Pizza deliveries spike with bad weather

If you’ve had your fill of cheese, sauce and crust in the past few weeks, you’re most certainly not alone.

Because of the massive snowfall and arctic temps, pizza deliveries in Lawrence were through the roof during the normally slow period of Kansas University’s winter break, says Brandon Botbyl, day shift manager at Pizza Shuttle.

“It definitely increases deliveries because people are staying home,” Botbyl says of the bad weather, which included days of snowfall. “New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were crazy busy in here.”

Alex Hahl, shift manager at Pyramid Pizza. witnessed a major spike in deliveries thanks to the cold and ice.

“Especially on the days when it is snowing out, probably about 30 percent to 50 percent over normal,” Hahl says. “It was kind of a mess, but yes, we were sending out deliveries.”

Ryan Murphy, owner of Wheat State Pizza, says that the spike was so great on his end that people who normally stay to answer the phones and make the pizza were braving Lawrence’s roads.

“In-store people will go on the road at that point,” Murphy says of a flurry of orders, “just so we don’t overload our drivers with deliveries and being unsafe on the roads.”

Hahl says that despite Pyramid Pizza’s measures, several drivers still got stuck, himself included.

“I took a delivery out and got stuck and basically delivered the pizza and then asked them if they’ll help push (my) car to get back to the store,” he says.

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