Four fall fashion items men should own

This fall, men have brilliant options to update their style. Fashions are modern but classic, versatile, and built to stand the test of time. Read on for four fall trends that every man can work into his wardrobe.

1. Updated watches

This fall, the hottest men’s accessory is the subtle, masculine watch. Look for a simple, refined watch with an easy-to-read, straightforward face and a basic band. One option is the all-black watch, an inconspicuous, modern timepiece that makes an overstatement with its understatedness. Another option is the more utilitarian, military-inspired watch. This watch might have a brown or tan leather band, or a stiff, army-green, nylon or polypropylene watchband. Either way, still look for a wristwatch that maintains a basic, classic faceplate — nothing too fancy. Use it to tell the time, you know?

Check out models by Timex, Bell&Ross;, Brera Orologi, Luminox, Michael Kors, Movado and Nixon.

2. Lace-up boots

Rugged, lace-up boots that fall in line with the military trend were all over Fall 2010 runways. These boots are perfect for casual daily-wear, weekend wear and nights out at the bars. Wear your lace-up boots with your pants tucked in, or, if you are wearing sturdier denim or thick khaki, wear your boots loosely laced part of the way up and cuff your pants (I like a larger cuff that is a single, oversized upturned cuff). See boots by Dr. Martens, DSquared2 and John Varvatos.

3. Khakis

Pick up a pair of khakis for a great alternative to jeans. Not a khaki man? Look for a pair that is darker than your average chino, made of a sturdier cotton fabric. These pants will work brilliantly with all of the rugged, outdoor, sporty menswear that is in style this fall. Pair your khakis with a v-neck sweater or a layered plaid shirt and wool pullover. Still opposed? Update your normal chinos with a modern, slim-cut pair in an unusual color for a similar wardrobe piece. See Caufield Prep for khaki options and styling ideas.

4. Chunky knits

For both men and women, thick knits and ribbed textures are in-style this fall. Find a chunky, slim-fit, fisherman-esque turtleneck for a versatile wardrobe piece. This can be worn alone with jeans or layered under a lightweight jacket. For the best shape, pick knits with high armholes and a trim cut that won’t leave you looking bulkier than you are in actuality. If you can’t find the right ribbed knit, keep your eye out for a ribbed scarf, which will still provide a nice contrast against other fall fabrics, like cottons, corduroys and tweeds. Check out knit sweaters by D&G; and Jil Sander for great fits.


chickensandwich 9 years, 10 months ago

People in Lawrence dress themselves for like $17- total outfit (including shoes).

While it may not appeal to me to wear someone else's old rags, and I prefer men's designer clothing:

  1. I doubt many locals are going to "check out" $600 Dolce & Gabanna sweaters.
  2. There's is nowhere to shop for men in Lawrence. Shoes or clothes. I have to buy online or when traveling.

Just sayin'.

elpintogrande 9 years, 10 months ago

Just go to the thrift store and pick out something that you like. All fashion is recycled anyway. And if what you find is too big (because everyone who reads men's fashion blogs on are all 115lbs. emaciated hipsters) take it to the tailor on 9th and Mississippi and she'll custom fit it for you.

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