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Wednesday, March 31

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Little Boy Wants To Be A Single Lady

Daily Dose

And his dad is a nearsighted dream-crushing machine.

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Update: KU Libraries avails 1937 aerial image of Woodland Park

Rhonda Houser at Kansas University Libraries alerted us to online 1937 aerial photographs of Lawrence. Although the resolution isn't as fine as current Google satellite photos, it provides the best view (so far) of historic Woodland Park...

Tuesday, March 30

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Egging us on: Easter? It's time to mix up your holiday staple

Forget the "chicken or the egg" dilemma. Here's the perennial eggs-istential question: A large, invisible bunny has left two dozen gaily decorated, hard-boiled eggs in your house on Easter morning. What do you do first?

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Elementary School Production of "Scarface"

Daily Dose

Say hello to my little friend and his little friend!

Double Take: Being mindful of our own speech deters suicide triggers

A reader asked that we revisit the issue of suicide among teens, a concern once again in area communities.

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Dinner ritual: Passover a time for history, family and friends - lots of them

Lawrencians celebrating passover have taken the act of "making room for one more" and made it a truly flexible art form...

Monday, March 29

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Barack Obama Looking At Awesome Things

Daily Dose

First he passes sweeping health care legislation, then he gets his own Transformer and Green Lantern power ring. The dude is on a roll.

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Update: High-tech aerial image of Lawrence reveals location of historic Woodland Park

A LiDAR image of the historic Woodland Park reveals the location of the park's horse racing track, which confirms that the location of the park was at the east end of 12th Street...

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Extended preview: UFC:Undisputed 2010

UFC: Undisputed 2010 is due out May 25th, but I got a sneak peak of it this weekend. I can tell you that all signs point to UFC 2010 as being the best UFC game yet...

Fresh spring menu features authentic Italian recipes

“Jayni’s Kitchen” debuts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays on Sunflower Broadband Channel 6 with repeats throughout the week.

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The etiquette of corkage

Fine-dining restaurants pop off about BYOB

You’ve ordered the same dish several times at a favorite restaurant, and you keep thinking how well it would pair with a wine you have stored at home — a special bottle not on the restaurant’s list. Now’s the time to inquire about the restaurant’s corkage policy.

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Birthday bonanza: Check out the best freebies in town

Readers sometimes ask us for a list of all the places in town that offer freebies for birthday patrons. Turns out, the list is surprisingly limited — at least compared to how many phone calls we made! Below you’ll find everything we found.

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Accessorize everywhere with bright color

For the past few weeks, I have been infatuated with the concept of colorful clothing and bright accessories. For a laundry-list of easy ways to incorporate more color into your spring wardrobe, read on.

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Master mentor: Former principal organizes ‘Can We Talk?’

“I flunked kindergarten, and by the time I was 12 believed the system didn’t work and rules weren’t made for me,” says Willie Amison, former Kansas University football player, school principal, now educational consultant at KU’s Equal Opportunities Center, president of Amison Consulting and organizer of Lawrence’s “Can We Talk?” program.

It’s not you, it’s April Fools

Due to a crippling case of Aphrilophobia, I will not be available for human interaction Thursday.

Creatively decorated man caves featured on ‘Home and Away’

Man caves have become social speak for those decidedly macho-themed havens ruled by big screens, beer and overstuffed furniture. Locally, these male-dominated dens feature everything from poker tables and pool cues to deer antlers and Dirty Harry posters. Sports is the native language spoken, and while smoking may be allowed, females are often admitted by invitation only.

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Return to roots: Lawrence stylists offer suggestions to reclaim your natural hair color

Nancy Riding just began coloring her hair a year ago. The Shawnee resident had some gray she wanted to color before getting married, and now she’s not sure how she’d ever be able to go back to her natural state.

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Ready ... set ... DATE

Staff writer Gavon Laessig sprints through the world of speed dating

Unless you’re the most charming and confident person in the world, or you’re a sadist, dating is horrible. It’s really the worst. Everything about it is just awkward and painful, from introducing yourself to strangers to the teeth-gnashing small talk of a first date.

Royal undertaking: Sunflower School stages 15th annual Medieval Feast & Joust

Sixth-graders at Sunflower School, 2521 Inverness Drive, entertained students, teachers and parents Wednesday with a Medieval Feast and Joust.

With some help, healthy lawns can oust crabgrass

Crabgrass is an invasive weed that grows well in lawns that are lightly watered, underfertilized and relatively sunny. Preventing crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicides requires good timing. Applied too early, pre-emergents will be washed away, and applied too late, they are completely ineffective. Once crabgrass has taken root, nonchemical methods are the best means of getting it under control. Seven simple steps will help you create and maintain a crabgrass-free lawn.

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Break a sweat for charitable fitness

If warmer weather inspires you to get out and exercise for a worthy cause — in addition to better health — Lawrence offers opportunities galore to sweat for the greater good. Spring and summer are prime time for outdoor events that get people moving to help local not-for-profit agencies.

Sunday, March 28

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Thanks, Fred Phelps!

Daily Dose

Fred Phelps raises money for AIDS research. That's not a typo or an Onion headline.

Who are the Douglas County Special Olympics Jayhawks?

The local all-volunteer organization began in the 1970s and was originally known as the Green Machine. After growing to the biggest Special Olympics team in Kansas in the 1980s, the organization became “essentially nonexistent” by the 1990s, said John Samuels, local program coordinator. Samuels and other volunteers restarted the team in 2004, beginning with only five athletes.

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Special Olympian excels at powerlifting

Standing 5-foot-7 and about 250 pounds, Brady Tanner, 29, isn’t exactly graceful on the basketball court, as he lumbers across the gym and waves his Popeye-like forearms for a rebound.

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Family connections abound in local Special Olympics

Douglas County Special Olympics athletes, coaches and other volunteers interact so easily that it makes the 80-member crew that traveled to the state basketball and cheerleading tournament in Hays last week seem like one large family.

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Behind the lens: Dejection difficult to photograph

Shooting basketball is easy. More correctly, it’s pretty easy when compared to photographing a heartbroken student-athlete with his face buried in a towel, still crying 20 minutes after a loss to a less-established opponent.

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The Daisy Dozer's Day

Lore surrounding a bygone roller coaster lingers in east Lawrence neighborhood

You could hardly be faulted for not knowing there was ever a roller coaster here, much less at the turn of the century. It didn't leave much of a mark - even the history books have but trace mentions of the "Daisy Dozer" and the once-grand Woodland Park...

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Special Olympics Inspirational Athlete fueled by love of KU athletics

When Todd “Leaper” Williams received the Most Inspirational Athlete award at the State Special Olympics Basketball and Cheerleading Tournament last weekend in Hays, he had one thing on his mind: Jayhawk football.

Critter Care: Humane Society’s service to community nears 60-year mark

“Have you a stray pet or lost animals?” the 1951 ad reads.

How to get involved with the Douglas County Special Olympics

The local Special Olympics group offers many ways to get involved. The all-volunteer organization participates in sports all year long, including bocce, bowling, golf, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and track and field.

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Volunteers get hooked quickly

Kansas University student David McKenzie has volunteered with the Douglas County Special Olympics for only a few months, but he’s hooked.

Saturday, March 27

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Super Smart Action Squirrel

Daily Dose

A squirrel navigates a dizzying obstacle course to the theme from "Mission: Impossible." R.I.P., Peter Graves.

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Seizing that 'some day'

KU alum follows her ‘Eternal’ dream and gets a best-selling surprise

Cynthia Leitich Smith has been writing adventures since a national tragedy shook her world...

Faith Forum: What is your favorite Holy Week activity?

• It’s purely about Easter and the resurrection • A journey through Good Friday

Friday, March 26

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Topless Tea Time

Daily Dose

He just wanted to take his shirt off and drink tea. Then you came along and ruined everything. How dare you?

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Means spirited: American Indian actor and activist honored at Haskell film festival

Russell Means' Lakota Sioux name (Oyate Wacinyapin) translates to "Works for the People." It's fair to say the American Indian activist and actor has earned that designation...

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‘Dragon’ flies high

What a refreshing change “How to Train Your Dragon” brings to the cartoon world: The creatures are not all that cute, and they do not speak a word.

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Net Worth: Viral phenomena tracked and scrutinized by Know Your Meme

Memes: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, Web celebs and more.

Thursday, March 25

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Foul Bachelor Frog

Daily Dose

If frogs could talk...and those frogs were hiding in my house...and then those talking frogs who hid in my house reported to the world my hideous, hideous lifestyle.

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Style scout: Chris Lovely

I describe my style as Mr. Rogers chic. I wear a lot of loafers. Haven't had to tie shoe laces in years. If I'm not dressed for work I'm usually wearing a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Mostly muted/neutral colors, probably because of the fair skin and bright red hair...

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Roll players: Two 30-something professionals take a shot at the KC Roller Warriors

"I realized for the first time that there was this part of me that hadn't had an outlet for a really long time," says Amy Hough. "Not that it was the part of me that wanted to go around and smack people or kick people" ...

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Style scout: Lucy Robertson

Although I'm all for team spirit and all-day drinking, I'd like to see less women wearing sloppy game-day outfits - fanny packs and pastel-pink KU shirts...

Wednesday, March 24

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Sentient Plastic Bag Has Existential Crisis

Daily Dose

A short film starring a plastic bag (voiced by avant garde German director Werner Herzog) who longs to reunite with its master. Only 18 minutes long, but 5,000 times better than "Avatar."

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Super Rice Fighter 5: Can I eat 5 rice bowls in an hour (while wearing a diaper) for the DonDon Sumo Challenge?

Though our men's basketball team is already knocked out of the NCAAs, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy other homegrown athletics...

Tuesday, March 23

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Daily Dose

Another Tuesday, another viral cat video. This particular cat, however, seems to sum up the mood of our nation. He is the anti-LOL Cat.

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Letting the image speak: Lawrence High senior composes her own narrative through shooting pictures

Haley Fischer likes looking at the world through the lens of a camera. For her, photography puts real life on display...

Double Take: ‘Distance parenting’ tough, even just down the road

As my daughter gets into her mid-teens, she’s less interested in spending time at her dad’s.

Monday, March 22

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Young/Old Photos

Daily Dose

Adults recreate photos from their youths, resulting in a touching and occasionally creepy homage to childhood.

Wills important part of family planning

You’re going to die. Maybe not today, and probably not tomorrow, but some day you will die. You’ll leave everything you own behind: the house, the car, the book collection, the fine china, the sparkling jewelry. All of it will linger long after you’re gone. And that’s why you should consider drafting a will.

Anyone can master the art of soldering copper

With the advent of Pex tubing and “Shark Bite”-type fittings, soldering copper tubing is becoming a lost art. With a little patience and a lot of practice, you still have time to master this art form.

Livin’ on a prayer

I think I have finally found a replacement for Paul Newman, who, with his passing, left an opening on my “list.” (To those who do not know of the “list,” please refer to the TV show “Friends.")

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Choir education: ‘Encore’ show melds choir, pop music at Free State

You would think that those involved in a high school musical production, especially one devoted to choral arrangements of pop songs, would really like “Glee.” Nope...

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Social animals: Social media has gone to the dogs. And the cats. And the ferrets. And the ...

As with anything Internet-related, social media has a teeming underbelly of primitive behavior. That includes by actual animals...

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Save that date: Couples become more creative with wedding day reminders

“Jeff and Erin’s Epic Wedding Trailer” is a YouTube sensation. In it, the bride and groom-to-be, Erin Martin and Jeff Wong of Sidney, Australia, star in a jaw-dropping, four-minute “movie trailer” that tells the story of how they met, illustrates the journeys (literal, not figurative) they’ve taken together, recreates Jeff’s bended-knee proposal, and ends in blockbuster style by announcing the date of their impending nuptials.

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Dogged determination: Community fitness helps mom lose weight

“I didn’t starting running until I was 44 when I couldn’t run 100 yards without becoming breathless,” says Ellen Young, representative at Mike Grosdidier’s State Farm insurance office.

Pop some color and cute nail polish for spring

Hello, chirping birds. Hello iced-coffee. Hello, boys playing Frisbee on the lawn … Smile, it’s springtime. So please, please peel off your all-black outfit and let some color show!

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Pop culture: Lawrence experts say cut kids off caffeine altogether

If Dr. Stephen Lauer has seen it once, he’s seen it one time too many. And he’s seen it many, many times. Glancing into his clinic waiting room, the pediatrician spies a child young enough to be aged in months and weighed down by a full diaper, sipping an adult-sized bottle of soda pop.

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Despite sour grapes in Topeka, local wineries stomp ahead

It’s spring in Kansas, pruning time in the vineyards. That seems an incongruous statement in the land of amber waves of grain, but time was when Kansas and the Midwest dominated American winemaking. If Kansas wineries have their way, that time will come again.

Sunday, March 21

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Mean Kitty vs. Domo

Daily Dose

A soothing mental balm to ease your bracket agony.

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Behind the lens: The story behind those flashing lights at the NCAA basketball games

For most point-and-shoot fans, adding light to your photo is accomplished by using the camera’s built-in flash. For more serious photographers, there’s the option of a hot-shoe mounted flash with a tilting head. But let’s think really big...

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A walk to remember: Century anniversary recalls American folk hero’s historic march through Lawrence

Lawrence was anticipating his arrival for days. The town was electrified. Naturally, the visitor would be coming on foot, easily recognizable by his dapper dress, wooden staff and quick pace...

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Spring Garden Fair focuses on education

Growing your own food and making smart choices is about more than gardening and that’s where the other extension programs play a role in the Spring Garden Fair...

Saturday, March 20

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Dog vs. Turtle

Daily Dose

I'm too angry about the snow to even write a tease. Snow. In March. I'm going to bang my head against something flat and hard.

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20/20 vision: An institute provides goals for the church and sexuality for the next decade

Religious leaders are often consulted during major life events: birth, marriage, divorce, death. But if there’s one connecting life issue that isn’t mentioned, even in the schools that train these leaders, it is sexuality...

Friday, March 19

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Daily Dose

There's something very wrong with this cat...

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Zombietube: Area filmmakers prepare undead online series, “Dead Wait”

It’s been said the Internet will rot your brain. Now, thanks to Justin Parlette and Eric Haven, it will also eat your brain. Their upcoming Web series, the zombie outbreak saga “Dead Wait,” gives literal new meaning to the term “viral video” ...

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Net worth: Internet predictions turn out erroneous ... sort of

Everybody’s an armchair psychic this week. Something about the NCAA tournament makes even the most tight-lipped of personalities blather on about their clairvoyant capacities...

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'White Ribbon' weaves dread and mystery around German village

“The White Ribbon” suggests that totalitarianism, terrorism and intolerance sprouted from the ignorance, child abuse, superstition, religious hypocrisy and class divide of a town where the locals act out a morality play...

Thursday, March 18

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The Legend of Asian Kid

Daily Dose

A sorta Jayhawk-themed post about a sorta Jayhawk-themed celebrity just in time for tonight's game! Gather round, chitlins, for the Legend of Asian Kid...

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Review: God of War III (PS3)

Despite the fact that it relies on classic gaming clichés, the God of War series proves that a game doesn’t need an open world or branching dialogue to create a great gaming experience...

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Review: Heavy Rain (PS3)

Heavy Rain innovates in a way that few games have ever succeeded. While it is by no means perfect, it can definitely be included as evidence of games as an art form. It is less a video game than an interactive choose-your-own-adventure book for adults, relying on empathy and emotion over adrenaline and cheap scares...

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Style scout: Lyda Kendrick

I don’t know if the underwear I have on belonged to my mother or my sister, but I don’t think they’re mine...

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No cellphone, no problem: Local residents resist the pull of always being connected

Swimming against the heavy tide of convention, many Lawrencians don’t have cell phones, don’t want them, don’t need them. OK, well, sometimes they admit they need them, but not as often as you might think...

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Style scout: Alex Ward

When I substitute teach, kids say I look like Peter Petrelli from “Heroes.” I also get Johnny Depp, Peter Pan and slightly sleazy actors in general...

Wednesday, March 17

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Win $232 worth of concert tickets at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

It's that hallowed time of year where being outrageous and binge drinking in the middle of a weekday is not only acceptable, but encouraged. At least for those of Irish heritage. Or those who feel a special kinship with the Irish. Or just like wearing green. And/or drinking...

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Snacking satisfaction: Dishes to indulge both the hungry hoops fans and the those with special diets

Sometimes it's a task more difficult than filling out a winning bracket: figuring out what to feed everybody at a March Madness watch party...

Tuesday, March 16

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Chatroulette Piano Improv

Daily Dose

A guy twinkling his ivories on Chatroulette. No, that's not a euphemism. He just plays his piano and narrates everything he sees on the popular video chat service, to charming effect. Guaranteed to be the least offensive thing you see on Chatroulette.

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Free album download: "SweetKnuckleJunction," by Approach

Lawrence's Approach is set to release his new album "Aloe Park" in April. To whet your appetite, he's giving away this new mixtape, "SweetKnuckleJunction," in its entirety for free. It's got new material seasoned with unreleased goodies and the classics...

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Method to the madness: Locals divulge how they choose NCAA brackets

This is a magical time of year. The crocuses are blooming, the promise of warmer weather is in the air — and Jayhawks fans everywhere are coming together to see Kansas University through the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament...

Double Take: Savoring the spring break

Spring break has sprung here in Lawrence.

Monday, March 15

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LOL Presidents

Daily Dose

Everything is funnier with I Can Has Cheezburger captions, even presidential history. Science fact.

Two debt-reduction strategies

The heavy use of debt has pushed many of us to spend more than we earn. In fact, according to data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve, the savings rate in this country averaged only about 6 percent from 2004 to 2007. The recent economic downturn, however, has caused Americans to actually start saving more. This shift in spending habits has occurred even in the midst of high unemployment. As more intelligent spending occurs on a personal level, it is likely that increased saving and also debt elimination will become an attainable goal for many.

Sexual addiction: Behavior has many causes

Tiger Woods remains in the news, and so does speculation that he suffers from sex addiction.

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Lucky bride: Couple marry in 1st St. Patrick’s Day parade

Terri Wilson isn’t likely to forget her wedding day. She was married during Lawrence’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1988.

Get swimwear looks in line for Spring Break

A long winter makes it hard to believe that spring break is just around the corner. It’s true — and all of the easy dresses, swimsuits, sunglasses and beach shoes of resort fashion have hit the shelves. Whether you take a vacation, indulge in a little spring break-wear and some good old-fashioned R&R. You might be surprised how well a new swimsuit, coverup and a fresh pedicure cures those land-locked, winter Kansas blues.

Take steps to avoid ‘computer neck’

Laptops can be a pain in the neck. Not because they crash unexpectedly, take too long to play YouTube videos or wear the battery down in two hours. We’re talking a literal pain in the neck.

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Nature vs. Nintendo: Lawrence parents raise kids outdoors in a plugged-in world

Sandy Beverly distinctly remembers when video games first came out in the ’70s. As a kid, she spent lots of time playing text-based adventure games on an early Texas Instruments computer, then the classic “Pong,” and, eventually, her parents got an Atari for games like Pac-Man.

Chop talk: Check out new lamb, pork recipes on ‘Jayni’s Kitchen’

“Jayni’s Kitchen” debuts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday on Sunflower Broadband Channel 6 with repeats throughout the week.

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Take the bite out of playtime: Lawrence educators offers suggestions to prevent playground habit

Biting seems like such a primitive form of aggression — a natural reaction from a cat or dog or bear. But when it’s your kid digging his teeth into another child’s arm, something so natural can seem downright embarrassingly wrong.

Make birds feel welcome by offering lodging

Early spring is the perfect time to install a bird house in your backyard. Following a few simple steps will have you bird watching in no time.

Take a vacation from textbooks with these teen reads

Teens who will spend spring break at home — or will need some reading material on a long car trip — may want to check out some new, and sometimes unsettling, reads for young adult readers. Rebecca Power, Lawrence Public Library’s new teen services librarian, and other staff compiled some recommended reading for the vacation from textbooks.

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Dance, dance revolution: KU Dance Marathon unites students, community to benefit Children’s Miracle Network

When staging a dance marathon, one would be wise to do some research. A 1974 dance marathon at the University of Virginia for the benefit of Multiple Sclerosis resulted in a misdemeanor charge and a $363 bill for a stolen lamp. Organizers later discovered that the Code of Virginia banned events of physical endurance such as marathon dances, citing safety concerns. Kansas University’s Dance Marathon — scheduled to take place April 10 at the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center — will take heed of such historical guffaws and treat participants to a non-illegal, non-rigorous slate of activities to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Sunday, March 14

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Trololo Remix

Daily Dose

Not just any old remix, mind you, but a creepy one!

A McDreamy health care plan

There has been a lot of talk lately about overhauling our country’s health care system. While our leaders duke it out in D.C., I have written a plan of my own. And I have done it in less than 1,000 pages. Less than 1,000 words, in fact.

Potato potential: Plant your spuds now for best results

Four-leaf clovers, emerald green apparel and leprechaun hats can only signify one thing: potato planting season.

Behind the Lens: Manipulate ISO for higher-quality photo

To follow up on last week's column, the measure of a camera's sensor sensitivity to light is designated by an ISO number. All digital cameras have sensors and ISO settings. The larger the number, the greater the sensor's sensitivity to light...

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Living Irish in Lawrence: Local families honor ties to the Emerald Isle

Lawrence may not have a huge Irish culture like Chicago, New York or Kansas City, but the relatively few and proud Irish who live here cherish their heritage with a collective "Erin Go Bragh!"

Saturday, March 13

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Reincarnated Keyboard Cat

Daily Dose

Plus some unnecessary K-State bashing! After we bury them today, may the Wildcats never be reincarnated.

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Irish heart: Celtic singer Ashley Davis returns to her Kansas roots

“Where are you from?”The question became so pervasive that when Ashley Davis was earning her master’s in traditional Irish music at the University of Limerick, she learned how to respond in Gaelic.

Faith Forum: How does God feel about war?

• Blessed are the peacemakers • Dreaming of peace

Friday, March 12

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Reaction Video To "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Trailer

Daily Dose

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAA...and so on and so forth. Plus the actual trailer.

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Review: ‘Green Zone’ is a failure of intelligence

All the war-zone authenticity in the Arab world cannot salvage the silly Hollywood plot at the heart of “Green Zone,” Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass’ first collaboration outside the Jason Bourne realm...

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Milestones: Author Barry Miles recalls relationships with Beatles, Burroughs and Swinging London

If something interesting was happening in London during the 1960s, chances are Barry Miles was part of it....

Thursday, March 11

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Daily Dose

Gilbert Gottfried pitches a shoehorn on a stick, dogs and hearing aids explode.

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You guys are really good at what you do! An etiquette guide for local bands in awkward situations

We asked more than a dozen local bands questions pertaining to band etiquette. The responses we received proved to be both insightful and hilarious...

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Style scout: Jim Grimes

People say I look like Richard Chamberlain. I've also been told I look like Andy Gibb, Tom Cruise and even Pierce Brosnan...

Tease photo

Style scout: Deena Amont

I read Dr. Seuss books out loud when nobody's around, and I hate wearing pants!

About the "Lessons From Lincoln" series

The people of Lincoln, Neb., have taken a communitywide approach to combating high-risk drinking among college students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Wednesday, March 10

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Corey Haim, R.I.P.

Daily Dose

Who better to eulogize Corey Haim than Corey Haim himself?

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Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PS3)

Instead of making a high-budget clone of Modern Warfare 2 (which would have diluted the Battlefield series), BC2 takes what has always made this series great and enhances it with the best traits of contemporary shooters...

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For the love of bacon: The former breakfast food is sizzling in many delicious mediums

Hungry? How does a handful of bacon gumballs sound? Or maybe you'd prefer to finish your meal with a bacon mint? Or nosh on a bacon and maple syrup lollipop?

Tuesday, March 9

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Police aren't the only ones in Lincoln battling underage drinking, out-of-control parties

Greek community, student body, landlords all play a role

As Matt Pederson stood inside the main area of his well-kept campus fraternity, he gasped when he learned two Kansas University students died last year in alcohol-related incidents.

Tease photo

Drinking still a problem in Lincoln high schools

When Jessica Greer walks down the hallways of Southeast Lincoln High School, the sophomore hears fellow students talking about their weekend plans — where they’ll go to drink and smoke.

City hosting compost sale March 18 to 20

Lawrence citizens can pick up free compost March 18 to 20.

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Lost vs. Baywatch

Daily Dose

Everyone's favorite incomprehensible-stranded-on-an-island-metaphysical-nonsense show combined with everyone's favorite running-in-slow-motion-on-a-beach-melodramatic-nonsense show!

Walk to benefit Multiple Sclerosis April 10

22nd annual Walk MS event April 10 at Sunflower Elementary.

Boy Scouts hosting food drive March 27

Volunteers will be passing out fliers encouraging local residents to leave food donations on their porch for pickup March 27.

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Holding their liquor in Lincoln

Community bands together in unprecedented effort to combat binge drinking

As soon as Jason Goodwin gets out of his car and starts walking down O Street, he becomes an instant magnet for inebriated college students wanting to put their arms around him and ask him silly questions.

Double Take: Loving couple offer a lesson

The young couple warmed the whole restaurant on a cold afternoon.

'Drunk tank' serves as alternative to jail for some violators of Lincoln drinking laws

Three guys stumbled down the street toward Lincoln police officer Jenny Mullendore, clinging onto each other’s shoulders, doing everything they could to help the one in the middle stay on his feet.

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Sketchy comedy: Standup revue is filled with a bunch of Sketch Bags

Did you hear the one about illegal narcotics in Mexico? How about the one about redneck stereotypes? Maybe the one about prostitution?

Monday, March 8

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The Magic Beard of Zach Galifianakis

Daily Dose

Epic beard is epic. Learn the secret of Zach's disappearing/reappearing facial hair.

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Fashion show at Teller’s benefit for Haitians

Lawrence’s fashion community has joined the effort to raise money for Haiti’s earthquake victims. Local businesses and community members gathered March 1 for the Spring Home and Garden Fashion Show, drawing a crowd of more than 200 to Teller’s...

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Bake sales: Startup Atomic Bakery offers treats in not so yummy economy

Economists, analysts and investors have struggled to find a solution to the economic turmoil of the last few years. Gold? Too volatile. Oil? Too dangerous. Cupcakes? Too … delicious?

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The more the merrier: A college student joins community of North Lawrence retailers

In North Lawrence, you’re both in and out of town. The river is a powerful psychological divide. North Lawrence feels like frontier country, a place far removed from the bustle across the river...

Hearty Irish fare prepared on ‘Jayni’s Kitchen’

Lawrence resident Sorcha Hyland joins Jayni Carey in the kitchen this week to prepare some favorite Irish recipes, including Dingle Fish Pie, Buttered Brussels Sprouts and Irish Trifle.

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Lucky charm: Banker leads St. Patrick’s Day charity efforts

Lawrence’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is on Deb Drummet’s mind year-round.

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Up beats: Free State alumnus releases CD of positive children’s music

Charlie the Cheetah can’t seem to slow down and pay attention. Lori the Lion hogs the ball on the soccer field. Roy the Rhino suffers from a serious video game habit. Gary the Goose is a big bully.

Soothing spa treatments, hot nightlife part of Oread experience

Tonight “Home and Away” premieres the second in a two-part series previewing The Oread, the new luxury hotel located on the KU campus. From a day at the Lemon Bliss Spa to a night at The Cave nightclub, tonight’s installment also focuses on multi-purpose hotel amenities that cater to business functions and wedding celebrations.

New thermocouple may solve pilot light problems

If the gas pilot light on a hot water heater refuses to stay lit, replacing its thermocouple may be the answer to the problem.

The makings of champions

The madness of March is officially upon us. I am not just talking about the month of Lent, which leaves people like me regretting our Ash Wednesday declarations and wishing we had included an exemption allowing for consumption of chocolate after noon as the 40 days drag on.

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Unlock the savings: Lawrence families cut costs on phone plans

Remember the days when your $30 per-month basic home phone bill (plus long distance) was all it took to keep in touch with friends and family?

The wisdom of ‘not-knowing’

There’s a quote I really love: “I like not to know for as long as possible because then it tells me the truth instead of me imposing the truth.”

Sunday, March 7

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Daily Dose

Slap dash predictions and cocktail recipes for the Super Bowl of celebrity self-congratulation!

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Magic tables: Fans swear by special sites to watch basketball

Mojo is as mojo does, and in college basketball postseason, die-hard KU fans will go to any length to get their mojo working to ensure victory for the team...

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Lawrence resident John Clifford leaves behind cult film legacy

John Clifford, 91, passed away Tuesday. The life of this Lawrence resident, was brimming with an array of remarkable experiences and accomplishments, including writing the screenplay for "Carnival of Souls" ...

Behind the Lens: Changing your film's ASA is another way to control exposure

When you photograph with film you have to choose between black-and-white, color negative and color slide film. In addition, each film had multiple speeds, or sensitivity ratings, denoted by an ASA number...

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Seed money: Invest now in a healthy, green lawn this summer

Spring is finally on its way, and with it comes the time to fill in the last few bare spots in the lawn or do the overseeding that you didn't have time for last fall...

Saturday, March 6

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Anti-Missouri Propaganda

Daily Dose

Fan-made Photoshoppery and other online flotsam from Jayhawk Nation furthering the feud with our neighbors to the east.

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Jew Ball! KU students put their own spin on Shabbat

Jew Ball. The phrase sounds like something you shouldn’t say. Like it’s not right for polite company or un-PC or something that could get you fired if you Googled it at work.

Faith Forum: How important is fellowship in one’s religious experience?

• Avoid the pitfalls of going it alone spiritually • Fellowship encourages sharing life together

Friday, March 5

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Kansas Beats The Snot Out Of Missouri (1961)

Daily Dose

Archival footage of a bench clearing brawl between the Jayhawks and the Tigers from the Kennedy Administration.

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Oscar night: Academy Awards offer Lawrence movie fans an excuse to stage year's most anticipated party

For some, watching the Super Bowl or the Olympics or even the presidential election pales in comparison. That's because the Academy Awards are still the ultimate touchstone for drama and glamour, sentiment and lunacy...

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'Alice in Wonderland' suffers an identity crisis

Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" is a fairytale about a little girl trying to find her way in a world populated by grotesque, illogical, childish adults. Tim Burton's film imposes a second identity crisis on the tale, that of a director uncertain of how to proceed...

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Net Worth: Web goodies divulged during spring cleaning

Although spring doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks, I’ve decided to utilize this week’s Net Worth to take care of some spring cleaning.

Thursday, March 4

Quail Run School hosting Health and Wellness fair Saturday

Health and Wellness offers health vendors, blood drive.

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'90s Flashback

Daily Dose

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" figure skating and Dance-a-thon 1991. May our grandchildren forgive us.

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Local woman to display 'eco-art' accessories at Saturday's art and craft show

'Green' art to be sold Saturday at annual Arts and Crafts Fest

Loni Hosking turns everything from old tires and license plates into jewelry.

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Lost in the Cosmos: Lawrence rock-fusion act finesses the art of 'Mental Hygiene'

Lawrence drummer Luke Stone made it a custom to pick up two Britney Spears stickers from a vending machine every week. He put them on his practice pad at home, inspiring him to practice his rudiments...

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Style scout: Jordan Yochim

People say I look like Dustin Hoffman a lot when I have different glasses on. I also occasionally get Gabriel Byrne...

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Style scout: Saralyn Reece Hardy

I was once the Sugarplum Fairy. And I once had a conversation through mail with the playwright Arthur Miller...

Wednesday, March 3

Advocates at KU event seek to end use of 'R' word

Disability rights advocates urged students at KU to sign a pledge not to use the word "retard."

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Fun with Microsoft Songsmith

Daily Dose

An oldie-but-a-goodie meme using a best-forgotten Microsoft software to remix and ruin some of your favorite songs.

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What do I do with vanilla beans?

Vanilla beans aren't just for fancy chefs and frighteningly fragrant body lotions — they're perfect for home cooks who want to infuse real flavor.

Tuesday, March 2

Blood donations needed, area drives upcoming

Area agencies report low blood supplies.

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The Soundtrack To Hell

Daily Dose

Or at the very least the music you hear on the express elevator to hell. There are no words...literally.

Double Take: Help! I think my kid is a bully

You’ve talked about how to handle bullying before. What do I do if my child is the bully?

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Apocalypse on the Kaw: Memoir explores Lawrence's history of violence and the nuclear paranoia of 'The Day After'

When Steven Church sat down to write his memoir about growing up in Kansas, he recalled fond childhood memories of mushroom clouds, irradiated ghouls and the total collapse of human civilization.

Monday, March 1

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Money Doodles

Daily Dose

A collection of hilariously defaced paper currency. Can I get five Batmen back for this Spock?

Are you throwing an Oscar party? Let us know!

Whether you plan to recreate storied Oscar fashion (Hello, Cher!), cook up an all-blue "Avatar"-themed buffet or cram all 10 best picture nominees into your pre-show entertainment, if you're hosting an Oscar party in Lawrence, we want to hear about it...

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Living stories: Free State students will travel to Kenya for Miriam’s Circle team

Ruaa Hassaballa loves the power of a good story. Hassaballa, born in Sudan, is a senior at Free State High School. She’ll be traveling to Kenya this summer to listen to the stories of the families displaced by the country’s internal struggles, and of mothers of disabled children.

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Char to perfection: Angler’s chef shares delectable dish perfect for Lent

Restaurants, I love them all: bistros, cafes, steak or barbecue joints, bar and grills, hoity-toity French places, down-home country diners, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Thai, Chinese, sushi bars, new cuisine, old cuisine. You get the idea.

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Peace pipeline: KU’s Peace Corps week offers prospective volunteers a glimpse of adventure

The village of Mörön is approximately 6,250 miles from Lawrence in northern Mongolia. Its 40,000 inhabitants are served by an airport with two runways, one of which is paved with gravel.

Stench of dog poo indelible

Like the minutemen of old, parents are conditioned to react to noise in the night. Whether stirred by a hungry newborn’s midnight cry or a child standing over our pillows uttering the words “my tummy hurts” (nothing propels me out of bed faster than the threat of being spontaneously covered in rotavirus), we are always ready to respond when we hear a call for help.

Lawrence parents tackle nature deficit disorder

The wildest place my best friend Susan Sapper and I could think of was “the creek,” a concrete-lined drainage ditch behind her house in our new development in Raytown, Mo. The water it collected fed into a slate-bottomed tributary of the Little Blue River. I once found a hand mirror half-buried in the mud along its banks that we decided belonged to Sacagawea.

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Jazzercise turns 40 (and not a leg warmer in sight)

Popular fitness program keeps evolving with clients

If getting older is about knowing how to be comfortable in your own skin, Jazzercise is right where it should be.

Get ‘big picture’ view of finances

Major financial decisions such as purchasing a home or taking out a business loan often require us to provide a statement of our current financial situation. This helps the lender or other interested parties in these transactions analyze their risk by obtaining a glimpse into an individual’s or business’s financial health. Unless prompted by an event that requires a statement of net worth, however, the average person typically does not take advantage of the benefits of this “big picture” view of his or her fiscal condition.

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Life in motion: Zumba class helps attorney reshape health

Zumba has helped Amy Ash put diabetes in abeyance, lose weight and embark on a third career path. Like many women, Ash gained weight with two pregnancies, and, despite dieting, walking and running couldn’t seem to shift the extra pounds. During a routine medical visit three years ago she learned she was pre-diabetic and needed medication.

Cutting-edge fabrics set fashion into future

March marks exciting revelations in the realm of fashion, emerging notions with an entirely global effect. In 2010, fashion considers the use of science and technology in its own field. Innovations and discoveries in environmental and scientific fields are hinted at, if not incorporated into the designs of clothing and accessories.

Attitude changes go deeper than ‘thinking positive’

“You need an attitude adjustment!” We are sure you have heard that one before. We are also fairly certain you find that adjusting one’s attitude is much easier said than done.

Put your tax refund to work

Lawrence, K.C. financial advisers offer smart strategies for windfalls great or small

Call it financial Christmas, a rainy-day fund, your yearly perk as a U.S. citizen: the tax refund. While it might not be much — or, for some, it might not exist at all — any, ahem, “windfall” hitting your bank account can mean a lot if you plan on bettering your financial situation in 2010, local money experts say.

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Noise makers: New study looks into whether loud toys can harm children’s hearing

They’re loud and obnoxious and often go hand-in-hand with being a parent. No, not your kids (good answer, though!) — the little rascals’ toys.

“Asian Wraps,” with chef Nancy Stark

Also on the menu: • Fresh vietnamese spring rolls w/ peanut dipping sauce • California rolls

The Oread featured in two-part episode of ‘Home and Away’

Perched on the hallowed peak of Mount Oread, at the corner of 12th and Indiana streets, a striking limestone fortress now bookends the KU campus.

Let this sink in: DIY bathroom update a snap

Whether you are replacing an old sink or adding a new one, installing a self-rimming sink is a reasonable, do-it-yourself kind of job.