The Legend of Asian Kid

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Thanks to Dead Spin, KU athletics has another inadvertent celebu-meme! From the same folks who helped make Longhorn Girl a reluctant star who frequently takes her clothes off in front of a camera yet hates attention, we now have Asian Kid.

The Legend of Asian Kid began when this photo, which originally appeared in the University Daily Kansan, surfaced on ( being the digital man-cave of suspended Jayhawk adolescents).

The photo is of the immediate aftermath of one of several skirmishes between the KU basketball team and the KU football team this past semester. There’s so much going in this photo, but one question rose to the top of Who the hell is that Asian kid wandering seemingly oblivious through the carnage behind him?

Rather than actually figuring out the true identity of Asian Kid, what followed was 16 pages (and counting) of comment thread devoted to Photoshopping this poor soul into every picture ever taken. Here now are some of the “best” Asian Kid Photoshops from (Hat tip to Laura Watkins!)

And for you true believers, here’s the mother load of all super sports nerd references. I honestly have no idea what’s going on here, but a lot of people on thought this was genius for some reason.

And we might as well take a shot…anyone here know who Asian Kid really is?


pistachio 10 years, 10 months ago

No, but 10 points if you can tell me who he's standing next to in the Mario Chalmers photo!

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