Stories for September 2010


Thursday, September 30

Two Asian restaurants, Mexican grill, shoe store set to join Lawrence dining and retail scene

A host of new restaurants — plus a shoe store — are open now or slated to open soon around Lawrence.

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Globe-trotting photographer contributes to auction

Gary Mark Smith’s love of adventure began early in life.

Lawrence man, owner of Fatso's, dies during hike in Grand Canyon

A 30-year-old Lawrence man has died while hiking in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

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Style scout: Hearne Christopher Jr.

People say I look like... Tough one. I’ve gotten Paul McCartney and Hugh Grant, which is not bad. I’ve also heard Jimmy Dean, which totally sucks …

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Style scout: Hoap Wilson

Tell us a secret: I don’t like vampires, “True Blood” or “Twillight.”

Wednesday, September 29

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A drive in the country: The sixth annual Kaw Valley Farm Tour

The Kaw Valley Farm Tour revs up for its sixth year with 21 farms open to visit Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, September 28

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Flavor, profiled: Lawrence chefs Robert and Molly Krause debut their first cookbook

The couple's new book is called "The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors"

If you’ve ever wanted to take the flavors of The Burger Stand home in more than just a doggie bag, now you can.

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100 years of Broadway in one night

Lied Center stages Neil Berg’s night of musicals

Come along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway. And do it without leaving Kansas.

Colleges’ newest dorm dwellers aren’t students, it’s the professors

In the spring, Jeffrey Sich told his friends in St. Louis that he was moving here for an associate professorship at George Washington University. Then the 55-year-old carefully explained where he would live: a sophomore dorm.

Review: Musical “Shout!” hits stride in second act

“Shout!” is a singing, dancing, high-energy musical that demands an extraordinary performance from its cast, and the six-woman production at the Lawrence Community Theatre valiantly attempts it.

Double Take: Anti-social behavior starts to worry mother

Dear Dr. Wes & Ben: My daughter has always been shy and now that she is in junior high she seems to prefer to do things by herself.

Monday, September 27

Enter the Journal-World's annual Scary Story Contest

The Journal-World is encouraging youths to enter its annual Scary Story Contest. Finish this story in 700 words or less: “I returned to school after dinner to pick up a book I forgot. The front doors were unlocked, but the building was dark and deserted ...”

Experiment with volume in your wardrobe

Dressing for the crisp fall weather is a refreshing change. Make the most of this season’s fashion trends by experimenting with your wardrobe. Add volume, shape, and texture to everyday outfits for a new, intriguing look that is perfect for autumn.

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Voter guide: KU professor engaged in political process

Diana Bartelli Carlin’s passion for political process was nurtured in Pittsburgh.

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Reboot your style: Ride one of fall’s biggest trends

Shauwna Stover of Lawrence believes owning a closet full of boots is her inalienable right.

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Treating like with like: Lawrence community increasingly turns to homeopathy

“Word of mouth has led to a growing interest in homeopathy,” says Lowen Millspaugh, assistant wellness manager at the Community Mercantile, 901 Iowa. “More people want to take healing into their own hands and they like homeopathy’s lack of side-effects.”

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Game plans: As cooler weather sets in, a family tradition livens up nights at home

Caroline Wroczynski loves her games so much, it hurts. And the pain is real — Wroczynski actually broke her hand playing a board game.

Questions for a divorce lawyer

Anyone going through or contemplating a divorce has basic questions, so asked leading divorce attorney Mary Commander.

Atchison home boasts impressive decor, art

The Muchnic Gallery in Atchison is two destinations in one.

Many choices for making small concrete repairs

There are several products on the market today that can repair pitted or cracked concrete. These products are not meant to resurface large areas, but are great for filling holes, cracks and other imperfections on flat surfaces.

‘Oldies’ aren’t THAT old

I have discovered a terrifying phenomenon in music that has nothing to do with Justin Bieber. Huey Lewis is getting airtime. On the OLDIES station.

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Sealing bargains: Stamp club offers expertise on community collections

The Lawrence Stamp Club is opening its next meeting to the public for its first walk-in stamp consultation event, called Stamps in the Attic.

From Paris to Provence: Join Jayni Carey for culinary journey overseas

Join Jayni Carey as she continues her culinary journey from Paris to Provence.

Sunday, September 26

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Behind the Lens: Adventures in film, part II

My adventure shooting 35mm film in an old camera was a lot of fun and fairly successful. It was a slightly odd experience because I hadn’t shot film in several years.

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No excuses

Nonagenarians maintain rigorous workout routines

Dorothy McGregor doesn’t like to drive much anymore. Erma Morgan is legally blind. But, those little things don’t stop the Lawrence 90-somethings from hitting their respective gyms three to five times a week.

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Drainage improvements combine function, personality

Lawrence residents Jan and Kent McCullough use a dry creek to keep water away from their home’s foundation.

Saturday, September 25

Faith Forum: How can I forgive if I cannot forget?

Faith Forum for Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010.

Friday, September 24

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The Art of Non-Conformity: Author Chris Guillebeau challenges readers to live their ideal lives

Chris Guillebeau is looking for people who want to be extraordinary, right here in Lawrence.

Arts roundup: New KU Opera; scholar examines Shakespeare's authorship

Coming events in the Lawrence arts community: KU Opera debuts classic tale in modern setting; renowned Shakespeare scholar visits KU; aspiring writers invited to mingle with editors of K.C. literary journals.

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Get your map for the second Final Fridays in downtown Lawrence

Friday, Sept. 24 will be Lawrence’s second Final Friday Gallery Walk, a monthly arts event taking place on the last Friday of each month.

New dean performing at Collage Concert

Music dean Robert Walzel wants to make a good first impression for his Lawrence debut, which comes Friday at the 11th annual Collage Concert presented by the Kansas University School of Music.

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Groovy revue: Jukebox musical brings old favorites to stage

Baby boomers who grew up in the ’60s might find themselves singing along with the performers of “Shout!,” amazed at the lyrics they can remember.

Thursday, September 23

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Style scout: Katy Wade

Everything I have learned about fashion is from “The Devil Wears Prada.”

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Style scout: Adam Smith

I love my life.

Wednesday, September 22

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Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence Arts Center welcome three artists-in-residence

Specializing in drawing, printmaking and sculpture, the artists in residence this fall at the Spencer Museum of Art and the Lawrence Arts Center cover a wide spectrum of skills, while all working toward the same goal: extracting a response that is both emotional and thoughtful from the viewer.

Make dinner center of your Family Day

I’ve never done this before, but for a change, it’s my turn to ask you, the readers, the question: “What is your family doing for dinner on Sept. 27?”

Tuesday, September 21

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The true story of Hippie Chow

A Lawrence-made granola gains overnight success with Dean & Deluca pairing

Overnight success is the stuff entrepreneurs dream of, but that wasn’t on Valerie Jennings’ mind when she stepped into her kitchen to make a batch of granola for her snack-loving boyfriend, Joe Parrish.

Double Take: Overcommitted teens can't give their all

We’ve gotten so busy trying to enjoy ourselves that we’ve forgotten to do so.

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Choice desserts: Yogurt concept lets Lawrence customers dress treat up and down

What’s pink, brown and white all over? The inside of Vivian Moriarty’s frozen yogurt dish.

Monday, September 20

KU School of Music offers deal on tickets

The KU School of Music now offers a reduced price ticket package for Lied ensemble concerts.

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Writer’s bloc: Published or aspiring authors can network in Lawrence when state convention comes to town

You don’t have to be a published author to participate in the Kansas Authors Club annual convention, which will be Oct. 1-3 at the Lawrence Holidome.

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Campus couture: College style has evolved over the years

When Betsy Joy arrived as a freshman to the University of Oklahoma in 1957, she came wrapped in a sweater, skirt and pearls.

Prepare lawn in fall for lush green in spring

Early fall is the perfect time to bring a dormant lawn back to life.

Find a flattering coat for fall

A light sweater or jacket is perfect for the current fall weather in Lawrence, but sooner than you know, chillier nights will be upon us.

From out of the Blue(tooth)

People, we need to discuss Bluetooth etiquette, as there seems to be some confusion on the part of a small but audible sector of the general population about how to appropriately converse on the helix-held (the hard part of the ear, I just Googled it) talking device.

Mini-meltdown precedes happy ending

Well, the cake didn’t end up as bad as I thought it would when I was in tears at 3 one morning in the Checkers’ checkout line.

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Happiness vantage: New study suggests contentment comes with age, perspective

The bad news is we’re getting older. Even if we can’t see it yet, the change is happening gradually: Our backs are hunching, our vision is fading, and our hair is either falling out or turning gray.

Quest for quality: Furniture reseller balances work, family

When Amy Ballinger went to garage sales and auctions in the early ’90s, she had no idea her fun pursuit would lead to a business. She operated Amy’s Attic from 1998 to 2004 and now co-owns Locust Street Market at 700 Locust.

Sunday, September 19

Boomer Girl Diary: Diagnosis? Physical conjures unfair comparisons

My annual physical last week made me wish I were more like my Toyota.

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Got film? The old photography stand-by makes a comeback

Word around the Internet photography community is that film is making a comeback. Anybody remember film?

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Our Town Ball: Kansas University group revives forgotten precursor to baseball

Town Ball is similar to baseball, but just different enough to draw quizzical looks from students walking home through the neighborhood west of the Kansas University campus.

Arts roundup: Collage Concert, Middle East book club series and more

Arts notes for the week of Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010.

They make balloons into a full-blown art

There’s something resembling Betty Boop standing in the corner. Pluto, the cartoon dog, is sitting on the floor. A tiny ladybug rests on a hand. There’s a birthday cake, a Viking headdress, a witch’s hat and broom, an octopus, Casper the ghost. All made of twisted-together balloons.

Saturday, September 18

Fungus causes some problems with apples

Fieldstone Farms, near Overbrook in Osage County, lost its entire apple crop to a fungus this year.

Faith Forum: Can I change the past?

Faith Forum for Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010.

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It's apple picking time in Kansas

It may not yet be fall, but local apple farmers have been picking apples for about two months already — varieties such as Golden Russet, May, Gala and Ida Red. Fall apples, such as Jonathans, Golden Delicious, Rome and Granny Smith, are ripe for the picking.

Friday, September 17

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Worth the Trip: Omaha

It takes three hours and 15 minutes to drive from Lawrence to Omaha — most of the route, cruise-control easy — making it the perfect destination for an overnight excursion, a weekend or, for intrepid travelers on a budget, a long day trip.

Cat figures popular with collectors

Surveys show that pictures of cats are more popular than pictures of dogs or horses.

Thursday, September 16

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Arts Center launches new live theater series

The Lawrence Arts Center launches its first full season of professional live theater this weekend.

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Start making cents

Students learn how to manage their money at an early age

Buying, selling, trading: Students in Stan Frantz’ Introduction to Business class do it all each day, charting gains and losses on imaginary $10,000 portfolios of very real stocks they’d “bought” a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, September 15

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Style scout: Hope Collins

I have nothing to hide.

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Style scout: Tom Fredrick

Do you have any fashion influences? Don Draper from “Mad Men” looks fly.

Festival of Cultures to celebrate Lawrence diversity

The Lawrence Alliance, the City of Lawrence, and Centro Hispano are sponsoring the Festival of Cultures from noon to 5 p.m., Sept. 26 at South Park.

Tuesday, September 14

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What do I do with .... ginger?

It’s knobby, ugly and kind of unappetizing to look at, but science says it’s absolutely one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

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Book tells the story of how survivors rebuilt Lawrence after Quantrill's raid

The book tells the story of Quantrill’s Raid mostly through photographs and captions. Many of the photos are portraits of survivors and a brief synopsis of the subject’s story.

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Double Take: Couple heading to college question moving in together

Dear Dr. Wes and Ben: I want to live with my boyfriend next year when we both go to KU. My parents are actually OK with it, because we’ve been together since we were ninth-graders and he’s like a member of our family, but he didn’t seem very excited about this idea. After I asked him about it, he admitted he doesn’t want to live with me because he’s afraid it will ruin our relationship. I think we’re ready to take our relationship to the “next level,” as they say. It’s causing nothing but arguments now, so we agreed to get your advice, and we’ll probably go with whatever you say.

Monday, September 13

Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations

The idea of late-night food carts on Massachusetts Street may have an early demise.

Look for new credit card fees

The Credit CARD act (the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act) was designed to give a measure of protection to credit card holders by regulating, amongst other things, interest rates, fees and statements. But because credit card companies relied on these now-prohibited practices for a chunk of their profits, it didn’t take long for them to roll out a bunch of new fees meant to recapture some of that lost money. As a credit card holder, your best defense is to educate yourself so you’re not taken by surprise when you get your statement.

What to say to impress Oprah?

Today marks the first of many lasts for my BFF, Oprah, as the first show of her final season airs. Like many women around the world, I have long-dreamed of meeting this superlegend, sending in more letters than I can count over the past 24 years. And, although this dream has yet to come to fruition, I have come close …

True peace

A friend of mine put on her Facebook status the following quote: “I live with an open mind because I want to be at peace.”

Evict burrowing cicada killers from your yard

S phecius speciosus, otherwise known as cicada killers, are 2 1/2 inch long, black-and-yellow burrowing wasps. Despite their formidable appearance, these wasps are basically harmless.

From Paris to Provence

Join Jayni this week for a culinary trip to Paris as she prepares a bistro menu from the City of Light. See her summer vacation photos and an interview with French sommelier, Fabrice Langlois. Patrick Nichols will join in with French wine recommendations.

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Transitional trends: Find styles that suit you between summer and fall

“No white after Labor Day.” It’s an outdated fashion dictum that’s rarely obeyed anymore, except in the most traditional parts of the country.

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Aladdin’s magic

Katie Egging of Eudora has sampled hummus in restaurants around the world, but it is Aladdin Café’s version she has deemed the tastiest of the tasty.

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True to type: Library coordinator creates innovative programs

Kim Fletcher loves literature, wanted to live in a college town and have a career in public service. She’s combined all three. Fletcher is youth services coordinator at Lawrence Public Library.

Cutaways dominate the runways

I absolutely love the cutaway clothing trend of the spring and fall 2010 runways. Perhaps I’m just nostalgic for the paper-and-scissors snowflakes I diligently crafted in my youth.

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Uncommon threads: Lawrence’s own fashion night out benefits Van Go, Health Care Access

If you’re looking for a girls’ night out, the Douglas County Medical Alliance is ready to entice you with a night of food, fashion and wine. And, if that’s not incentive enough, you can enjoy an entire weekend of discounted shopping and dining, all for a good cause.

Feel the cow town nostalgia in Cottonwood Falls

Turning onto Broadway Street in Cottonwood Falls is a little like stepping back in time.

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Facebook and Twitter can spread your news before its time

On one of the happiest days of her life, Kristin Tirabassi wanted to scream from the roof tops, but instead she spent it trying to keep her glee under wraps.

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Different continents, same goal: Coaches with diverse backgrounds inspire YSI soccer community

If the frenzy that accompanied America’s performance in the World Cup last summer is any indication, it could be that we are in the midst of a revolution in people’s attitudes toward the game of soccer. Scores of children play the game on playgrounds nearly every night of the week, and fans are speaking up.

Sunday, September 12

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Bad apples: Local fruit suffers from weather-related pests

When Dick and Waynie Wingfield called me about their apples, their story was familiar. Many of the fruit had brown spots, some were misshapen, and a lot of the not-yet-ripe apples had already fallen from the tree.

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Behind the Lens: In the heat of the moment

As a photojournalist, I have had many people tell me what a cool job I have. All the things I get to cover, all the interesting places I get to go. And I would agree — most of the time.

Will the real perennials please stand up?

Now is a good time of year to think “perennial”: which plants really are, and which ones could be.

Antique sewing gear prized by collectors

Women's work in past centuries included cooking, cleaning and sewing. Before the 19th century, women had to shear sheep or cut flax and spin or weave fabric. Then they were expected to know how to make coverlets, curtains and clothing. Everything was hand-sewn. The sewing machine was patented in America in 1846, but machines were not made in quantity until the 1850s.

Saturday, September 11

Faith forum: Nine years later, how does 9/11 resonate in a religious context?

The horrific devastation that shattered many Americans’ sense of security nine years ago raised emotions and politically motivated responses often so non-rational that discussions of the event and its symbolism ever since have become more emotional than rational.

Friday, September 10

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Celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day with tips to keep yours tidy

Harlan Miller’s garage is as neat as a pin. Clean as a whistle. Spick and span.

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Badge to pulpit: Former cop becomes pastor of Basehor church

The idea of a cop-turned-pastor seems like the basis for a Hollywood action franchise, but for the Rev. Robert Weinkauf, that’s just life as he knows it.

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Award-winning 'Earthwork' movie made in Lawrence by KU grads finally makes its city debut

For a month two years ago, the farm at Pendleton’s County Market was the main set. Most in town likely remember Massachusetts Street being closed for a day of filming. Now the movie "Earthwork" is playing in Lawrence.

Adaptation of ‘Fire’ not as bright as ‘Dragon’

“The Girl Who Played With Fire” feels like a hasty knockoff compared to the adaptation of the first book in Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson’s best-selling trilogy, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

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Celebrating the can: 200 years of history preserved

The march of Western civilization and the prosperity of the United States have partly hinged on the quiet little object behind those boxes of pricey whole-grain rotini pasta on the third shelf of your cupboard. The object is cylindrical and silver and wrapped in a paper label. It is dusty. Its expiration date has passed. “You think it’s still good?” “I dunno. Open it. No, wait, don’t.”

Thursday, September 9

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High Drama: Film festival brings peek at mountain life to Kaw Valley

There is a sizable contingent of local flatlanders who relish mountain sports. Thanks to those folks, the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Lawrence has snowballed the last nine years.

Wednesday, September 8

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Style Scout: Jane Leek

I have a pretzel tattoo and pierced ears.

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Style Scout: Jeff Stolz

I don’t have any least favorites, I try to be positive.

'Domestic Debris' exhibit at KU explores everyday junk

That pile of junk in your home might be more than clutter.

Make the best of your own Family Day

In 2001, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse created Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children, as a national effort to promote family dinners as an effective way to reduce substance abuse among children and teens.

Tuesday, September 7

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Bake sale staples

If you've got a bake sale coming up, we've got a treat for you: All those popular bake sale recipes in one place.

September marks the start of a lot of things — fall, football teams’ title quests and, for those with kiddos lugging backpacks to school, bake sale season.

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Bottlecap business to make arts festival debut

In about a week, South Park will transform into a maze of colorful tents filled with everything from jewelry to abstract paintings.

Monday, September 6

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Always in style: Lasting Impressions owner creates fashion deals

Susan Cook loves to get decked out in designer clothes, accessories and footwear, and she takes delight in helping others do the same. Best of all, she doesn’t have to pay a fortune for the privilege. Cook owns Lasting Impressions, a consignment store at 711 W. 23rd St.

A lesson in appliance repair

It has been brought to my attention that “River City Jules” lacks substance. That these pieces serve as nothing more than emotional reprieve from the real news. “Fluff,” if you will. So today I will deviate from my normal, silly banter and pass along a real-life lesson I learned last summer: How to get a new dishwasher.

Taste the magic of Brazil

Prepare to fall under the magical spell of Brazilian cuisine with guest and Kansas City musician Doug Auwarter on the next episode of “Jayni’s Kitchen,” which debuts Tuesday.

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Heart attack survivor now training for triathlon

The first indication that something was wrong was when 39-year-old Michelle Derusseau went to sleep halfway through the KU-Syracuse NCAA college basketball championship game in 2003. Her husband, Ron couldn’t believe his wife, a loyal Jayhawk fan, was sleeping through the biggest game of the year.

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Strictly recreational: At RV’s 100th anniversary, some Lawrence residents embrace the mobile lifestyle

Ah, the open road. It’s been calling to those with a sense of adventure since the earliest days of the automobile.

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Mix it up: Learn how to introduce pets to each other

When Patrick Leach and Ana Perkin decided to get a second dog, they took their time: They prowled around the Internet for nearly two months before spotting an ad on Craigslist that advertised the sort of pet they were looking for: a small dog to keep their poodle, Winston, company. But the 11-pound puppy, Clarence, part-daschund, part-poodle, part-Chihuahua, turned out to be more than they could handle.

Build a stress-free relationship with food

Many of our clients struggling in their relationship with food are in a persistent diet mentality, experiencing feelings of deprivation as they avoid foods that are not on their diet regimen, only to then feel guilty after eating a “forbidden” food or overeating.

Lawrence artist tours Africa on bicycle

Local artist Jason Becker has quite a tale for his what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation essay: He crossed Africa on a bicycle.

Knits are a comfy fit from the runways

Describing and recommending accessories is always a tricky task. Oftentimes, the same items stay in style for years, but they are not the same.

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Crafty types

The Borders café bustles early on Saturday mornings. The crowd isn’t the typical scene of students studying or people reading, but rather women with skeins of yarn and a pile of crafts.

Got the itch to remove poison ivy? Here’s how

Eighty-five percent of the world’s human population is allergic to urushiol, the oil inside poison ivy plants. A drop the size of a pin head is enough to make 500 people itch, and urushiol remains active for years. This means the jacket you wore on your hike last fall can make you break out next winter.

Sunday, September 5

Managing a summer of surprises

“Have you seen our little squirrel?” asked Ray, brow furrowed with concern. In a summer of surprises, his question was one of the biggest. My husband contends he hates that squirrel for its thievery of the birds’ sunflower seeds and because he recently observed it eating the leaves of hibiscus plants on our deck.

‘Earthwork’ to screen at arts center

The locally shot feature film “earthwork,” inspired by crop artist Stan Herd, will premiere this weekend at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.

KU Trumpet Ensemble performs in Sydney

The KU Trumpet Ensemble/KUTE, under the direction of KU Trumpet Professor Steve Leisring, performed in Sydney, Australia, at the International Trumpet Guild Conference this summer.

EMU Theatre casting for ‘Horrorshow IV’

EMU Theatre is once again in search of many talented, daring, playful (and possibly undead) actors for the eagerly anticipated “HORRORSHOW IV,” its annual, gruesome, terrifying, hilarious Halloween production.

Enrollment open for youth acting groups

Enrollment in Lawrence Community Theatre’s Youth Companies has begun.

‘Pastiche’ variety show opens Friday

“Pastiche,” the third-annual variety show presented by Friends of the Theatre at Kansas University, will be staged at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the Crafton-Preyer Theatre in Murphy Hall. The performance is a benefit for the Jack B. Wright Student Ticket Fund, which provides free tickets to University Theatre productions for KU and Haskell Indian Nations University students who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

‘Snow Queen’ to return to arts center

Auditions for the Lawrence Arts Center’s annual holiday production will be noon-5 p.m. Sept. 19.

Renowned linguist to visit KU

David Crystal, one of the world’s leading authorities on language and linguistics, will be in residence at Kansas University from Sept. 12-22, speaking to students, making public presentations and serving as an adviser on the University Theatre’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

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TV in demand: Must-see shows rate with local viewers

Last Sunday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences bestowed dozens of Emmy Awards on the best that primetime programming network and cable had to offer. Whether their favorite shows captured a gold statue or went unheralded, local residents are steadfastly devoted to their must-see TV of choice.

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Late season color: Perennial flower mix puts out season finale

There is often more than one way to accomplish something. Last week, I highlighted a garden that uses a mix of annual and perennial flowers to provide seasonlong color. Another method of ensuring blooms all season long is to carefully select perennial flowers and shrubs that bloom at different times.

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Behind the lens: Nature livened up with the passage of time

Photographing nature, in the traditional sense of the word, isn’t my strong suit, nor is it something I set out to do specifically. Whenever I make it the focus of an image, it’s usually because I have nothing better to do while waiting for some other person or thing to happen upon that natural setting.

Saturday, September 4

Faith Forum: Why is Rosh Hashana considered the Jewish New Year?

In Hebrew, “Rosh Hashana” literally means “head of the year,” which, of course, would indicate the New Year. Interestingly enough, however, on the Hebrew calendar, a lunar calendar with an extra month added periodically to prevent a drift from the seasons, Rosh Hashana does not fall on the first day of the month, but the first day of the seventh month. Therefore, in a sense, Rosh Hashana is not the New Year of the beginning of the Hebrew calendar.

Thursday, September 2

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Insiders Guide to the 2010 Ren Fest

Organizers share how to get the most of your trip through history — and turkey legs

Whether you’re a Ren Fest rookie or regular, these insider tips from local festival participants will make your 16th-century Canterbury experience the merriest ever.

Dinner with family needed for many reasons

Put a star on Sept. 27 on your calendar and make a date for dinner with your family.

Wednesday, September 1

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Style Scout: Rexy

Carpenter, catalyst, agent-of-change, artist, instigator.

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Style Scout: Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Why haven’t logo shirts died yet?

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Fish in flight: Lawrence photography pros capture odd sight in park

This is no fish story, it’s the real thing.

Contest prize is dinner and a movie

Who wants dinner and a movie on us?