Stories for June 2010


Wednesday, June 30

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Lawrence Jaycees prepare for Fourth of July fireworks display

Sunday’s fireworks show no small thing to plan

Gary Saathoff stands directly below the Fourth of July fireworks display every year. To him, they look like a fiery shower of colored embers falling on his head. That’s because he sees them from where he lights them.

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A guide to tomatoes: Picking the right type for your needs

Tomato season is about to ripen up in mere days, meaning consumers will be facing endless tables of tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and — despite the traditional red — colors.

Tuesday, June 29

Double Take: Aunt fears niece’s clothing too provocative

I realize fashion trends and peer pressure are strong allies against modesty among teens.

Monday, June 28

Fashion on the Fourth: bright colors, stylish accessories

I love to go all out on the Fourth of July, dressing up in one of my favorite color combinations — red, white and blue. When you get ready on the Fourth, keep in mind where you’ll be going (barbeques, boating, fireworks, pool parties, drinks downtown…), but most of all, have fun.

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Harbor of dreams: Marina owner enjoys life by the water

Year-round water jobs are hard to find in land-locked Kansas. Megan Hiebert struck lucky. She’s owned Clinton Lake Marina for 12 years. “I have the best job in the world,” she says.

Chimney cap keeps out water, pests

Chimney caps protect the chimney and flue from water and ice damage, enhance air flow and reduce the chances of unwanted animals and insects nesting within the chimney walls. A cap with a tight mesh spark arrestor can also reduce the risk of a roof fire.

Mario (Kart) miracle

Our family vacation had been a little rough on Luke. By the trip’s end, Luke was hungry for a moment of triumph when his soul, which longed for adventure, could rise to a challenge with his body, which obviously did not spend enough time outdoors.

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Mind your P’s and Q’s and @’s: Online manners more important than ever

You always remember to say “please” and “thank you.” You arrive on time and never outstay your welcome. And you rarely, if ever, fail to send a thank-you note. Emily Post has nothing on you. But Emily was the doyenne of old school etiquette. How’s your “netiquette” these days?

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Thriving at 75: Music academy at KU marks anniversary with new programming

Chloe Gilligan was in harmony heaven. The ninth-grader knows there are some students who are serious about music at West Junior High School, where she attends during the school year. But for a week this summer, she was surrounded by hundreds of students who treat music as much more than a hobby.

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Gratitude check: Thank-you cards evolve; the message doesn’t

Thank you. So easy to say that we drop more than a few of them into daily conversation perhaps without even knowing it. But the art of saying it when you really mean it has been lost on some folks, says Carolyn Bailey Berneking.

State of focus: Hypnosis long explored as alternative medical remedy

Mystery, magic, quackery and downright silliness are all terms that have been used to describe hypnosis. Stories about stage hypnosis and movies with themes of mind control have created the illusion hypnosis is about losing control. Not true.

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A safer Fourth: Fireworks safety ensures everybody will enjoy their holiday

Fireworks are fun and sparkly, and many people like to put on their own shows at home. But playing with consumer fireworks can be very dangerous and should only be used with extreme caution.

Sunday, June 27

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Native paradise: Some unusual plants thrive in Kansas soil

Lawrence gardener Margarete Johnson will be the first to tell you that she prefers the look of many cultivated plants over some Kansas natives. She likes the birds, bees and butterflies that native species attract, though, so she finds the prettiest selections and tucks them in amongst her collection of otherwise unusual plants.

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Master gardeners: Tales from the front lines

Managing the Douglas County Master Gardeners Hotline is a lot like being a 911 dispatcher — except the “emergency” calls involve air attacks of renegade bagworms and “pear” trees throwing little red fruit.

Doyle’s wit and insight overshadowed by gimmicks in ‘Mutants’

Despite an abundance of otherworldly encounters and bizarre mutant inhabitants, J!m Anderson’s teenage angst and coming-of-age story may seem familiar.

Say what?: Klingon and other ‘crazy ideas’ detailed in book about invented tongues

Arika Okrent was studying languages at the University of Chicago. The languages people use and how they work. The rules, the changes, the charts. She was in the library, poking around.

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Behind the Lens: New photograph not altered

Every once in a while, a photographer will shoot an image that raises more questions than it answers.

Saturday, June 26

Faith forum: How do you define the different stages of faith?

Through various encounters people have had with God and his son, Jesus Christ, the Bible seems to shows us that there are various stages of faith. Faith for the Israelites was expressed through their obedience to God. In Deuteronomy 32, God said that Moses and Aaron had disobeyed him, they had broken faith with God, and therefore they would not be allowed to enter into the promised land.

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Horse cents: Toby the stallion provides unique way to give to charity

For those who believe, God manifests meaning in a variety of ways. For Jim and Sharon Borgeson, that meaning was clear the second Sharon locked eyes with an 18-month-old Tobiano stallion at a farm auction in 1996.

Friday, June 25

MSNBC names Lawrence one of top U.S. college towns named Lawrence as one of its nine favorite college towns in the U.S., placing it in the same league as some of the more renowned university communities in the country.

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Net Worth: ‘Yo-yo expert’ saves greatest trick for gullible TV stations

The yo-yo first achieved mass popularity in the 1920s. But the yo-yo prank has only recently begun to enter the public’s consciousness.

‘Grown Ups’ akin to ‘Big Chill’ for morons

Uniting the creative forces behind “Paul Blart, Mall Cop,” “The Hot Chick” and “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,” the latest offering from Adam Sandler’s production company is “The Big Chill” for morons.

Thursday, June 24

Style Scout: Shaher Ibrahimi

Comfort, function and looks are the priorities.

Style scout: Ginger Tahsuda

I usually wear what’s work-appropriate and kid-friendly.

Wednesday, June 23

Trip preparation spending puts dent in budget

It’s finally here; by the time you read this I will be soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. That doesn’t sound very frugal, you say? It most certainly is! And it most certainly isn’t.

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What do I do with Asian greens?

It’s time to bid farewell to delicate spring greens now that summer is officially upon us. But don’t say goodbye just yet before scooping up some locally grown Asian greens. Asian greens, you say, but aren’t those exotic? The short answer? Not really.

Tuesday, June 22

Double Take: Stepparent feels left out as teen reaches out to mom

A teen reaches out to his biological mother, leaving other family behind.

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Summer in the sun: Local lifeguards share job challenges

It’s considered a glam job. The holy grail of summer gigs. A great way to get a tan, show off your six-pack abs and score points with the opposite sex.

Monday, June 21

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'Final Fridays' event set to promote downtown Lawrence as a destination for the arts

Civic leaders hope to use festivities as a way to promote downtown as a destination

Downtown Lawrence leaders hope to paint a prettier economic picture with a new arts district that will be operating by August.

Hurricane and disaster preparation tips for pets

The latest prediction for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June through Nov. 30, calls for 14 to 23 named storms, half of which could become hurricanes.

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Wine-tasting 101: Lawrence experts suggest how to host your own event

Wine. Food. Friends. Fun. Wine tastings incorporate all of those things and add a heavy note of education, too.

New dads need extra wellness measures

Attention, expectant dads: Moms aren’t the only ones who experience health risks before or after birth.

Cycling in Lawrence (the safe way)

Cycling is a great way to lose weight and get healthy. I’ve been a serious cyclist for a few years now, and as I drive around Lawrence, I’m often appalled at how cyclists behave.

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The au pair experience: Two Lawrence families open homes to international help

Attorney and mom Gina Spade believes she hit the mother lode of child care when she discovered au pairs.

Abodes on the water

“It’s like going on vacation every weekend.” That’s how Patty and Doug Gerdel describe life on their 38-foot, twin-engine Nautaline houseboat docked at Perry Lake marina.

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Easy green: Fast summer projects will make your home more energy-efficient — and save you money, too

What you do to your abode this summer might make it so green that it pays off for dozens of summers to come.

Remove carpet without making a mess

Removing carpet can be a relatively easy job, as long as it has not been glued to the floor.

Language lessons: Honors student, volunteer travels globe

Kansas University freshman Sarah Stern is passionate about travel, communication, building international relationships, helping others, providing great customer service in her business and part-time job, paying her own way, and — yes — studying hard to graduate from the KU honors program with a B.A. and B.S. within four years.

Debt: the issue of the decade

The recent volatility seen in financial markets across the world has been a not-so-subtle reminder of the beginning of the “crisis” in 2008. Although there seem to be glimmers of hope spread throughout mainstream media, an overwhelming issue is just coming to the surface in Europe. T

A world of laughter ...

All was peaceful at Disney World. Children were laughing, princesses were frolicking, and everywhere we looked, dreams were coming true.

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Snapped in the closet

When at a wedding, office party or bar mitzvah, sometimes you need to commemorate the occasion. You and your friends, co-workers or chosen people might want a memento of the awesomeness that was your social gathering.

Summer hair: Braids, bows and bunny ears

If haircuts or color feel too drastic for a new summer hairdo, try styling your hair in a simple but different way. Long-lost hair accessories, braids and slick, wet hair make resurgences in summer 2010.

Sunday, June 20

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Poolside relief: Plants soften the landscape

If you asked me a few weeks ago what to plant around your swimming pool, I would have said to skip it altogether. Chlorine that easily splashes from pools is toxic to plants. Soil, mulch and leaves from the garden easily clog pool filters and dirty the water.

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Behind the Lens: Composing your own group portrait

I have a small collection of old photo postcards, the one-of-a-kind cards that people printed themselves in home darkrooms.

Bondy chronicles history of World Cup in America

It wasn’t too long ago that the world’s soccer fans considered anything American — players, coaches, national teams — to be irrelevant.

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Faith in action: Athletes express faith through fitness

Running 50 miles at one time may seem to outsiders like something God doesn’t intend for our earthly bodies.

Universal character: Fuller takes civil-rights focus to a new genre

Charles Fuller screws up his face in mock confusion, then laughs.

Saturday, June 19

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Junior startups: Child entrepreneurs find new ways to raise cash

It’s summer. And for enterprising local kids, that means it’s time to make money.

Faith forum: What can gardens teach us about the religious world?

This is the greatest religious teaching of all: The world is filled with miracles, and some are to be had right in our own backyards.

Friday, June 18

‘Toy Story 3’ delivers, mostly, on high expectations

This is what happens when you’re good at your job: Everyone expects excellence from you, and anything even slightly short of that feels like a letdown.

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Father knows best: Lawrence filmmaker turns short film into a universal story of fatherhood

Already having played at more than 40 international film festivals and earned numerous awards, “And What Remains” makes Lawrence debut.

Thursday, June 17

Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing made the difficult decision this week — for financial reasons — to let go two staffers who have been with the site for years.

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KU fight song lyrics need some tweaking now that Nebraska and Colorado are leaving the Big 12

Nebraska, Colorado references no longer make sense after Big 12 realignment

George “Dumpy” Bowles, we need you, man. Bowles, from the Kansas University class of 1912, is credited with writing “I’m a Jayhawk,” that oldie but goodie fight song that has rung in the ears of Jayhawk fans everywhere. Dumpy, get out your pen.

Style scout: Caitlin Craig

I have a pair of webbed toes!

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Songs of soccer: World Cup anthems battle to rally fans' support and team's focus

Never mind who wins on the field. There’s another, more melodic, World Cup battle afoot — on the music charts, in the stands and blaring from radios and mobile phones around the world.

Style scout: Sammy Be

I want to have fun with my clothing and have a story to tell.

Wednesday, June 16

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Harvest moon: Moon on the Meadow farm started as a sabbatical and became a full-time passion

Picture rows of crisp greens, tomato plants waving in their cages and a sturdy house with the kind of porch that makes one’s blood pressure drop instantly. That’s Moon on the Meadow Farm in a nutshell.

Tuesday, June 15

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How to teach modern manners for kids: Mobile devices are added to the list of usual table manners

Teaching your child to use the right fork or fold his or her napkin properly may seem like a nice afterthought in today's world, but modern etiquette experts say proper social graces can affect your child's future.

Double Take: Balance a productive (and fun) summer schedule

Summer should be relaxing for teens. But should our summers be completely responsibility-free?

Monday, June 14

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Jimmy Dean Tribute

Daily Dose

A eulogy from someone who loved Jimmy Dean above all else. That someone being an obese guy in Texas.

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Food-stamp shopping: Could your family eat on $68.88 a week? One parent gives it a try

How much do you spend on groceries each week? $100? $150? $200? Ever spend just $68.88 for the entire week? How about that amount for a family of four? That’s $17.22 to cover 21 meals per person.

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Drama ministry: Baldwin City playwright embraces history, faith

International playwright, composer, former TV host, professor and pastor Don Mueller, 83, says his body and memory aren’t working at optimum level these days, but he still gets excited about helping others. He accompanies performers at the Swingtime concerts held several times a year in Lawrence to raise money for charities like Hospice Care in Douglas County and Doctors without Borders.

With right tools, concrete cracks simple to repair

When patching a concrete floor, it is important to choose the right product. Cracks less than a half-inch wide should be filled with a liquid concrete sealant or a concrete caulk product. Larger cracks and holes should be filled with a sand aggregate concrete mix, and holes more than 1 inch deep should be filled with a gravel aggregate mix.

Author to share from ‘Day After’ book

Lawrence native Steven Church will present a reading and signing of his latest book, “The Day After The Day After: My Atomic Angst,” at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt.

Summer fashion: a glimmer

Keep it cool and stylish this summer with these 2010 trends.

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Funky mailboxes join Van Go auction lineup

Beautiful, unique and usable — that’s how Cathy Ledeker, art director for Van Go, describes the cluster of colorful mailboxes recently assembled by her artists.

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Play stations: Parks and Recreation crafts another activity-packed summer

Thanks to the Lawrence Parks and Recreation department, hundreds of local children won’t be vegging out in front of Nickelodeon this summer.

Change yourself, not your circumstances

There’s a famous poem by Rainer Maria Rilke which ends with: You must change your life. There’s no room for ambiguity here. That’s exactly what the German says, almost word for word (in German the verb comes at the end).

Cleaning in case of emergency

“Why do you always clean the house before we leave on vacation?” my husband inquired as I dusted behind the refrigerator.

Area meteorologists plan to cook up a storm

• Pizza with Spinach, Prosciutto and Feta Cheese • Homestyle Chicken Parmigiana • Bread Pudding with St. Cecilia Sauce

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Greener golf: Lawrence managers review energy impact at clubs

The increased awareness of environmental sustainability has spread throughout nearly every aspect of life and business, including one of the most impactful environmental and economic areas of many communities: golf courses.

Wedding gifts simplified

For his June 11 wedding, Lawrence’s Grant Catloth and his Atchison-based fiancée, Anna Hausmann, drove around to all the major housewares shops: Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel.

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Your life is an open Facebook

Lawrencians reconsider posting their personal lives online following Facebook's privacy changes

Since Facebook opened to the public in 2006, the site's privacy walls have steadily eroded. Much of users’ once-private info is now permanently public and easily shared with third parties—and many users have no idea that's the case...

Sunday, June 13

Summer offerings: Readers can indulge in buzz-worthy works

Hornets aren’t the only things to watch for this summer. Be on the lookout for tornadoes, vampires and even terrorists in some new books likely to end up in your beach bags.

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Sail Kansas: Landlocked sailors thrive in their beloved pastime

Think about sailing, and you might imagine the azure open waters of Key West, Cape Cod or Australia's Barrier Reef. But, Kansas? Not exactly a mecca for mariners.

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Behind the Lens: Add your own light for optimal shots

I’m well aware that most photographers will never be in a situation that requires them to photograph petroglyphs or other rock carvings.

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Garden party: Tour Des Fleurs highlights creative outdoor planning

In three short years, Judy Lafond and her husband, Don, turned their small, newly constructed tiny yard into a backyard oasis. You can get ideas from her and other gardeners on next weekend’s annual Tour des Fleurs.

Saturday, June 12

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Guile Theme Goes With Everything

Daily Dose

The theme song for Guile, of Street Fighter video game fame, goes with everything. Videographic proof ahead.

Faith Forum: What should couples know about each’s faith before marriage?

Like a building, a relationship can only be as strong as its foundation.

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Invisible need: Stull food pantry fills cupboards of the rural hungry

Poverty on main street is so visual it’s hard to ignore: a homeless man sleeping, a woman asking for change, a line of people stationed outside an overnight shelter.

Friday, June 11

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"Saved By The Bell" Predicts Gulf Oil Disaster

Daily Dose

An episode of "Saved by the Bell" from 1991 contains eerie parallels with the current Gulf crisis. Zack Morris, eco-prophet.

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Innocence lacking in ‘Karate Kid’ remake

Let’s put the shortcomings of the new “Karate Kid” in perspective.

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Net Worth: Wild antics earn drummer Internet fame, ridicule

I spent the entirety of my 20s earning a living as a full-time musician. No waiting tables. No selling retail.

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ArtStar trek: Carlin Francis boldly embarks on mixed-media career

Carlin Francis can barely contain her enthusiasm.

Thursday, June 10

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Bros Icing Bros

Daily Dose

A simple game of tag involving Smirnoff Ice has become the new national pastime. Sorry, baseball. Also, the emerging trend of Bros Ponying Bros. Sorry, ponies.

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Style scout: Leni Salkind

A secret: I had no idea that running for school board was so political, and that was quite a lesson.

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Style scout: Steven Anderson

I'm not actually Bruce Kallmeyer, but in the '80s I told a lot of girls that I was ...

Street p’arty and open house

Portion of New Hampshire Street to be closed

A portion of New Hampshire Street will be closed Saturday to help the Lawrence Arts Center celebrate its 35th anniversary.

Wednesday, June 9

Arts Center leaders use birthday to celebrate history, look ahead to future

The Lawrence Arts Center is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with several events that will look back on the history of the organization that started out at Ninth and Vermont streets and was led for decades by local art champion Ann Evans.

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Sad Keanu Reeves

Daily Dose

Keanu Reeves looking dejected and lonely on a bench has become a meme. It's not easy being Reeves.

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Bowling for Lebowskis: Cult film abides two parties in one week

Released in 1998 to little box-office fanfare, "The Big Lebowski" has gone on to inspire a movement that will manifest itself this week in two different screenings by devout Lawrence Lebowski-ites...

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What do I do with plantains?

A banana is a banana. It's sweet, portable and healthy. Not much more. A plantain, on the other hand, is a shape-shifter, its usage changing with every gradation from green to yellow to black...

Tuesday, June 8

Call for entries: Downtown Lawrence Arts District logo

Downtown Lawrence Arts District is calling for artists and designers to submit a logo design and event name to be used for a Final Fridays initiative. Final Fridays in downtown Lawrence is to be launched on August 27, 2010.

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Falcor Likes Children

Daily Dose

The lovable luck dragon from "The NeverEnding Story" says some compromising things on film. Chris Hansen has been alerted.

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Pre-Occupied: Replay Lounge

The former tenants of 946 Mass. from the past 140 years

Have you ever been in one of those arguments where you're trying to figure out what a certain Lawrence business used to be?

Monday, June 7

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BP Logo Redesigns

Daily Dose

People channel their outrage towards BP into creatively trashing the oil behemoth's logo. Don't get the graphic designers angry, wouldn't like them when they're angry.

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Video: Will Ferrell, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis and Paul Rudd at the Royals game

The four comedians were at Friday's Royals vs. Tigers game. This 10-minute video clip is their dugout talk during the bottom of the 2nd inning...

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Kansas City artist Peregrine Honig to appear on new Bravo reality series

Bravo's latest variation on reality-style game shows — Work of Art — will feature a Kansas Citian, Peregrine Honig. Work of Art premieres at 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 9...

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Lawrence collections to be featured at West 18th Street Fashion Show

This year’s 10th-annual West 18th Street Fashion Show will be Saturday in Kansas City. For such an important anniversary, the coordinators have chosen an appropriate theme: decadence. “A Decadent Summer” will feature the collections of talented designers from Kansas City and surrounding areas. From a pool of almost 50 applicants, Lawrence boasts three separate collections among the 18 finalists. Work by local artists Tricia Rock, Emma Burgess-Olson and Lauren Fallis, and Kaylin Hertel will all be part of the show.

Understanding brain’s energy patterns can help your health

There is an interesting video you can find on YouTube that shows how a mouse’s brain reacts to a stroke. Immediately following the stroke the brain sends energy to the affected area to further protect it and begin repair. In a matter of hours, the stroke area is repaired. Significantly, the brain does not return the energy used to repair it back from where it came. Instead this new pattern of energy flow becomes the brain’s new survival pattern. The shift of energy may have helped repair the brain; however, it has left the host, in this case the mouse, unable to walk or peep.

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Useless apps: Ten of the most worthless applications for your mobile device

With the smart phone revolution came a deluge of invaluable and ingenious apps. They allow us to conveniently navigate the modern world, stay informed on the fly and generally make our lives more efficient. But for every Weather Channel app, there are dozens of useless apps...

Understanding what money is

Throughout the recent financial crisis, it has become increasingly apparent to the average person that money can be and has been created out of thin air. Although the complexity of the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to obtain an introductory snapshot of what money is.

Pump up your summer diet with veggies from the grill

Adding vegetables to the grill is one way to keep heat out of the kitchen. Doing so also allows the cook to be outside with family and friends.

Line-drying spells energy home run

We had a clothes dryer when I was a kid; we just hardly used it. My parents’ memories of line-dried laundry were too fond, especially of the freeze-dried sheets soft as rabbit fur. One of the first things my father did when we moved to our house was dig a hole, fill it with concrete and set an umbrella clothesline into it...

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Fido's first aid: A 101 on warm-weather dangers to your pet

A ball flies through the air. Fido runs through the grass after it. Fido grabs the ball, whips around and falls. He’s torn his CCL — the dog equivalent of an ACL tear in a human.

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Fathers’ days: Inaugural event in Lawrence will honor parenting roles

While many organizations like Mommy and Me celebrate a mother’s connection with her children, few events specifically encourage a father’s involvement with his kids.

Key adjustments: Lawrence chiropractor balances work, family life

Chiropractic treatments are an integral part of Colleen Auchenbach’s life. You could say they’re a family affair. Her father, two uncles, an aunt and several cousins are chiropractors, and her two sisters attend chiropractic college.

Couple’s green home equates dollars, sense

If home energy efficiency seems like an expensive, difficult-to-understand concept full of undecipherable, mumbo-jumbo terminology and unattainable benefits, Chris and Carol Armstrong have some advice.

A set apart: A Kansas City resident writes an authoritative book on the Lego experience

When Jonathan Bender was 30 years old, he decided he wanted to revisit a favorite pastime from his childhood: playing with Lego bricks. But he didn’t just go out and buy a set at Toys “R” Us. The Kansas City, Mo., resident embarked on a yearlong investigation of the national Lego community and wrote a book about it.

Soup for the soul: Fans swear by Lawrence restaurant recipe

Larry Meyer, Lawrence, has tasted a lot of hot and sour soup in his day, and he places the version at King Buffet, 1601 W. 23rd St., above the rest.

Book review: ‘The Well’ takes creative plunge with Shakespearean tale

Does anyone remember a 200-year-old, human-eating, well-dwelling monster in “Hamlet”? Didn’t think so — but the mother-daughter team writing under pseudonym A.J. Whitten sees one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies in a whole new light, not to mention era.

Sunday, June 6

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A Cat Hiccups And Farts At The Same Time

Daily Dose

Because there's nothing more important going on in the world.

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When weddings go wrong: A few kinks before tying the knot

It's June, and blushing brides all over town are breathlessly anticipating their weddings. Months, if not years, of preparation have gone into making sure every last detail of the big day is picture-perfect. But nuptials - like wedded life - often defy perfection, despite the best-laid plans...

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Ex-FBI agent writes about murky world of art theft

In this stunning autobiography “Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures” (Crown, $25), former FBI undercover agent Robert K. Wittman details his 20-year career investigating the murky world of art theft.

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Noble struggle: Graphic novelist Clowes mines life for art

In the mind of cartoonist Daniel Clowes, the modern egoist is a balding, middle-aged schlub named Wilson.

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Guiding light: Couple tap into sun's patterns to ensure garden thrives

One of the keys to having a beautiful landscape is to pay attention to the amounts of sunlight different areas receive and plant accordingly. That task is sometimes more difficult than it sounds, especially when it involves accounting for seasons and growing trees...

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Behind the Lens: Experiment with scale for vacation photos

A lot of people consider vacation photos to consist mainly of mountains, canyons and family group shots in front of Old Faithful. But sometimes it’s good to go small.

Saturday, June 5

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The Gulf Oil Spill Reenacted By Kittens

Daily Dose

BP executives, as played by kittens, discuss the oil spill. Adorably, hilariously tragic.

Faith Forum: What would Jesus say about the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast?

It is our job to serve and preserve God’s green earth.

What a girl wants

While sitting at the KU Spring Game, I overheard two young teenage boys discussing the odds for the players on the field. However, unlike the grown men around me, these lads were not weighing the team’s chances of making it to a bowl game. They had more immediate matters in mind. “Those guys have it made,” the first one said to his buddy. “Girls love jocks.”

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A garden variety: Group of Lawrence gardeners organizes tour with hopes of spreading their pursuit

As the screws turned on the U.S. economy a couple years ago and people everywhere were fearing the worst, Amber Lehrman and Jessi Asmussen had their minds on food.

Sponge painting can meld colors to unify a room

Sponge painting is a quick and easy way to add depth and interest to any room in your home. It is also a great way to avoid having to pick just the right color for that interior painting project you have been meaning to tackle.

Friday, June 4

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Online Porn Statistics

Daily Dose

Fascinating and terrifying infographic about the breadth of online pornography. Did you know that $3,075.64 is being spent on internet porn every second? And people say the economy is failing...

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Net Worth: Four chords are all you need for radio or Internet fame

Seemingly overnight, my young daughter went from preferring to watch cartoons such as “Phineas and Ferb” and “Justice League Unlimited” to live-action fare found on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

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Game or sport? Golf gets put to the test

With the PGA tour in full swing, it’s time to address those supporters who believe golf should be considered a sport. Some not only argue it’s a sport, but they believe it’s the greatest sport. It's not — it's a game ...

Thursday, June 3

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'Get Him to the Greek' a terrifically wild romp

Finally this summer, a movie that lives up to its hype. "Get Him to the Greek" is a complete blast, a much-needed breath of fresh air - well, as much fresh air as you can get in crowded clubs, packed rock shows and trashed hotel suites...

Winners of Rocket Grants announced

Winners of Rocket Grants—a new program that provides direct support for innovative, experimental, artist-driven, and artist-centered projects in the Lawrence-Kansas City area—are announced. From a proposal pool of 83 applicants, 12 projects were selected as the first recipients of this new funding opportunity available to artists who live within an 80-mile radius of downtown Kansas City.

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Rue McClanahan Burlesque Dance

Daily Dose

Rest in peace, Rue McClanahan. You were a beautiful and vivacious woman. As if we needed further proof, here's you performing a bump and grind from 1968.

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Style scout: Jack Foster

A secret: I own two leather jackets, but I’m embarrassed to wear them...

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Prom A Go Go: Adults-only prom turns sleepy Harveyville, Kan., into surreal Conga-town, USA

When the opportunity arose to go to something called the Harveyville Prom, I had two questions: 1. “Where do I sign up?” and 2. “What in the name of Sadie Hawkins is the Harveyville Prom?”

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Style scout: Ann Foster

I’d like to see more clothing that’s not just marketed toward 20-somethings in Lawrence—clothing options for children and adults. There are lots of stores that provide baby clothing, but kids ages 6 — 14 have limited options...

Wednesday, June 2

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Lawrence second graders respond to "Nature vs. Nintendo" article

One of the rarest forms of feedback any more is a handwritten letter. So when we got TWELVE handwritten letters today, it was quite a treat...

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Star Wars iPad Briefing

Daily Dose

The Steve Jobs iPad announcement remixed to "Star Wars." Nerds and iPad get along about as well as Steve Jobs and Adobe. Nerds be hatin'!

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River City Cook Off: Top chefs compete in benefit for preservation of Kaw River

We're located in the Kaw Valley and Lawrence is often referred to as "The River City," but how often do you think about the Kansas River?

Tuesday, June 1

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Electric Daisy Carnival Audition

Daily Dose

A man in gold tights and pasties dances his way into our hearts. Also, rainbows and ponies.

Double Take: High school graduates must plan wisely for future

We’ve now attended our share of graduations. I put in my time at two this spring, so I thought it fitting that Samantha — a new graduate herself — and I offer a few thoughts on the road ahead.