Experiment with volume in your wardrobe

Dressing for the crisp fall weather is a refreshing change. Make the most of this season’s fashion trends by experimenting with your wardrobe. Add volume, shape, and texture to everyday outfits for a new, intriguing look that is perfect for autumn.


When you get dressed each morning this fall, take on a different approach to selecting each clothing piece for your outfit. Concentrate on the size and volume of each garment. And when I say this, I don’t just mean for the sake of layering. Pair large, voluminous wide-leg trousers with a fitted blouse or wrap yourself up in an oversized top or sweater and pull on your favorite pair of skinny jeans. This fall, designers continue to be fascinated with shape and proportion, juxtaposing little with big or tight with billowy. Nervous that you’re swimming in your shirt? Cinch your waist with your favorite belt and still maintain a unique, balanced look overall.

Check out some of my favorite, voluminous-but-tamed pieces: Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2010, Chloe Fall 2010, Jeremy Laing Fall 2010, Missoni Fall 2010.


Along with volume, the shape of every clothing piece should be interesting and complimentary. Although some shapes popular this fall were also favorites in past seasons, many have not incorporated them into their wardrobes. Try on a top with a fun shape — you might be surprised by how much you like the look. Asymmetrical dresses and blouses are still in-style. They are a fun way to show off a little skin, and their shape creates a dramatic aesthetic overall. Bat-wing sleeves are a new popular shape this fall. Bat-wings are equally dramatic, perfect for nighttime occasions. Blazers with bat-wing sleeves are also a great alternative to an ordinary cover-up or jacket and just as easy to pull off. Similar to the cape trend, a bat-wing coat adds interesting shape to your outfit.

See looks by Yves Saint Laurent and Jil Sander Fall 2010 for exceptional versions of the bat-wing coat and the asymmetrical jacket.


Among all of the tweeds, wools, and furs out there this fall, clothing made of corduroy is re-emerging. With so many diverse fall fabrics to choose from, there is no excuse for a texture-less outfit. Integrate corduroy into your wardrobe for a comfortable heritage look. Corduroy blazers and boots are available, but my favorite use of the fabric is the corduroy skinny-jean. When it cools down, you will be pleased by the added warmth that the fabric provides. Plus, corduroy pants are a great wardrobe substitution for your spring or summer khaki pants — the casual fabric can be dressed up, but melds perfectly with everyday cardigans, oversized T-shirts, and soft blouses. Shop for my favorite corduroy pants by Michael Bastian for men and Blank Denim for women.


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