Classic sweaters paired with new looks

I’ve always believed that a girl can’t have enough jackets or coats. In fact, when the seasons change, I open up my closet doors and pat myself on the back, proud of my large and various collection of fall outerwear. That was, proud until yesterday, when the pole in my closet came crashing to the floor, no longer able to support the weight of so many, many jackets. Thus, I have compiled a short list of fall essentials, three in-style cover-ups, all of which have the maximum potential of wearability and are perfect selections for Lawrence’s unpredictable temperatures.

Ski lodge sweaters

Hunt for a good thigh-length sweater with a fun pattern or design. I like earth-toned, geometric shapes, snowflakes, Fair Isle patterns, trees and even incorporations of reindeer, so long as the entire motif is subtle in color. Choose a sweater with or without a tie, but do pick one with an interesting shape. I’ve seen several sweaters in shops about town with oversized shawl collars, dolman sleeves and fun folds added in front for a different, intriguing aesthetic. Your sweater will be perfect for cool, weekend mornings at the Lawrence Farmers’ Market or chilly nights downtown, and it can complete a classic look when worn with bow-flats, straight-leg jeans and a plain white T or a boho-chic outfit when worn with a skirt, boots, and oversized, natural jewelry.

Tweed jackets

From cropped, classy jackets to fitted skirts and dresses, tweed is making a major comeback. And tweed apparel is not just for female politicians or your great-aunt. Rather, it is a lifetime fabric for women of all ages. When you are selecting your first tweed jacket, purchase one in a conservative color for the most longevity. Many tweed jackets have gorgeous, oversized buttons that add a bit of edginess or glamour depending on their look (plus the buttons can always be replaced to update your jacket and modernize its appearance in the years to come). I prefer shorter, cropped and collarless tweed jackets, but keep in mind your body shape and personal wardrobe while you are shopping. Wear your tweed jacket with sequins for a fun, mixed texture, or highlight its shape by layering a long, oversized boyfriend shirt underneath.

Glam jacket

Now, many might believe that a tweed jacket and a glam jacket serve too similar purposes and are worn with too similar outfits to hold a viable place on this short, concise list. But ladies, let me tell you — sometimes you need some shimmer; sometimes sequins are quite necessary. In fact, the glam jacket is the evening version of tweed. Pull one on for an instant update, the perfect night-to-day transition piece. Look for one that makes a statement: oversized shoulders, all metallic, or sequined lapels. My advice is to purchase your glam jacket in an oversized, boyfriend-blazer shape. This shape is different than the others on this list, providing a hip and modern alternative.


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