Range Life Records honcho leaving, but company will still be Lawrence-centric

Zach Hangauer, the driving force behind one of Lawrence’s premiere record labels, has announced that he’s taking Range Life Records with him when he moves to New York at the end of the month.

But, don’t fear, music fans, Range Life will still be Lawrence-centric, says Hangauer, who envisions the label expanding to include New York artists while keeping one foot firmly planted in Northeast Kansas.

“The record label has such a strong Lawrence identity and we have every intention of keeping it going,” Hangauer says. “And so it’s going to be a matter of just trying to kind of bridge, I think what will be two really exciting kind of hot beds for music.

“I hope that I’ll be a better proponent and publicizer of Lawrence music there.”

Range Life is home to White Flight, Fourth of July, Say My Name, Suzannah Johannes, Dri and 1,000,000 Light Years. Hangauer says Range Life will continue to be home to those bands. The label began in 2004, and has released nine albums since releasing its first in 2006.


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