Jimmy Dean Tribute

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Flags were flown half-mast in Branson, Missouri.

Jimmy Dean, novelty musician and one man diabetes industrial complex, passed away on Sunday at the age of 81. The sausage king will be missed—especially by Mark Mangino (I really wish we still had Mangino to kick around anymore. Hey, Turner Gill, get fat already so I can have another easy punch line!).

A grateful nation took to the streets in their Jazzy Scooters and Hoverounds to pay their respects and to get to Old Country Buffet before they ran out of ribs. Mostly to get to Old Country Buffet before they ran out of ribs. But Jimmy Dean and his products will literally always be in our hearts.

As a eulogy to this fallen hero of industrial hog farming and nitrate processing, here is but one stirring tribute from perhaps his most ardent fan. Please enjoy the soaring and slightly profane oratory of one Mr. Randy Taylor.


corduroypants 9 years ago

I'm gonna pour out a little sausage gravy for my homie. Respect.

laika 9 years ago

¨600 pounds of sausage eating men!¨ So many great lines in that video.

mamallama 9 years ago

Hey.... I want a chocolate chip pancake covered sausage link on stick. What's wrong with that and where can I get one?? mmm sausage

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