Jay Leno: Titan of Screen Acting

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"Back off, O'Brien! You either move to midnight or The Masturbating Bear gets one right between the eyes!"

Sorry, Team Coco…you lost. Jay Leno chinned his way back into “The Tonight Show.” Your man accepted defeat, is spending his early retirement kissing dolphins and tweeting naked, and has moved on—it’s time you did the same. Moved on, that is—we don’t recommend tonguing members of the dolphin family. Especially at Sea World. Too soon.

To help you with the transition back to Leno, here’s a montage from Jay’s star turn in “Collision Course,” his seminal 1989 interracial buddy cop comedy (I remember when Blockbuster used to have an entire “Interracial Buddy Cop Comedy” section. I also remember Victrolas. I am frightened by change and death). Thanks to the archival efforts of the good people at Everything Is Terrible, we are reminded why we as a country fell in love with Leno in the first place. He is truly our crown prince of comedy.

Oh, and if you don’t like racist, sexist “humor” punctuated by mild swearing, this video may not be for you.


emochrondo 11 years, 1 month ago

Wow you must have been locked in your grandma's basement being force fed butterscotch Popsicles to call Jay Leno the crown-prince of comedy. I'll wait for September until the Leprechaun of real comedy makes his comeback. Try and keep your Ted Nugent "Kill the Japs" poster at home.

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