Lawrence second graders respond to "Nature vs. Nintendo" article

One of the rarest forms of feedback any more is a handwritten letter. So when we got TWELVE handwritten letters today, it was quite a treat.

The first letter was from a teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School:

Dear Phil,
Your article "Nature vs. Nintendo" led to a great discussion in my second grade class. Following that, they prepared responses. I thought you might find them interesting.
Yours truly,
Leellyn R. Tuel

The other 11 letters are from her students. Thanks so much everyone!!


frankt 13 years ago

Not one person thinks it is better to play video games and watch TV? Well, I think kids should play more video games and watch more TV.

Outside you might run into: sunburns, freckles, bug bites, leaches (if you go swimming), getting rained on or snowed on and catching a cold, skinning your knee (especially when bike riding or skateboarding), getting your teeth knocked out while wrestling on trampoline (it happened to me), other kids' pee in the swimming pool (everyone knows it happens), and many other bad things.

Inside, it is nice and cool in the summer when the air conditioner is on, and it is warm in the winter when the heater is on. Plus, your mother can make you cookies if you ask very nicely.

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