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Girl drinks=competitive sport.

Until recently, the most significant cultural contributions of fraternities have been The Dave Matthews Band and creative, non-subscription uses for Rohypnol.

But that all changed with the Bros Icing Bros phenomenon. If you’re not familiar, it’s a game of tag involving Smirnoff Ice that originated in the Greek community (not the people from the bankrupt Mediterranean nation, but the Kappa Gamma Theta Galactica types who excel at beer pong).

It's a game that's easy to pick up, but difficult to master:

It’s leapt from the frat ghetto like an outbreak of cholera and infected every facet of culture from hipsters to white collar workers. What probably began as ironic emulation of something not out of place on the set of “Jersey Shore” has mutated into a deathly serious, nationwide competition. And it should be noted that Bros Icing Bros does not exclude women—bro-ness transcends gender.

When you get right down to it, we’re all petty and vindictive people who enjoy conquest—even if that conquest is embarrassing your friends in public with drinks typically served by statutory rapists.

Here are a few examples of Icing caught on camera:

Airport Icing

Office Icing

Drive-by Icing

As with any trend worth its malt beverage, Bros Icing Bros has inspired a knock-off. I now present to you Bros Ponying Bros. The rules are equally as simple:

A few examples of Bros Ponying Bros:

Subway Pony

Rare Pony Block


Shelby 13 years ago

I have no idea what any of this means.

PatrickJoseph 13 years ago

Now I understand why the word "ICED" keeps showing up on Facebook photos.

PatrickJoseph 13 years ago

"Dude, block him from that guard, dude."

meowllory 13 years ago

There was some icing two weeks ago at Blue Collar Press, it is pretty hilarious to witness.

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