Summer fashion: a glimmer


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A model walks the runway in a metallic dress by Michael Kors during fashion week in New York, which was in September 2009.

Keep it cool and stylish this summer with these 2010 trends:


During the summer, everyone is searching for cool, wearable fabrics that won’t wrinkle, cling or make you sweat to death. Although knits are often overlooked, keep lighter-weight cotton knits on your shopping list. The careful craftsmanship required to make knit tops make these garments timeless pieces that you’ll wear again and again. Look for knit tank tops and short-sleeve tops. Wear knits that are modern and in-line with current fashions; for example, buy a knit boyfriend tank to pair with your favorite skinny jeans. Check out for more ideas. They have knit-kits that include everything you need to make a fun, trendy knit-top or accessory. Also, see Miu Miu for a fabulous knit dress that is anything but outdated winter wear.

Metallic outfits, shoes, and accessories:

Metallic dresses, skirts, purses and shoes are still very much in style. At times, metallic feels a bit too over-the-top for daywear, but don’t be afraid to incorporate these shimmery, liquid-like colors into your outfits in less-conspicuous ways. Wear silver sandals, a shiny bronze hair bow or a shirt with foil-like graphics at work or downtown. Break out your louder, all-over metallic pieces after the sun has set for an instant taste of glam. See Michael Kors Spring 2010 for some sophisticated, fashionable metallic pieces.

’70s silhouettes:

The easygoing shapes and styles of the 1970s are popping up all over the place. Floppy straw hats, wide-leg pants, flowy dresses, loose tops and wedge shoes are all comfortable and breezy, perfect for summer style. If this style attracts you, do stay away from super-loud colors or over-the-top prints. Ease into these new silhouettes with lighter, neutral or natural colors, like tans, light blues, browns and soft whites. Look up Fendi’s tiered gown (Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear) for the perfect example of this updated, 1970s look. Also, see Chloe Spring/Summer 2010 shoe line for some hip, easy-to-walk-in wedge sandals.

Low-waist dress:

Trade out your high-waisted dresses, jeans and skirts for a relaxed, drop-waist dress. After all of the belt-cinching, this new shape should be a relief. A low, drop-waist dress feels easy and different — a fresh shape for summer. The drop-waist is both casual and sophisticated; however, this style can look frumpy if the fit or shape is off. A color-blocked drop-waist dress is the easiest option, like designs by Celine or Erdem. If you can’t find one that’s right for you, perhaps opt for a drop-waist jacket instead. See more dress designs by Thakoon and Stella McCartney for romantic drop-waist dresses with front-ties that don’t look awkward or out of place.


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