Dress chic despite the cold

Sick of winter weather advisories? Tired of leaving your favorite suede boots at the back of your closet — or worse yet, angry because you ruined them in the snow, like me? Dressing warmly and fashionably is a tricky matter; however, with a bit of creativity, dressing cute even in the snowy cold becomes a cinch.

Bottom half:

Cold legs and feet frequently deter me from slipping into any sort of dress or skirt. But after some investigation, I discover that voluminous skirts and dresses provide more leeway for layering. Instead of thin hose, opt for thicker leggings, such as the new and ubiquitous “jeggings.” For another option, pick up a pair of fleece-lined tights (yes, these are available for nonathletic purposes). For example, try Look From London. They make a fabulous pair with and without feet in neutral colors, like gray and black. If you can’t seem to find any tights with fleece, pick a cable-knit or microfiber stocking for warmth without bulk.

And ladies, layer jeans with tights when times get tough or dresses are simply not an option. Wear an ankle-length, thick wool coat for full-body coverage from the sharp winter wind. If you find yourself hunting for winter items while your mind is on spring, be sure to pick classic pieces that will still be stylish next year.

Top half:

Rediscover layers on top in order to achieve the ultimate boho-chic look. Play with length and material to create your own style. For a more professional look, wear pieces that fit into a similar color scheme. This will provide a sense of coordination and help you to avoid looking too bag-lady chic. Remind yourself of the spring and summer to come — delve into your closet and chest of drawers and bring out your bright tank tops and lightweight long-sleeves.

But be careful. Don’t lose your sense of individuality in all those layers — carefully incorporate your favorite accessories. Wear a fun headband, scarf or hat if you think a big necklace, bracelet or bangle looks over-the-top among all those layers.

Quick, cute, and warm:

  • Pull knee-high socks over your skinny jeans for an extra layer under boots.
  • Wear elbow-length, fingerless gloves to prevent dry skin (pile on chunky bracelets over the top for an interesting texture).
  • Play with block colors in your layering. For example, try black boots, black knee-high socks, black jeans, grey long-sleeve shirt, grey cardigan, bright, bold necklace and hat — items that really pop against your black and grey color blocks.


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