Stories for July 2010


Saturday, July 31

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Singing for peace through Taizé

Reflective service turns music into prayer

The worshippers sit silently in short rows on a steamy summer night as two men begin to strum softly on guitars near a minister-less altar. The parishioners join the stringed instruments in unison, somewhere between singing and chanting.

Faith Forum: What religious verses help lift your mood?

In a culture of stress and worry, we are constantly in need of these reminders that none of us can add an hour to our life by worrying, and that “each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Friday, July 30

A digital trend is shaking up comic book culture

It’s a book! It’s a cartoon! It’s ... digital comics! Technology, which has already upended the music, television and movie businesses, is now gripping the comic book world. Publishers are unleashing a torrent of digital comic books across smart phones, tablet devices, game consoles and digital book readers, portending major changes in how comics are made and marketed.

Thursday, July 29

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Style Scout: Jared Smith

Casual and work appropriate.

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Style Scout: Hillary Armstrong

People often confuse me with someone else that they know...

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Worth the trip: Red X

It’s not easy describing a place like Red X in Riverside, Mo. Even for the owner, Zeke Young. “Well, we’re the most unique store you’ll come into,” he laughs. “We’ve been here since 1948. We’ve got 90,000 square feet, and there’s just a little bit of everything. Plus, with all the collections and museum pieces, it’s just unique.”

Wednesday, July 28

Coupon fraud’s costs eventually reach your wallet

It sounds ridiculous, even to me, to think that fraud is a concern when using coupons. I mean, you cut a few coupons on Sunday and maybe print a few during the week; how on earth could you commit fraud?

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Pesto mania: It doesn’t take much of the strong summer sauce to make a meal

The ingredients are few, the combinations limitless and the finished product is one of summer’s fanciest simple delights: pesto.

Way the cookie crumbles depends on the science

I want to enter some chocolate chip cookies in the open class division at the Douglas County Fair next week, but my cookies always spread out too much so they’re flat. What’s the problem?

Tuesday, July 27

Double Take: Parent trying to head off playing favorites

Dear Dr. Wes and Samantha: I’d like to be closer to my teen daughter, 13, who is suddenly pulling away in favor of friends.

Monday, July 26

Last Splash Bash

Kids can celebrate the end of summer with the Last Splash Bash at Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. Dunk a librarian, listen to Truckstop Honeymoon, eat Buck’s Kettle Corn and more.

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Code of conduct: Band director invests life in music community

“Music is one of those areas one never learns enough about,” says Robert E. Foster. “The more you learn, the more you realize you need to learn.”

Camping resembles grieving

For 50 straight hours, I fought extreme heat and the harsh reality of being one of the few moms in my son’s pack unable to convince her husband that taking off work to attend Cub Scout Camp was vital to the development of our boy into a man who can tie a slipknot.

KU grad writes book for new mothers

The challenges of young motherhood are many: the dirty diapers, the shrill cries, the pains of staggering from bed, wearily, with little to no rest.

What’s the big deal, mom? It’s just a tattoo!

One day your kid wants a new bike. The next day, a new cell phone. Before you know it, your little darling is as tall as you are, demanding pierced ears or even a tattoo.

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Point taken: Licensed acupuncturists provide relief for variety of conditions

If you’re squeamish about needles or believe only in allopathic medicine’s power, you might conclude acupuncture’s a load of quackery.

Smooth moves: Put natural ingredients into a summer treat

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s hot outside. OK, it’s more than hot, it’s blisteringly nuclear.

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From trash to treasure: Agencies make good use of cast-offs left behind by students on the move

In just a week, the Big Move will be upon us. That’s when seemingly half of Lawrence packs their belongings and moves to a new house or apartment.

Safety seat inspections

Families are encouraged to attend the next free Child Safety Seat Inspection event, sponsored by the Safe Kids of Douglas County Coalition.

Moving out? Get your full deposit back

If you are moving out of a rental property, follow these simple steps to get your full security deposit back.

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Neighborhood watch: Study puts new perspective on community face time

Eric Henry finally knew he was glad to be back in the Midwest. It was three years ago.

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They snooze, you lose: Secondhand snoring effects test health, relationships

“You would not believe how loud John can snore,” Carol Dobbins, Lawrence, says about her husband of 35 years. “I always tell him it sounds like a stuck pig. Seriously.”

Sunday, July 25

At the dawn of 3-D: Rock musician Brian May puts his focus on 1850s stereoscopic photography

In 1838, the year before Louis Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbot separately raced to announce discoveries in photography, Sir Charles Wheatstone developed drawings that laid the scientific foundations for 3-D imagery.

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Behind the Lens: Obtain permission before taking a photo

I have a Christmas Day memory of being choked around the neck by an individual upset with my photography.

Poet's Showcase: ‘Wonders’

Wonders are like dreams it is one place to escape.

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Keeping cool with summer reading

Kansas is just as good as Hawaii when it comes to enjoying a beach read.

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Japanese beetle emerging as pest

Be on the lookout for little, shiny green insects feeding on your plants.

Critter Care: New products make credit card a dog’s best friend

I’m starting to wonder whether I’m a pet owner who’s denying my cats and dogs the finer things in life.

Saturday, July 24

Secrets to a healthier, happier vacation

When you’re leaving for vacation, one of the last things on your mind is your health — you’re too busy packing, wrapping up stuff at work and making arrangements for the neighbor to feed Fluffy while you’re away.

Faith forum: Why are some religious names so popular?

In Jewish tradition, children are named after deceased relatives. It preserves the memory of loved ones from generation to generation.

Friday, July 23

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Meet the dean: Head of KU’s School of Music tackles challenges of reorganization

Nearly 35 years since he last stepped foot in Lawrence as a junior high student attending music camp, Robert Walzel returns to run the college program.

‘Cyrus’ a fresh spin on romantic triangle

Like circus plate-spinners, indie moviemaking siblings Jay and Mark Duplass keep several levels of emotions aloft at once.

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Net Worth: Irksome e-mail exchanges lead to comedic cat fancy

I’ve had at least five people this week say, “You’ve got to write about that cat thing.”

Thursday, July 22

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Style Scout: Ben Steineger

I like to keep it pretty simple. I’m kind of a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy.

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Style Scout: Ella Seibel

Rather than planning ahead for the future and working hard for success, I’m counting on my dog getting discovered by a talent agent and making it big in show biz.

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Making it up as we go along: Female-filled comedy troupe Girl(m)Prov forms their own forum for laughs

Funny females take ownership in male-dominated world of improvisational comedy.

Wednesday, July 21

Tuesday, July 20

Double Take: Mom jumping too soon into post-divorce lifestyle

My mom and dad aren’t even divorced yet and my mom just informed me that she has been dating someone for a while now.

Monday, July 19

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Garden envy: A (slightly) competitive spirit can produce beautiful results

For years, Renee Babin had garden envy. She’d see beautiful, lush plants dripping with tomatoes or peppers and then skulk back up to her apartment and stew about her lack of a plot to call her own.

A love story

This week’s story is a little different from the others. But while it might lack laughs, it should make you feel good all the same.

Make an outlet for venting by replacing fan

Replacing an existing bathroom exhaust fan with a quieter, more energy-efficient one can be a relatively simple job.

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Ready to serve: A veteran and tennis player embraces life

Despite seeing first-hand some of the atomic bomb’s devastating power, losing his wife of 63 years and having to give up tennis, Jay Hines retains a zest for life and a strong belief in the value of freedom and America’s independence.

Fiscal Fitness: Measuring money is complex

In the past few articles we have discussed what money is and how it can be inflated. Since 1971, when all ties between currency and precious metals were removed, it has been increasingly difficult to define what money is. So how do we measure it if we have a hard time defining what it is?

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Lashes with flash: Dyeing, extensions and other procedures give the eye area some ooomph

Some women never leave home without a coat or two of mascara on their lashes. But, after an hour or two in sultry weather, their eyes can resemble Rocky Raccoon after a rainstorm. Not a good look on anyone. Except raccoons, maybe. Enter eyelash tinting, a relatively new trend in cosmetics, that temporarily dyes the eyelashes.

The stars unite: Upcoming event teaches newcomers about night sky

While summer storms have dampened the ability to stargaze around Lawrence, late summer and fall are great times for new and veteran stargazers to examine and wonder about the night sky.

Back-to-school styles suit Material Girls

August is quickly approaching, and before we know it, the first day of classes will be here. Check out the hottest back-to-school fashions for your kids, tweens and teens.

K.C. homeowner develops landscaping masterpiece

Like an artist with a blank canvas, Todd Kunkel unleashed his gardening creativity on the blank slate that was the meagerly planted grounds of his newly built Overland Park home. The result is a landscaping masterpiece recently featured in Kansas City Home and Garden magazine and the subject of this week’s “Home and Away.”

Current events cause tangible grief

Images of the Gulf spill weigh on me, as I know they do on many people, no matter how we distract ourselves.

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Healing bonds: Lawrence massage therapists will teach pediatric practices in Vietnam

Olivia London-Webb wasn’t supposed to make it through the night. Doctors said she was just too premature to have a chance at a long life. So her mother simply asked for a little bonding time.

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Lawrence marathoner’s new baking projects an exercise in endurance

I always think it’s funny when my mom asks me, “You didn’t make that from scratch, did you?” It’s normally when I bake something for a family gathering. I understand her concern. She doesn’t want me to go to too much trouble or stress myself out.

Sunday, July 18

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Hottest jobs: Heat does not stop the work clock

If you complained more than once about the heat this week, read on. Your annoyance is about to be tempered with a sizzling serving of perspective.

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Grapes, tomatoes sensitive to injury: Drift remains issue for sensitive crops

On a country road southwest of Lawrence, a blue and white sign reminds passers-by to “Protect Kansas’ Sensitive Crops” by not letting your pesticides drift.

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Behind the Lens: Gear does not a photographer make

Better equipment can make taking photographs easier and more enjoyable, but the camera alone will not create better images.

Saturday, July 17

Faith Forum: Why is peace important?

• We share a connection to all life • Peace builds, strengthens and restores

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Peaceful point: Poles are a diverse call for one message

They stand for peace, rain or shine, in places filled with peace and those filled by war, around the world and around Lawrence. They are peace poles — international symbols of hope with a single message said a variety of different ways: May peace prevail on earth.

Friday, July 16

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Rock Kansas: Two books dispel notion that Kansas is flat and boring

State's shifting geology compels authors to update bibles of the landscape.

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‘Inception’ a dazzling mix of action, concepts

Christopher Nolan’s first project since “The Dark Knight” offers an ambitious blend of fantasy, science fiction and action.

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Net Worth: New site helps compare your literary merits to famous authors

It’s tempting when unleashing a critical opinion about those in the creative arts to immediately leap to comparisons.

Thursday, July 15

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Refreshments, entertainment a popular draw for those who have shopped Sidewalk Sale a bit too much

Live updates from the Sidewalk Sale

A band. Free water. Cookies. Massages. While some were shopping, others were taking advantage of the free refreshments and entertainment available to those who came downtown for the annual sidewalk sale.

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Lilith's fare: Three Kansas City artists earn the opportunity to take the stage at female-powered festival

After an 11-year absence, the eclectic celebration of women and music has returned.

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Style Scout: Ashley Tippin

I like to wear things that my grandma would wear when she was my age.

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Style Scout: Timur Sengun

I don’t have a single fashion influence, but I am influenced by indigenous peoples and traditional clothing of different cultures.

Wednesday, July 14

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What do I do with shallots?

In American cooking, the onion gets all the attention. But for much of the rest of the world, the shallot is king.

Tuesday, July 13

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Going the distance: Lawrence cyclist treks cross country for personal cause

After riding a bicycle 1,700 miles across the country, with an additional 2,300 miles to go, Jeff Serbus has every right to complain.

Double Take: Wedding not as important as life that follows

his week’s column was safely to bed and ready to transmit just as my weekly life-altering experience reached out to grab me.

Monday, July 12

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Thousands expected at annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

Thousands of people are expected to pack the streets on Thursday, July 15 for the annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale.

Summer reads for teens: Vampire saga, spooky sci-fi

“Love Bites” by Ellen Schrieber is unlike any other book I’ve read, although it reminds me a little of “Twilight.” How can it not, when there is a mortal girl with a vampire boyfriend? Not to mention that the girl, Raven, wants her boyfriend, Alexander, to change her into a vampire more than anything else.

One unhappy camper

Today might very well be my last column, and I want to take just a moment to thank you all for reading River City Jules these past eight months. But I am afraid our time together may be coming to an end, as this week I am doing a two-night stint at Cub Scout Camp that, based on my experience last summer, has the potential to land me either in an institution for overexposure to nature or in jail.

Replacing faucet can spruce up any shower

With a little plumbing knowledge and a well-situated access panel, replacing a shower/tub faucet is a doable fix-it project.

Working style: Salon owner revels in demanding profession

“When I graduated from Lawrence School of Hairstyling in 1969, teachers said we’d probably enjoy about 10 good years in the business,” says Sandy Deshazer. “They warned us physical injuries were part and parcel of being in the profession, and we’d have to find something else to do.”

Summer trends will work into fall

The fashion industry is always at least one season ahead. While designers have been pumping out new fall looks on the runway, we’ve been sweating in Kansas. But there’s plenty of excellent fall fashions to get excited about. If you can’t handle the thought of trying on new pants, suede skirts, camel coats or thigh-highs, start small — look out for new fall accessories that will freshen your late-summer wardrobe and get you geared up for everything autumn.

Perfect piccata: Eldridge chef creates healthier version of favorite dish

Juli Frank of Lawrence was so thrilled when the Journal-World published the recipe for Free State Brewing Company’s Cheddar Ale Soup, she wrote us requesting instructions to make another favorite local dish, from TEN at the Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass.

‘Are we there yet?’ Travel experts offer tips for going on trips with kids

If vacations were all about the destination, they really would be the easiest way to relax and have fun. But most destinations come with a car ride, stint in the airport or travel of some exhausting sort.

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New rules: KU play adds women’s perspective to Civil War, re-enactments

The second and final University Theatre production of the summer will give audiences a little of everything — humor, action, emotion and drama.

Disasters: Some are preventable

Let’s talk about the BP oil disaster and its immeasurable destruction of the Gulf. While we’re at it, let’s talk about the immeasurable destruction in the Nigerian delta, destruction that has been going on continuously for 50 years. Or the 1979 138 million gallon Ixtoc oil spill in Mexico, about 35 million gallons of which still remains at the bottom of the Gulf.

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Bargain shoppers: Pick up some tips for Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale deals

Most people take time off from work for vacations, getaways, days of relaxation.

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Cubicle creativity: Make over your office space for better workflow

Want to know if your workspace is organized? Give yourself the three-minute test.

Sunday, July 11

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Predatory past

Before the sex abuse scandal rocked the Catholic Church, there was the case of Bryan Bush, a young youth leader who preyed on boys and crossed paths with a local pastor

It’s been more than 20 years since Tom Brady received the letter that still shocks him to this day.

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Lasting spirit: Mother’s legacy lives on through garden

Daylily blooms may only last a day, but they are tied to a lifetime for rural Douglas County gardener Beth Kelley. Many of Kelley’s daylily plants were her mother’s, and she is reminded of her mom each summer when the hardy perennials bloom.

Saturday, July 10

Lawrence resident creates unique greeting cards

For all those who cringe at the thought of buying greeting cards knowing that they could end up in the trash or a closet, local artist Joanne Renfro has the solution for you.

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Scoops gone wild: Ice cream vendors get creative for summer

July is National Ice Cream Month, and professional scoopers across town are busy trying to satisfy customers’ endless appetites for their favorite frozen concoctions.

Faith Forum: Is there room in faith for anger?

• Bible full of examples of anger • What upsets God should upset us

Friday, July 9

‘Despicable Me’ funny but familiar

In a contest of wills, a villain with access to freeze rays and rocket ships is no match for a trio of adorable orphan girls.

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Net Worth: Will a certain actress serve jail time? You can bet on it

Think Lindsay Lohan’s release date is a dumb place to risk money? On YouWager, you can bet on ANYTHING.

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Sweet Home Kansas: Lawrence native Ashley Ray embraces her rock roots to find success in the country music industry

While Ashely Ray is currently best known as a Nashville-based country artist, a childhood baptism in rock has served her well.

Thursday, July 8

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Style Scout: Ogbodeje Agada

In a movie I’d want Anthony Mackie to play me. He was in “The Hurt Locker” and played Tupac in “Notorious”…so after playing Tupac, playing me wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

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Style Scout: Amanda Look

Every time I come back to Lawrence I find every possible excuse to eat as much cheese dip from all of the local Mexican restaurants as possible.

Wednesday, July 7

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Farm Inc: The great outdoors

All Kevin Irick wanted to do was work in the sunshine. Unfortunately, the construction worker also had a broken neck and a doctor squinting at his chart trying to convince him a desk job would be a healthier option.

Tuesday, July 6

Double Take: Looking at dating like practice for the future

My boyfriend is really sweet and always nice to me, and we really love each other and I trust him. But we are really different.

Monday, July 5

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House of sole: Doctor takes unique educational journey

Over the past 30 years Phyllis Ragley has handled thousands of feet. She says she’s never seen an ugly one. “You need to be nice to your feet and treat them well,” she says.

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Stable partners: KU student taking horse to worldwide equestrian competition

What little hope Emily Wagner had for qualifying for the 2010 FEI World Breeding Championships for dressage horses seemed dashed at the end of day one at the selection trials.

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Salute to the senses: Cottonwood fundraiser pairs best of food, wine

Whether you are a seasoned wine aficionado or novice sipper, the many different delectable flavors of wine, food and ambiance at Lawrence’s 12th annual Salute! are sure to whet your social palate.

Fashionistas embrace canine couture

My family is a soccer family. As my family watched the U.S.-Argentina game, Match 38 of the 2010 World Cup, my brother’s dog pranced around in a USA neck-scarf for good luck and good looks. My mom was amazed — he knows how to walk properly, not dragging the end on the ground or stepping on the fringe, just like a true dog supermodel. If you have any interest in fashion for your pooch, check out the latest trends in the canine world.

Fight a poor body image

In this country, our capacity for disliking our body is greater than ever and getting worse. The results of body dissatisfaction are poor emotional and physical health. We compensate for our dissatisfaction with extreme diets and exercise regimens, or we use alcohol or drugs to bury our unhappiness.

Salad season: Break out the grill for some flavorful summer dishes

It’s summer! Take advantage of fresh summer produce, avoid heating up your kitchen and serve light salad meals. Jayni Carey prepares a variety of grilled salad meals on a new “Jayni’s Kitchen.”

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Pen to paper: Technology changing focus on penmanship

Emily Hutchinson learned to type before she learned to write.

Personal trainer or torturer?

I hate my personal trainer. Not because she is one of the nicest people I have ever met, though she is. Not because she is so stinking cute I would like to clone her and marry her off to one or both of my brothers, though I would. And not because, in spite of the fact that she is older than I am and has had multiple C-sections, she still has abs that rival any concrete slab for strength and flatness, though that certainly does not help her case. She is a freak of Mother Nature.

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A prairie classroom: Lawrence resident opens property for Big Brothers Big Sisters event

The sunlight peeks through a row of trees near Brad Guess’ house, giving a hint to what is on the other side. Walk over a few rocks, through a small opening in the foliage, and the sky opens to cover a sea of wildflowers and grasses.

Understanding what inflation is

Of all the financial topics that can be studied, inflation is one of the most commonly misunderstood. It seems like everyone can complain about it, but few truly comprehend what it means

Tiling is delicate but a doable job

Installing ceramic tile is a relatively simple job, as long as you are not geometrically challenged.

Sunday, July 4

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Beloved lilies: Summer blooms brighten Lawrence gardens

True lilies, many of which are blooming now, are a great choice for almost any garden. Oriental, Asiatic and Trumpet varieties, and hybrids of the three all perform well in the Midwest with little care.

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A neighborhood Fourth: Lawrence residents share holiday traditions

The annual 4th of July parade in Old West Lawrence looks like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life.

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Behind the Lens: From camera to print, technological advances

Immediacy is important in the news business. The faster we can get content to readers, the sooner you know what is occurring in your community.

Saturday, July 3

Faith forum: What is the meaning of the phrase ‘true freedom’?

Every major religious tradition teaches that our true freedom lies in serving others. That wisdom is reflected in other arenas of life.

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From posters to posting: Lawrence bands offer best ways of utilizing Internet to promote their music

Gone are the days when the only way a Lawrence band had to promote itself was by stapling fliers to telephone walls or taping album promos to store windows. Yes, the rise of the Internet has made an enormous difference for musicians trying to connect with their fanbase.

Friday, July 2

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Net Worth: Net embraces most annoying sound in the World (Cup)

Like many Americans during the last few weeks, I’ve become mildly interested in the World Cup. The key word is “mildly.”

Thursday, July 1

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Style Scout: Joel Brummett

I’ve seen every episode of “Sex and the City.”

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Style Scout: Audrey Singer

I like that we’re bringing back the ’90s, but in a less “90210” way — a bit more modern.

Burger battle gaining steam

New eateries tweak old favorite

Matt Lawson has cooked for Wolfgang Puck on many occasions. He’d like to cook for the superstar chef again, and there’s no doubt what he would serve — a hamburger.

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Open space: New Lawrence Arts Center program reveals creative process to patrons

Art isn’t always created behind studio walls, a velvet curtain or stage door.