Get swimwear looks in line for Spring Break

A long winter makes it hard to believe that spring break is just around the corner.

It’s true — and all of the easy dresses, swimsuits, sunglasses and beach shoes of resort fashion have hit the shelves. Whether you take a vacation, indulge in a little spring break-wear and some good old-fashioned R&R.; You might be surprised how well a new swimsuit, coverup and a fresh pedicure cures those land-locked, winter Kansas blues.

Cutaway swimsuits

The cutaway swimsuit is a sexy, revealing one-piece. Take this easy route to show off a little skin and follow the high-fashion trend, cutaway clothing. The swimming pool or the beach are two perfect locations to test this trend, especially if you are nervous about coming across as inappropriate or too risqué wearing cutaway apparel in a more ... clothed ... atmosphere. Birthed from the original monokini, this year’s cutaway bikini has come a long way. The overall shape of this suit has endless variations; a bandeau-top or halter might be followed by bondage-like straps or crisscross fabric strips to connect top to itty-bitty or even boy-brief bottoms.

Because the shapes and styles of the cutaway swimsuits are tricky to picture, I suggest doing a little research. Check out some of my favorite cutaway monokinis from spring and resort Collections in the list I’ve compiled at the end of this article.

One-shouldered suits

One-shouldered swimsuits, both one-pieces and bikinis, are a dominant swimwear trend for 2010. The one-shouldered swimsuit is a great solution for those looking to instantly update their one-piece. A classic, black one-shouldered suit looks modern without too much ostentation.

Retro swimwear

High waists and halter tops make a great pair for a vintage/retro-inspired swimsuit. Look for fun details, like floral-prints, ruffles and bows. Short swim-skirts attached to one-pieces and two-pieces is also a stylish variation of the retro-suit. Check out Diane Von Furstenberg’s 2010 Swimwear Collection for bloomers that are fabulous, if I do say so myself.

Cover-ups, cover it up!

Swimsuit coverups are a tricky but necessary item. On vacation, you never know where the day might take you — it is always the worst to miss out on dinner or drinks because you didn’t bring a suitable coverup along. And running into the grocery store wearing nothing but a bikini and flip-flops is awkward, even if it is just to buy some extra sunscreen.

Pick a coverup that is functional and easy. There is no room for complex straps, belts and ties at the beach. Slip-on shoes and a sundress are the perfect solution. Also, it is easy to follow the bohemian trend with long maxi dresses and floral prints. Fix hair into a long, side braid and you are set!

Keep in mind this year’s sheer trend when shopping for a coverup, too (although, it’s not appropriate for all environments, so keep this in mind).

Below is a list of some of my favorite designer swimwear for spring break 2010:

● Herve Leger’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection is still one of the best references and inspirations for the ultimate monokini and one-shouldered suit.

● Marc Jacobs has great colors and prints on all monokinis in his 2010 Summer Swimwear collection.

● Luiza Bonadiman’s Spring/Summer 2010 swimwear collection contains fabulous sheer swimsuits, cutaway one-pieces, and one-shouldered bikinis.

● Vitamin A 2010 Swimwear collection uses brilliant colors and luxurious fabrics to create both cutaway monokinis and bikinis.

● Gucci’s 2010 collection contains this season’s ubiquitous scuba-inspired swimsuit.

● Diane Von Furstenberg’s 2010 Resort Collection presents a retro-swimwear collection that is to die for!


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