Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Daily Dose

Friday, January 29, 2010

There was a Daily Dose awhile back about meatscapes. It was delicious. But it lacked perhaps the most succulent cut of meat—beefcake.

Thanks to Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, this oversight has been redressed. It's the Nic Cage As Everyone of sandwich, waterfall and Tom Selleck themed sites.

Here are but a few slabs from the site, but I highly recommend visiting the Tumblr (not Batman’s car, but a silly name for a blog) for animated gifs of Tom Selleck shooting sandwiches with a shotgun and the greatest theme song for a website ever. The only theme song for a website ever? Irregardlessly (not a word), it’s fantastic.

Enjoy Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.