Mass St. Chic: Mix up your holiday look with cosmetics

Although most women have a set beauty routine, now and then it’s fun to mix it up. Holiday parties and season festivities are the perfect time to try fresh, new cosmetics. Different looks, either subtle or bold, will be the perfect complements to your winter wardrobe and holiday outfits.


When it comes to makeup, always remember that less is more. So please keep in mind that the following makeup ideas are not meant to be worn all at once; instead, pick one or two, and be sure to downplay the rest of your makeup so that you don’t look like a thespian or teen beauty pageant contestant.

• Accent your eyes with some grown-up glitter. Add just a hint of shimmer to your lids with a glitter eyeliner versus a glitter eyeshadow. An eyeliner will provide an appropriate amount of glitter without going overboard. Pat your eyelids after application to keep glitter specs in place. Also, hold a piece of tissue or Kleenex under your eye to avoid sparkles all over your cheeks and face.

• Feeling low? Brighten your cheeks with a blush or bronzer. Pick a color that complements your skin tone. If you want to wear a more-than-normal amount, do try a rosier pink. Accompany your bright, rosy blush with simple, mascara-only eyes and a sheer or nude lip color for a great winter look.

• Try winged eyeliner for a retro look. Although black is the most classic, other colors are appropriate, too. A deep purple or forest green liner provides an interesting, different dose of color and can bring out the color of your eyes and other facial features.


Pick out a fun, unusual nail color for an instant, easy beauty update.

Try a metallic polish, or a rich ruby hue. For an at-home manicure, try a stick-on nail polish — it is easy to apply and typically lasts as long as ordinary nail polish. Don’t shy away from glitter, either. Sparkly nails are very trendy and very holiday.

My favorite new nail trend is mixing prints. Paint three or four nails on each hand one color, and use a complementary color for the remaining nails. For example, I like to paint most of my nails one basic color, and then I paint the rest with a bright, glittery polish. This look provides an interesting mix of prints and an insertion of texture in an unexpected place.


Holiday parties and special events are a perfect opportunity to bust out hair accessories. Use feather barrettes and bejeweled headbands to hold back your hair in a loose chignon.

If you have shorter hair or a pixie cut, oversized bows and other hair accessories are fun, feminine looks, and they can add a touch of dressiness and festiveness to your outfit. If you just can’t get a hair accessory to work with your outfit, try a unique hairstyle instead.

Integrate a small braid into a loose bun, or style your hair into a side-braid for a look that is very runway, casual-chic. If all of your hair won’t stay in place, escaping out the sides of the braid as it gains length, don’t worry — a few loose pieces are desirable.


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