Muppets Audition For "Lost"


I hope you stay dead, "Lost," unlike every character who has ever died on your show.

I don’t like “Lost.” I’m glad it’s going off the air. I realize this puts me squarely in the minority of the nerd community and opens me up to attack (attacks such as being pelted with 20 sided dice, “Magic: The Gathering” cards, and tears) but I can’t help it. I gave it a shot, but I found the show to be plodding, absurd, bursting with annoying characters and frustrating for the sake of being frustrating.

We all know they were making it up as they went along, and no amount of Allison Janney crushing people’s heads on or with stones will make up for the six year cul-de-sac this show has led America down. I kind of hate you, “Lost.”

But, again, I’m well aware this makes me the Smoke Locke Others Polar Linus Monster on the island. I’m the bad guy. Everyone else is having fun with this pop culture milestone and I’m pissing in the well that leads to the light of the island which one of the candidates must protect. I honestly don’t begrudge you your finale parties. Enjoy yourselves, Dharma Bums.

To make peace between us, here is some unabashed "Lost" pr0n in which Muppets audition for the role of the smoke monster. It pains me to post this (because every fiber of my being is hate), but I genuinely wish you "Lost" people well. (Via Videogum)


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