kids? Isn’t it so we have a tiny person who’s legally obligated to do everything we tell them to do? What’s the point of slogging through all those diapers and sleepless nights if you can’t have a good laugh at the expense of your indentured ward? That’s the lesson I take from the internet, anyway. Check out My First Fail and Why The F* Do You Have A Kid? for empirical evidence.

But embarrassing our pets has proven a viable proxy to snuffing out the self esteem in children. Look no further than Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves. It’s a collection of photos detailing the myriad ways in which you trigger shame in animals. It’s very similar to Hipster Puppies, Dogs In Halloween Costumes and Awful Dog Haricuts.

And, parents, many of the costumes seen on Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves can also be bought for your children. (Hat tip to Fally!)


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