BP Logo Redesigns

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While BP may not be phased by the outrage directed towards them by the Federal Government and the American people, they should be spilling in their pants now that they’ve provoked the wrath of that most fearsome of beasts—yes, that’s right BP, the graphic designers are coming for you!

Here’s a sampling of BP logo redesigns from a competition held by Greenpeace.

Some are funny, some are haunting, some are angry (there’s a bit of swearing, so avert your tender eyes if you’re easily offended) and some just look neat.

And be sure to check out the rebranding effort of our very own Jill Ensley!


Jill Ensley 9 years ago

Mad props!

I mades 'nother one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j_ensley...

I have at least two more lodged in me brainmeats. Will post when removed. It's all I can do man. I don't have HAZMAT training and need to work M-F. I may become weekend warrior.

gavon 9 years ago

Yes! It's good to have you and your head crabs back, Jill.

Jill Ensley 9 years ago


corkster 9 years ago

Billionaires Profit, Boo Plants.

corkster 9 years ago

Wait, Billionaires Profit, Beware Plants. Billionaires Prosper, Buck Pollution.

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