Stories for October 2010


Sunday, October 31

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Screams in School: Scary Story Contest brings out the frights

The Journal-World features department was equal parts enthralled and spooked by the nearly 150 entries to our annual Scary Story Contest. We provided the prompt: “I returned to school after dinner to pick up a book I forgot. The front doors were unlocked, but the building was dark and deserted.”

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Behind the Lens: Take great holiday photos

As spooks and goblins assemble for All Hallow’s Eve today, a season of holidays and the gathering of family and friends begin.

Critter Care: Have plans, funds ready for pets that outlive you

I have outlined instructions, which I keep with my will, that detail what I want done with my pets after I move on to cleaning those litter boxes in the heavens.

Friday, October 29

Get your map for the third Final Fridays in Downtown Lawrence

Final Fridays is tonight and we have a map of galleries to visit.

Review: KU Theatre's 'Lobby Hero' offers nuanced study about morals

Heroes stand divided in University Theatre’s “Lobby Hero,” an intensely personal and character-driven play about the thin line between right and wrong.

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Follow us on Twitter and win concert tickets

Follow's Twitter account and you can win tickets to see The Edlers and True North next Friday.

Arts roundup: Karole Armitage returning to Lawrence; City Band Director Bob Foster honored

This week in arts: Karole Armitage returns for week of dance events; guest artists join KU jazz performers; KU's Robert Foster honored; KU graduate wins essay contest.

Thursday, October 28

Night lights: Lawrence man uses lights and music to create unique Halloween experience

It’s no secret that it’s easy to catch Michael Jackson’s full-length “Thriller” video this time of year. But you’ve never seen “Thriller” like it’s being done these days at 2920 Pebble Lane.

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Style Scout: David Hall

Tell us a secret: I buy stuff from Urban Outfitters.

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Style Scout: Kim Koelling

Tell us a secret: I’m going to Africa for the Peace Corps in February.

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Scientific method: SciencePalooza offers three-part study of beer, food, music

Even those who have been to the KU Natural History Museum before have never had this experience.

Wednesday, October 27

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Fundraiser brings Halloween-themed mini-golf to Lawrence

The second annual Caddy Stacks fundraiser transforms the library into an 18-hole mini- golf course. Each hole is decorated by Lawrence businesses and organizations.

Myths about food and weight dispelled

There are many myths out there related to food intake and physical activity that make it difficult to know what to believe.

Tuesday, October 26

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Diabetic treat recipes, scared up just in time for Halloween

We found desserts great for diabetics on Hallow's Eve or any old time

Halloween sugar shock is pretty familiar to most people in the United States, where tiny fun-size candies are as synonymous with the holiday as ghouls and goblins. But for an ever-growing group of Americans, ingesting a huge amount of sugar isn’t on the table, even for such a sweets-heavy time of year as Halloween.

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Double take: Empathy beginning to lessen over digital divide

Wes: Over the last 20 years, there’s been an increasing concern in adolescent literature regarding empathy, or the lack thereof.

Review: Traditions of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ come to Lied Center

Tradition came to Lawrence on Thursday in the form of a traveling production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” a musical about the friction generated when social change pushes families and friends apart.

Monday, October 25

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Nature at work: Permaculture teaches sustainable techniques to growers

Justin Dett’s goal, after finishing college, is to start his own farm. He doesn’t want to start just any farm, though. The Park University student wants to use the principles of permaculture that he’s been learning from Steve Moring, one of the area’s most experienced permaculture farmers.

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine brings surprises to KU students

The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine made an appearance at the Kansas Union Monday.

Review: 'Fiddler' delights Lied Center audience

Tradition came to Lawrence on Thursday in the form of a traveling production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” a musical about the friction generated when social change pushes families and friends apart.

Tina Knowles — Beyoncé's mom — goes to Walmart for size, size range

Tina Knowles taps just about everyone around her to be a fit model for her new line of clothes that just moved into Walmart, from her best 50-something-year-old friend in Houston to the young hip woman answering phones in her Manhattan office. And, yes, her daughter Beyonce already has samples from the upcoming spring collection.

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Book of memories: Great-grandmother’s recipe collection evokes nostalgia

When my great-grandma Opal died about a year and a half ago, one of the things we found while sorting through her stuff was a handwritten recipe book dated June 25, 1926.

A little Halloween costume planning goes a long way

Halloween is a tricky holiday. Every year once October rolls around, I start to get anxious about my costume. I can never decide what to be! Typically, I spend the first 30 days of the month deliberating and then realize that I have procrastinated half of my options away. Whether you are a last-minute costume person or a planner, check out these tips, tricks and treats that I have compiled in preparation for this Halloween.

Age-appropriate Halloween costumes can pose a battle

Sexy nurses and scantily clad vamps of all kinds come out at night on Halloween, showing off a different take on a holiday once thought to be just for kids. But when young people choose costumes, what they pick out could make a parent’s hair stand on end.

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Chills without spills: Ten horror movies that aren’t too gory for teens

Every year, Halloween comes along and scary movies are back in the spotlight. But if you’re a parent, it is a challenge to find a good horror movie from the last 50 years that isn’t rated R. The films on this list will do the trick (or treat), and don’t have much — if any — of the gore that’s so prevalent in the genre these days.

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Recycled Halloween: Save money, waste with holiday plans

The streets fill with vampires, monsters and zombies on Halloween. But there is one specter the citizenry need not fear: waste. Costumes, pumpkins and decorations can all be reused or recycled, and Lawrence counts on more than enough resources to ensure that the holiday won’t contribute to the landfill or damage the pocketbook.

Three Moves: Personal trainer offers tips to tone shoulders

Natalie Wilkins, fitness assistant and personal trainer at Body Boutique, 2330 Yale Road, says most Americans tend to hunch their shoulders forward. Not a good look on anyone, and even worse for your posture.

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Ride of her life: Retirement brings new adventures for Eloise Kerr

American Legion Auxiliary volunteer and school bus attendant Eloise Kerr has ridden motorbikes across the country, flown on small planes, camped at Clinton Lake and, with her grandchildren’s help, keeps up-to-date with modern technology.

Pink ribbon priorities: Stepping Out Against Breast Cancer benefit for LMH Endowment

Judy Hollingshead has survived breast cancer. Twice. And she owes it to monthly breast self-exams and mammograms, she says.

The haunted smoke detector

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain seemed to fall not drop by drop, but, rather, bucket by bucket upon our fair city, as an angry Kansas gale ripped across our yards and down our streets. Its target: the power grid encompassing this writer, home alone with her daughters.

Sunday, October 24

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PIcking pumpkins: Cooking versus carving calls for different purchases

Pie pumpkins (the term is used for all culinary varieties) really are different than ornamental pumpkin varieties.

Saturday, October 23

Local artists open homes, studios to public for Lawrence ArtWalk

Residents are able to see artists and their artwork in a "natural environment" for the art event.

Friday, October 22

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Design your own Kansas wine tour

If a trip to Italy, France or California isn’t in the offing, northeast Kansas offers enough quality vineyards for local oenophiles to enjoy a glorious day of sightseeing and sipping.

Upcoming arts events: Downtown Lawrence Inc. photo contest; 'Right Between the Ears' Halloween show

Some upcoming arts events in Lawrence: A photo contest by Downtown Lawrence Inc.; new works at Wonder Fair; "Lobby Hero" opening at KU; several events opening at The Raven Bookstore; a Spencer Consort performance.

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Move over MacDonald: Lawrence farming gets a woman's touch

At Megan Paisley’s stand at the Lawrence Farmers’ Market, it’s pretty easy to get a glimpse of the future. It’s a good thing the girls are learning the ropes. And not just because they are the initials behind Paisley’s Double J Farm logo. More and more women are running America’s farms.

Thursday, October 21

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Artists open their doors for 2010 Lawrence ArtWalk

More than 50 area artists will open up their doors to residents this weekend as part of the 16th annual Lawrence ArtWalk. Instead of viewing work in galleries and shows, the public will have the chance to visit the homes and studios of local artists, where the creative process actually takes place.

Wednesday, October 20

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Style scout: Kendall Jones

Tell us a secret: My favorite TV show is “Judge Judy.” I have a place in my heart for all things law-oriented, no matter the level.

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Style scout: Margaux DeRoux

How would you describe your style? I don’t think about what I wear enough to call it a conscious style. I wear whatever’s closest to the door.

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Douglas County resident creates fright-filled Haunted Farm for Halloween fans

A sign leading into Steve Cates’ rural Douglas County home should read beware of clowns, corpses, giant leaping spiders, grave-digging zombies and so much more.

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Readers share favorite fall comfort foods

When fall chills the air around her rural Lawrence home, Harriet House knows just what to cook to warm body and soul.

Tuesday, October 19

Lawrence lines up safe celebrations for Halloween

Parents are invited once again to pack up the kids — the ghouls, the goblins, the princesses, the Lady GaGas — and head downtown for wholesome and productive trick-or-treating, before heading back home for after-dark roaming in accordance with all the regular rules.

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Passion for Pierogies: Area business owners find niche with Polish comfort food

When starting her very own food production business a few months ago, Caroline Wroczynski had a bit of a marketing problem.

Double Take: Relationships get a health checkup at the clinic

What if there were a health clinic for relationships? If you could just walk in for a checkup, what would the doctor say?

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Boomerang children need special rules

Mom’s side: He’s 20 now. He’s been out on his own. Now he’s come back home to live. So why can’t he at least screw the lid back on the jelly jar and put it away?

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Quietly expressive: Free State senior asserts her confidence and talent through painting

Free State High School senior Hanna Marie Angelone is not the kind of student you will find cheerleading on the sidelines, nor is she the star athlete headed to the state championship.

Monday, October 18

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Theatre Lawrence awarded $497,600 challenge grant from Mabee Foundation

Efforts to build a new Lawrence Community Theatre in West Lawrence have received a nearly $500,000 boost.

Lawrence gears up for Make a Difference Day

Fourteen agencies around Lawrence will be opening their doors this Saturday to welcome volunteers. Members of the community will be working together as part of the largest fall volunteer event — Make a Difference Day.

Motion-sensing lights provide safety, savings

Motion-sensing exterior lights save money by limiting the amount of time the light is actually on.

Lawrence mom goes with her gut on probiotic use

Little bacteria are a big deal in Madeleine McLaughlin’s home. And it’s not the bad type of bacteria you see in cartoon form running around ads for cleaning products. Rather, it’s the good bacteria found in probiotics.

Eating local: Community Merc’s Nancy O’Connor visits ‘Jayni’s Kitchen’

On a new episode of “Jayni’s Kitchen,” the Community Mercantile’s Nancy O’Connor joins host Jayni Carey to prepare healthy and tasty recipes featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Nation doomed by Missouri

I’m River City Jules, and I approved this message:

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Ready for sibling two: LMH classes prepare kids for new brothers or sisters

Preparing for a second child has been an adventure for Karen Cross. Her 3-year-old daughter, Anne, already has been having conversations with Cross’ midsection, which holds a son due Nov. 30.

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'Death Becomes Hair' event benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence

Audience members can expect a wild time at this year’s Death Becomes Hair Masquerade Ball and Fashion Show, where they’re encouraged to match the staff and models’ costume efforts for a true Halloween event.

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Lobes of love: Lawrence resident gathering earrings for breast cancer patients

Tammy Frank of Lawrence always gets a lift from putting on a sassy pair of earrings in the morning.

From pain to precision: Yoga Center of Lawrence owner, 68, finds healthy balance

Jill Krebs was bedridden with back problems before she found a solution for her pain.

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Lawrence pumpkin patch owners carve out family attractions

It’s a giant metal trough filled with thousands of corn kernels. It seems silly, childish, but kids and adults love it alike. They get in, sit down and relax, sinking into the kernels.

No need to knit to create warm winter scarf

Hello, my name is Katie, and I’m addicted to fabric remnants.

Sunday, October 17

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When Fido freaks out: Trainers offer clues to curious canine behaviors

Lawrence resident Dianne Ensminger’s dog, Baxter, is a bit of a head case.

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Local playwright meditates on unity: “The Hindu and the Cowboy” performing at Theatre Lawrence

You could say Azra Haq and a throng Lawrence residents of disparate faiths meet religiously every month to talk about unity.

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Gilding gourds: Fall favorites popular in seasonal decor

Gourds are a popular fall decoration and/or craft item.

Saturday, October 16

Faith Forum: How has your view on faith changed over time?

How has your view on faith changed over time?

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Homespun horrors: Halloween decorations rise from the depths

Thirteen years ago, Dana Dyer’s Halloween decorations started as just a graveyard, a few jack o’ lanterns and the occasional rat.

Friday, October 15

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‘Red’ is leaden spy game caper for Willis and pals

Critics often gripe about the blink-and-you’ve-missed-it frenzy of action sequences in today’s Hollywood thrillers.

Thursday, October 14

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KU flag team is the caretaker for Mount Oread’s most visible landmark

The Kansas University flag team is focused on its flags nearly every minute the team is on campus — and even sometimes when members are miles away.

Arts roundup: Environmental film fest; KU Symphony Orchestra Halloween concert

Upcoming events in the Lawrence arts community: a film fest sponsored by Friends of the Kaw; a Halloween concert with the KU Symphony Orchestra; "Jack and Jill" at the Lawrence Arts Center; Instrumental Collegium Musicum and more.

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For the love of pre-game

Tailgate parties evolve into epic productions

Today’s tailgate parties are all-day and all-night multimedia productions with satellite TVs, stereos, elaborate barbecue spreads, colorful tents, even custom vehicles and costumes.

Wednesday, October 13

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Style scout: Shea Geyer

Tell us a secret: I have to sleep with the TV on every night…

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Style scout: Jeremy Furse

Sign: Taurus, so either I’m full of bull or I am a bull…

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Your favorite Halloween candy, as a cupcake

As one of Halloween’s most iconic candies, candy corn seemed worthy of a makeover.

Make home cooking easy with a kitchen makeover

Does your kitchen need a makeover?

Tuesday, October 12

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Chili weather: It's not freezing outside, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some savory stew

OK, so the weather outside isn’t exceptionally cold. Mild is more the word. That’s fine. Why? Because you don’t need to be chilly to eat chili.

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From shop to trade

Despite curriculum demands, tech ed students on fast track to career

This isn’t her grandfather’s shop class. Today, Lawrence High School senior Porscha Radford works elbow-to-elbow with the boys — and a few other girls — in Automotive Technology 3.

Double Take: Parents need help to push IEP changes

Somebody needs to reread the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), because this just isn’t how it works

Monday, October 11

Review: Strong performances headline 'Lost in Yonkers'

Between an engaging script a very talented actress, Kansas University’s production of “Lost in Yonkers” serves to remind us why we go to the theater: to be lied to in a beautiful and profound way.

Adulthood causes a fright

“I can’t sleep.” This often-heard delay-of-game came from our 9-year-old son, Luke, just minutes after I tucked him in bed, assured him of my love and alluded heavily to the fact that I would see him in the morning, many hours after watching the season premiere of “Dexter.” And not one minute sooner.

Cued speech offers deaf children links to spoken English

Born deaf to deaf parents, identical twins Lola and Ella Scher, of Rockville, Md., learned from the beginning to talk with their hands. When they were 9 months old, they produced their first word: shoe.

Pie crust primer: Follow these tips for a flaky crust

With holiday pie season upon us, it’s easy to be intimidated into outsourcing your crusts. Face it, buying a boxed, refrigerated or frozen crust is easier and faster. Too bad it doesn’t taste better.

A woman of valor

When my father was about 10, he lived with his family in the Ukraine. The Russian civil war had ended with a Bolshevik victory, and the Ukraine was convulsed by a series of pogroms: mob attacks on Jews, usually encouraged by whatever authorities (anti-Bolshevik, Ukrainian nationalist, Bolshevik) were in local power.

Tips for selling Lawrence homes

Lawrence residents Bob and Linda Kerr put their house on the market at the end of April, and it only took 37 days for a buyer to swoop in and pluck it up.

Try geometric patterns, military details for your wardrobe this fall

This fall, stock up on basic pieces for versatility and easy layering, but don’t neglect prints and patterns. Select fun, unique items for your wardrobe that allow you to be playful and personalize your outfits every day.

KU associate professor's green commitment extends to home renovation

Last winter Simran Sethi planted roots in Lawrence, purchasing an 84-year-old diamond in the rough on the east side of town. As home renovations continue, the Messenger of Green is walking the walk.

Autism speaks: Douglas County family participates in fundraiser for disorder

Autism is a complicated and often misunderstood condition. Just ask those whose lives have been touched by it.

Autumn ideal time to repaint porch floor

As long as nighttime temperatures hover above 40 degrees, fall is the perfect time to paint your wooden porch floor.

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Capturing the in-between: Holidays aren’t the only time to break out the camera

There are all the photos a parent knows to take — birthdays, holidays, graduations — and then there are the memories hiding in plain sight that they only wish they’d captured on film.

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A make-up primer: Local experts share their time-saving cosmetic tips

They spend their days applying makeup to beautify other women, but what tricks do the professionals pull out of their cosmetic bags to use on themselves?

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Breaking new ground

Throw some people in at the deep end, and they sink. Not Fernando Rodriguez.

Sunday, October 10

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Put the rake away for fall; Mow frequently to mulch fallen leaves

Mulching is a less time-consuming and more effective way to deal with fall leaves.

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Behind the Lens: The curse of the shadow(er)

Whenever I get news that I will have a job shadower for the day, a little part of me sighs with uneasiness.

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Ordained by the Internet: Local couples turn to the power invested by the Internet to perform their wedding ceremony

It was T-minus seven days and counting before the day of Linda Hardwick’s son’s wedding, and a minister had yet to be secured.

Kovel's Antiques: Rookwood pottery has storied history

Collectors today pay very high prices for the best of Rookwood's "artist" pieces.

Saturday, October 9

Faith Forum: How would you finish the sentence ‘Religion isn’t ...’ ?

How would you finish the sentence ‘Religion isn’t ...’ ?

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A pastor's travels: Trinity Lutheran’s minister wins grant for sabbatical

The Rev. Gary Teske now has a better understanding of our neighbors.

Friday, October 8

Bert Nash Dash & Bash set for Saturday afternoon, will shut down 600 block of Massachusetts with free public party

The 600 block of Massachusetts Street will be shut down Saturday afternoon and evening for a free public party, as well as the finish of a 5K and 10K run.

Arts roundup: Upcoming oboe and jazz performances, quilting workshops by a renowned teacher

Upcoming: Clarinet recital at Baker University; performances on oboe and Jazz Ensembles from KU; author Robert Day visits the Spencer; three days of quilting expertise.

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Review: ‘Life as We Know It’ proceeds pretty much how we expected it to

Katherine Heigl has again been saddled with an unexpected baby, only this time, no one is going to call her parenting mate a schlub.

Thursday, October 7

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Lawrence Zombie Walk takes over downtown

It took Tina Gordzica about 15 minutes to go from the living to the undead Thursday night.

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Total immersion: KU students spend summer in Indian forests as part of study abroad

Total immersion is often the hallmark of a college study abroad experience. Usually, that means students live and learn in another country and another language to gain a unique and intense educational experience. But for 11 Kansas University students this summer, total immersion meant something even more extreme.

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Fall in flavor: Lawrence chefs tweak their menus with seasonal ingredients

Temperatures are dropping, and Lawrence is inching into fall. The new season brings new seasonal foods and the desire for warm comfort foods, and many Lawrence restaurants are changing their menus to offer a fall meal to customers.

Wednesday, October 6

Bicyclists preparing for annual 80-mile journey

What used to be a small group of cyclists getting together for one last ride of the season capped off with a couple of beers at the South Park gazebo has turned into a three-day event with hundreds of riders coming from all over the Midwest.

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Style scout: Grant Thomas Rogers

What were you doing when you were doing when you were scouted? Being an eligible bachelor…

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Style scout: Breanna Robinson

Tell us a secret: I’m getting married in a year!

New dietary guidelines will promote better health

For those of you that don’t know about the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, let me summarize what they are.

Tuesday, October 5

Range Life Records honcho leaving, but company will still be Lawrence-centric

Zach Hangauer, the driving force behind one of Lawrence’s premiere record labels, has announced that he’s taking Range Life Records with him when he moves to New York at the end of the month.

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Farm, Inc.: The land of milk and cheese — Goat dairy doubles its business after adding pasteurized products

The Goddards have been raising hormone-free goats for 30 years and selling goat milk for 25, turning it into their full-time income in what has become a very busy retirement.

David Sedaris masters of slights-of-life tales

Often when David Sedaris is bicycling alone along secluded Normandy roads of his adopted country, or when he is swimming laps in the neighborhood pool, his gray matter turns a few shades darker.

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Double Take: Teen couple complicate lives with joint assets

For several years I’ve seen a growing trend that is extraordinarily unwise among teen couples — joining and attaining assets.

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Horror fans gather for their own morbid mosey down Mass. with the Lawrence Zombie Walk

Zombies of all stripes and ages are welcome at this year’s walk, organized by Lawrence resident and KU student Ally Voss.

Monday, October 4

Teeth care for kids: Lawrence pediatric dentists offer tips

Do you have a child who struggles going to the dentist? Freaks out in the dental chair? You might consider taking your child to a specialist.

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Star style: Lawrence salons share favorite celebrity hair requests

Marci Rhodeman, owner of Avanti Salon, 1540 Wakarusa Drive, says she has a client who brings a picture of Victoria Beckham to every haircut appointment. “Well, maybe not every time,” Melinda Zilliox says, “but, yes, I have.”

Fall forecast: Wearable, covetable wardrobe updates

First, the bad news: Summer is over. The days of basking (or broiling) under the sun’s rays and luxuriating in the chlorinated breeze off the community pool are done.

Clearing your credit record

A charge-off is an old debt that a creditor has written off as uncollectible. Generally, this happens after six months of nonpayment. But that’s not the important number you should remember here. The most important one is this: A charge-off can stay on your credit report and bring down your credit score for seven years.

For fall: Casual layers look just right

As fall slowly creeps in, make subtle changes in your wardrobe. This way, you’ll be totally prepared by the time the leaves all reach the ground.

Improve your health and outlook with meditation

We have had many different reactions from our clients when we recommend they consider a meditation practice. Mostly we hear, “I know, I’ve thought about starting to meditate many times.” Or, “I’ve tried and I just can’t sit still.”

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Try refinishing bathtub rather than replacing it

If you are willing to go a few days without a shower, you can refinish that worn and discolored porcelain tub with a tub and tile resurfacing paint like Homax’s Tough as Tile Surface Refinisher.

Proactive care: Judy Bellome guides VNA in tough times

A baby-sitting job in Burns Flat, Okla., put Judith Bellome on the career path leading to her job as chief executive officer of Douglas County Visiting Nurses, Rehabilitation and Hospice Care.

Reading event returns to Lawrence

After a one-year hiatus, Lawrence’s River City Reading Festival is returning for 2010.

Tap into Lawrence environmental groups

Fall makes me think of meetings, of my father putting on corduroys and sweaters and my mother a skirt, a blazer and hairspray. They often carried notebooks and pens. They left me in the evening to learn something, to have important discussions, to take part in some community somewhere. Knowing they cared made me feel somehow secure in the world.

Be on the lookout for pint-sized pedestrians

Nancy Hays, mother of two, looks forward to it every year: Making the mile trek to school on foot with her daughters on International Walk to School Day.

Breast health important for all

It was a hot, sunny afternoon in Wrightsville Beach, N.C., a perfect day for boogie boarding with the family. On a family vacation. At a family beach. With family values.

A taste of Normandy

Apples and cream often signal that a dish is from Normandy, Dorie Greenspan says in her new cookbook, “Around My French Table” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010).

Sunday, October 3

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Behind the Lens: Tips for taking photos of fall, colors

As we move from summer to fall, I’m noticing how the quality of light is slowly changing. Late afternoon sunlight is illuminating objects in my house located farther from windows as the sun moves in a lower arc across the sky.

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What’s in a (business) name?

Stories behind local storefronts surprise patrons

A name may be one of the biggest legacies a parent bestows to a child. And when that child grows up to be a business owner, his or her name may become even more of a focal point: anything from a large store-front sign to a community icon.

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Classic science fiction film finds a new life and a new score at Arts Center

It’s a chance to go back in time and be catapulted into the future, at the same time.

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Pawpaws easy to grow, even in the Midwest

Since they grow here naturally, pawpaw trees already know how to handle the heat and humidity of Kansas summers and fluctuations in winter temperatures.

Saturday, October 2

Faith Forum: What can this weekend’s farm tour teach us about God’s creation?

What can this weekend’s farm tour teach us about God’s creation?

Friday, October 1

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Winter on the horizon

Yard preparation for the coming seasons

As fall-like temperatures start to settle in, it’s time to prepare your landscape for a long winter’s nap.

Arts news: Auditions for "Annie," "Lost in Yonkers" at KU; Patty Larkin at Unity

Upcoming arts events include University Theatre's debut of "Lost in Yonkers," Patty Larkin as part of the West Side Folk concert series, an exhibit by Lawrence artists at Landmark National Bank, all-ages auditions for "Annie," a KU Wind Ensemble performance conducted by Paul Popiel, KU's new director of bands; a Lawrence author's latest release and an upcoming benefit piano concert.

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Music Mayhem: Bands set to invade Lawrence for Scion Garage Fest

Arish "King" Khan - leader of saucy garage rockers King Khan and the Shrines - promises to be on his best behavior this weekend when his band invades Lawrence on Saturday.