Style scout: Hawley Alexandra Shoffner


Hawley Alexandra Shoffner.

Hawley Alexandra Shoffner

Age: 22.
Sign: Taurus.
Time in Lawrence: Five years.
Occupation: Record seller at Love Garden, register girl at Aimee's Coffee House, ukulele player and recent KU graduate.

What were you doing when scouted: Drinking red beers with my brother.

How would you describe your style: Gussied-up grandma. I like to wear plaid skirts, knee highs and tucked-in shirts (I almost always button the top button on button-down shirts) with old lady accessories ("Hopalong Cassidy" ring, my grandma's pearls, diamond earrings, a gaudy gold bracelet, etc.). I'm typically overdressed, but I've been working on my casual look lately.

Who are your fashion influences: Anna Karina's plaid skirts in "Band of Outsiders," Gena Rowlands' large sunglasses in "Opening Night," Katharine Hepburn's trousers, and French Yé-yé girls.

What are your favorite fashion trends: I like bib necklaces, heart-shaped sunglasses, thigh-high boots, wide black headbands, onesies (within reason) and little black dresses.

What are your least favorite fashion trends: I don't like flowy dresses that lack a defined waist, neon sunglasses or tights being used in the place of pants (this varies from girl to girl but usually is a bad idea unless you're Brigitte Bardot).

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: I'd like to see a lingerie shop similar to Birdies in Kansas City, a Cheese Shop replacement and a store downtown that sells glass bottles of Mexican Coke. I'd also like to see more basketball courts and more bars with TVs so I can easily watch my sports programs.

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: I'd like to see less lurkers in the community building at 11th and Vermont and less bullies.

People say I look like: Angelina Jolie in "Hackers" and Liza Minnelli when I have shorter hair, and my mom when I have longer hair.

Tell us a secret: I have Joni Mitchell's "Blue" on all audio formats.

Shoes: October 2009, gift.
Skirt: Gap, November 2007, $20.
Velvet blazer: January 2009, gift.
Collared shirt: Gap, November 2007, $20.
Knee highs: Target, January 2010, $3.
1978 penny ring: Strong’s Antiques, December 2005, gift.
“Hopalong Cassidy” ring: flea market in Bourbonnais, Ill., August 2005, $6.
Black clutch: estate sale in Wichita, September 2004, $5.
Pin: photo of great-great grandfather, December 2009, gift.
Pearl necklace: A Legacy in Wichita, July 2004, $5.
Glasses: Wink, August 2008, $350.


blueberries 8 years, 4 months ago

does this contributor interview ONLY her friends?

throwawayaccount 8 years, 4 months ago

Who cares? IMHO, Hawley's the prettiest, most stylish girl in town. She seems nice too.

awas1980 8 years, 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure that Cielito Lindo sells Mexican Coke in the bottle, they have a cooler of refrescos as you walk in the front door...

You have great taste in movies as well.

stanger212 8 years, 4 months ago

don't be fooled there's hawley and there's aley you think they're two different people but neither of them is real

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