Kansas Beats The Snot Out Of Missouri (1961)

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It was a simpler, more innocent time...

We, as a college sports community, hate Missouri. It’s a rivalry that sometimes turns ugly and in recent years often devolves into offensive name calling. Tomorrow’s basketball game will no doubt serve to stoke those fires.

And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. I mean, c’mon! If we can’t poke fun at Missouri, who’s left? Arkansas? That’s like playing keep away with a developmentally disabled chimpanzee or making George W. Bush literacy jokes…it’s just too easy. Besides, we’re Kansas…there aren’t that many states lower than us on the cultural-laughing-stock totem pole. First rule of bullying: Pick on someone smaller and less respected than you.

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Border War pep talk

Throw in some bad blood leftover from the Civil War (check out this article we did a few years back detailing the history behind the feud), and Missouri hatred almost has the patina of righteousness. At least as much as mocking the socio-economic status of the rural underprivileged can be considered righteous (also check out this podcast I did a few years back wherein I do exactly that, complete with banjos and incest references). But again I say…lighten up! Wouldn’t you rather we funnel our baser reptilian instincts into a harmless sports rivalry than into, say, burning down each others towns again?

And if anyone thinks this is a recent phenomenon, watch this video. It’s a bench clearing brawl between KU and MU from 1961. The footage is kind of grainy, but you can still make out some wicked haymakers. Hopefully we show some of this spunk in tomorrow’s game (minus the mixed martial arts, of course). Rock chalk!


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